Do you sometimes feel it’s just impossible for anyone to understand you? Feel resented, frustrated, and hopeless. It’s such a lonely existence, isn’t it? To be surrounded by your loved ones, those who know you, who really get you, but not that much. Not enough.

Maybe I’ll never find that person. The person who lives up to my standard of a soul-mate. Maybe I should start waking up to the fact that no one will ever know me the way I want them to. Maybe it’s not a question of intellectuality, nor personality, nor belief. But a matter of expectation. How much do I expect others to understand me? And how much do I keep to myself?

And on an unrelated note, how much do I let things permeate through my brain & mess up with my mind? No wonder I’m so prone to depression. Oversensitivity. It doesn’t do you any good.



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