I hate arguments.

I hate arguing with people who wouldn’t at least try to look at the issue from the other’s viewpoint.

I hate it when they go all “black and white” on me. All logical. All rational. All facts.

I’m too “grey” for such hair-splitting practice. Too emotional for such factual reasoning. Too much of heart and not enough of head.

There isn’t always right and wrong. Most of the time it’s just a matter of opinion. Of perspective. Of relativity.

I’m not saying which one’s good, which one’s bad. No, please, no one try to tell me what’s what. It’s a difference. That’s that.

Sometimes I hate differences. I accept them. But I sometimes hate them. (Can you hate & accept at the same time? Why does it make sense to me?)

For breaking my heart.

For trying not to do that. But inadvertently did it anyhow.

I hate arguments.



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