Scent and Sensibility

In these last 6 months, I’ve been in love with this beauty. And i don’t fall in love that easily ;). So you betcha it must be good!


~ Flowerbomb (EDT) by Victor & Rolf

(Yup, they’re those eclectic Dutch design duo, who happen to look very much like your top-notch nerds, but make gorgeous, gorgeous, wonderfully weird clothes.)

The EDP version is way too sweet for my liking. But the EDT has this Oh-So-Beautiful-I-Have-To-Drench-Myself-In-It kind of appeal! Seriously. Its notes? Please googlit. But the name pretty much says it all. Orange blossom, orchid, rose, jasmine, freesia, vanilla, etc.
And no, before anyone could mutter “Thierry Mugler”. Flowerbomb does NOT smell like Angel, or Wish, or even Lolita Lempicka. I can’t stand the sickly sweetness of those three. But this one, it’s got class, man!

I’m extremely picky when it comes to fragrance, despite having the chance to work with them quite often. I like a lot, but only Love a few. (Doesn’t that seem to reveal something else as well? hmmm ;)). Anyway, just did a little mental check & realised I have only been in Lurve with only 3 so far.

1/ L’Eau d’Issey. Used religiously for a year. But now can’t stand it and am using the rest of the bottle as room freshener. Plus everyone has this, so gone is its charm.

2/ Michael by Michael Kors. Still my signature scent but has been neglected of late due to my new found love. Got lots of compliments from girls (!).

3/ Flowerbomb baby. This one kind of grew on me. To a point where i had cravings for it in the middle of the night, & had to crawl out of bed to get a sniff! No bull. Sounds like a serious addiction huh? It’s funny though. Guys are attracted to this perfume like flies to a … oops, i mean, like bees to a flower. So much that I swear to NOT wear it to a club from now on, after one episode too many which involved some apparently decent guys who suddenly turned all creepy and demanded to know what i wear and how they would miss it when I left! (Goosebumps!)

(Love Michael & Flowerbomb also because not many people know about them. Who wants to smell like the next girl?)

It’s a known fact that everyone’s got a few scents that they’re naturally attracted to. And mine is that of orange blossoms. Almost all the fragrances I like have some percentage of orange or citrus blossoms in them. Interesting huh?

Ok, enough rambling, time for another whiff of the “explosion of flowers”. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Scent and Sensibility

  1. Interesting..I would definitely check that out. I can’t stand the sickly sweetness of some either! If I like it, I promise I would not wear it when we hang out, good enough for you Missy?

  2. hehe, I wish I could have the chance to say “No you can’t buy that because we hang out all the time!”
    But we can’t, *sniff*, so go for it hunnie. Not all perfume stores stock this one, so Macy’s would probably be the best place to go. But tell me what you wear, and maybe I can recommend something new.

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