Warm fuzzy feeling

…is what you get when you see these little old ladies, walking along on the street by themselves, in their long flowery dresses, with a little hat and a little navy leather bag, smiling to themselves like there’s not a care in the world. And it makes you want to run out and hug them, and kiss them on their cheeks, and have them tell you life IS good.

Or when you see an old couple walking past and the man reaches out his hand and loops it through his lady’s elbow, to hold her. By all the meaning of the word. To hold her up, and hold her near, and hold her ’til the end of time. No, actually this is more of a tear-jerker. *sniff*



One thought on “Warm fuzzy feeling

  1. Beautiful moments!!!!!!!!!!!

    To my Dearest Sisis, I came to see your Mum yesterday. The house’s nice and well designed. I love it!! I like the painting hanging on the wall in the living room, hihihi … Your Mama is doing fine. I didn’t have chance to see Papa. He went out with his old buddies. Mama miss you guys lots, she couldn’t stop talking about you guys…. and asked me to look after you :)) hahaha. I told her it’s ALWAYS you who look after me 😛 hihihi

    Miss you, Sisi…
    Stay happy and healthy

    I’m coming back soon

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