Blogging about blogging

I’ve been a lazy bum. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve managed to conjure up 6 half-finished entries on various topics. Six! With Yahoo 360* (where my old blog was), it was “post now or never”, so I was pushed to complete whatever I was babbling on right there and then. No longer the case, “thanks” to WordPress & its useful “Save as Draft” function. It goes around in a circle like this: Laziness: mother of invention. Invention: creates more laziness. (Ok technically that should be “necessity” but I have a feeling it could have been a case of mistaken identity.) All rather interesting, don’t you think?

It recently occurred to me how I love blogging about blogging. As you can see, the “Blogs” folder has got kind of fat. I blog about how / why / what / when I want to blog and not want to blog. I blog about the do’s and don’t’s of blogging. I blog about blogs’ effects on people and people’s on blogs. Etc. etc. While what I should do is to shut up & start blogging about “real”, important things. Like how I like to dance naked around the bathroom while brushing my teeth  promote world peace & eliminate global poverty.

Which I’m going to do right now. Shut up, that is. 🙂

~ginseng tea: kind of “old lady” but simply delish!~


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