Why it’s good to drive on the left


On my way to work this morning I had another light-bulb moment**. I suddenly realised why it is better to drive on the left side of the road, like the Aussie & British do. (Nope I’m not taking sides here. In Vietnam we drive/ ride on the right and in Oz, on the left. So I’m not pro nor anti either. “That’s just the way it iiis.”)

Right, first, hands up those who love to do the lovey-dovey thing of holding hands across the car seat when you’re in a relationship.

Okay okay, I lost count, all you girls, and guys, can take your hands down now.

So, if you’re right-handed (like some 90% of the population), and you’re the one who’s driving, isn’t it better to hold the steering wheel with your dominant hand and hold your significant other’s hand with your left? Still not ideal driving behaviour I’m sure, but maybe a tiny bit safer & more comfy don’t you think? Which means you can prolong the sappy gesture and furtherly make all the singletons, who drive past “singularly” in their cars, green with envy. (I so do not sound bitter. Hmph!)

Well, what about the left-handed folks?, you ask. Hmm they can go live in the US or (Continental) Europe or Vietnam. =D

~peachy [missy higgins]~

**Yeah, I do tend to waste a lot of my brain cells on stupid observations like this. *sighs*


3 thoughts on “Why it’s good to drive on the left

  1. Hmmm.. What’s going on with your mind huh? I am a right-handed person. And in Vietnam I can still use my left hand to hold my honey’s hand, can’t I? …………………..

    …….. Of course with a motorcycle not a car. 🙂

    Nice day!!!

  2. I don’t know about everybody else. But I’m a right handed person who can only drive with one hand. Guess which hand I use? It’s the left. The same thing goes with my boyfriend. So, actually there is no biggie using the right hand to hold your significant other’s hand. We, in fact, wonder the same thing about British and Australian people. Funny isn’t it???

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