More blogs about blogs, and “whitened” Asians

I just finished the previous entry about my love for blogging about blogs. And here I am again, doing exactly that. It’s just that lately I’ve been hooked on this blog here:

Stuff White People Like

The name is pretty much self-explanatory. Absolutely hilarious and so true, so true! You all should hop over & have a read. I was poring over every entry on that site for a few days. And it gave me a start every now and then, when I realised with shock horror that I must be a “whitened” (or “white-washed”, as I’ve just learned) Asian – guilty of quite a few things on that list. (tea, yoga, traveling, indie music, Juno, Arts degrees, t-shirts, living by the water, etc.) Not good! Ok, I’m kidding. I actually don’t care much. That’s just how I’ve winded up to be, having been living in Aus for the last 10 years. Just kind of funny to think about it. πŸ™‚

Anyway, apart from the apparent purpose of poking fun at white people (mainly Americans), that site also underlines this notion: One should always be able to laugh at one’s self. I noticed that quite a few readers there (obviously “white”) got really offended, while they really should just lighten up & laugh along. Come on, it’s just for fun. I remember writing a bit about it a while back (just dug this up from my old blog):

I think it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself. From time to time, if not all the time. Even though it’s not an easy thing to do at all, you should at least try. If you can see your defects, your shortcomings, and can accept them and laugh at them; then you wouldn’t be so easily offended when other people make fun of you, in a friendly (albeit tactless) way of course. Then you would be so at ease with yourself, and that’s uplifting & almost liberating!

[Ah, that quotation mark makes it look all Very Important and Stuff! I didn’t put it there though, the page theme inserted that when I did the indent thing.]

In light of the above principle, maybe I should start a site called “Stuff Asians like” :). If I can get myself around to it (i.e. when my chronic laziness is cured), I could totally babble on and on about things like:

~ having close-knit families
~ taking photos everywhere and anywhere
~ having pale skin and obsessions with skin-whitening products and staying out of the sun
~ having big round eyes or at least appearing to have such
~ Honda Civics
~ karaoke
~ instant noodles
~ white people and almost everything they do
~ avoiding (unnecessary) physical exercises: driving everywhere instead of taking public transport, taking the lifts/escalators to go up 2 levels instead of the stairs, paying $20 for a 15-minute ride up the mountain in the cable car instead of a 3-hour hike, etc.

~ wanting their kids to:
– achieve (unrealistic) academic success, hence the need for private tutors,
– have at least a Masters degree, (a Bachelors degree is a must)
– be doctors / pharmacists / dentists,
– not bother with sports and other extra curriculum activities such as dancing / singing, school musicals, student groups, etc.,

~ making their daughters learn the piano (other musical instruments are deemed not “posh” enough)

~ cooking Asian food at all family/friends gatherings (occasions when all the girls would be in the kitchen fussing over the food / criticising other girls’ recipes and cooking methods, and all the guys would be in the living room discussing cars / computers / electronic gadgets / soccer)

~ force-feeding their guests at dinner parties (it’s all about the food! who cares about entertainment?)

~ having a “More is more” approach in home decoration

~ ridiculously expensive branded stuff, especially those with the designer’s logo printed all over the place (monogrammed stuff)

~ enormous weddings

And lots more. πŸ™‚ Well, one day I’ll get around to it. One day. And if someone else manages to create such a site before then, I’d be more than glad. Because that means I can just whiz over, read, have a laugh, and give a few recommendations instead of having to labouriously squeeze out (witty) words from my limited vocabulary. Hmm, maybe they already have such a page. Let me go and googlit.


UPDATE: Yay! There’s already such a page. Cool as a cucumber! More stuff to waste time on.
Here: Stuff Asians People Like

4 thoughts on “More blogs about blogs, and “whitened” Asians

  1. I agree with the “more is more” approach, school and career choices, but in my circle things are a little different. Sports traditionally seen as “snobby” like tennis and golf are okay, but football (as in American/Canadian) and hockey aren’t. If you do a fun club, it must be band or orchestra. You can join the tennis or badminton team too. Oh, and big houses if you can afford it. Pricey cars if you can afford it.

  2. I laughed my head off at your list for Asian people- so true! πŸ˜€

    I also think that many of the points brought up in the blog and your list apply more to people who are middle class (at the very least) and/or wish to appear more posh than they are.

    / 2 pence

  3. Kind of unbelievable…you could swap ‘Indian’ for ‘Asian’ (since Asia, in the eyes of most of the US, doesn’t seem to include India) and you’d be dead accurate! Quite funny.

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