I had a dream. The weirdest dream.

(singing along to ABBA’s “I have a dream”)

dream man

My dream of 2 nights ago went like this: A guy proposed to me. (Ok you can stop laughing now, mop up your tears, and continue reading.) The setting: Me in an elegant, chic, understated dress. Him in a dashing suit, down on one knee. Huge diamond ring, romantic surrounding, flowers everywhere. You know, the works. It’d be perfectly normal if it wasn’t for these things:

~ Weird: Taken aback, I blurted out a very reluctant “yes”. At first I was kinda brushing it aside, until I realised I was in a situation that I had to either say Yes or No; no grayness allowed.

~ Weirder: After the half-hearted “Yes”, I then proceeded to, wait ’til you hear it, slap the poor guy’s hand & told him off right there & then for getting me a rock the size of an ostrich egg. And of course managed to make him look all sheepish & embarrassed. Now it may sound strange to many, but to me a rock by any other name is still a rock. I’d much rather have a 3-month-around-the-world ticket, rolled up into a ring & slipped on my finger. He, the guy who was unlucky enough to have wanted to propose to me, should have at least known that, don’t you think? Pah!

~ Weirdest: Now the thing that made my sister laugh for a good 15 minutes, was that this guy was no ordinary guy, thank you very much. In fact, he was a physical hybrid of… (no, not half human half bird, I wish!)… all my ex-boyfriends and ex-crushes put together (!) He had the rugged manly look of M, the loving hypnotizing eyes of H, the infectious gorgeous smile of G, the drool-worthy athletic body of U, etc. etc. In short, he was THE Perfect Guy. (Sorry girls I don’t know how that image happened, it just did, so no tips for you here. Maybe because I’m rather good at decoupage & collage?)

AND I reluctantly agreed to marry this guy! What was friggin’ wrong with me?! It was a dream, but still!

Thank goodness it was only a dream.

Oh, no, should I have said “Dammit it was only a dream!” instead?

~wishful thinker~


2 thoughts on “I had a dream. The weirdest dream.

  1. …i’ll venture an understanding…maybe your negotiating with yourself about your feelings of being “committed” to someone while you are more focused on carreer….but then again, maybe you are commenting to yourself on superficial qualities as latently put in your conscience by (popularly) advertising…Indeed these best qualities of your perfect man had looks, looks, and more looks, but when confronted with the (what you consider) decadent ideal of a traditional marriage, you broke out “half heartedly”…because something about yourself is telling you you want a more genuine companion than these ideals of the consumer society of which you are fed and have a popular understanding of abuses in the world on matters of economy.
    I think the latent content of a nurturing lover is being expressed through a popular mode of reasons…which ever way you define it…you may open yourself up to a less than 100% GQ kind of guy if you get beyond your fear of commitment.

  2. hi Frodo,
    Thank you for your comment. I’m rather new in Blogville so it’s nice to have a stranger commenting on my rambles. 🙂

    Well you’ve got a point there about my (subconscious) fear of commitment, to the wrong man, that is.
    However, on a deeper level, the bits about “the GQ-guy’s” good looks, in my case, are less about literal superficiality, and more about of the virtues I loved in my ex-bf’s.
    For example, the “body” guy was active & health conscious, the “eye” guy was caring & attentive, the “smile” guy was witty & intelligent, etc. etc.

    So I guess this kinda screams at me for being a hopeless perfectionist. And that a guy who has all of those good virtues together as a package, only exists a dream.

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