A bookworm’s dream

One of these days, the bookworm in me is going to be spoiled and pampered with:

~ Every single book by Amy Tan

~ Every single book by Alexander McCall Smith (this is gonna be quite a collection, but I will have all. ALL is what I will have!)

~ Every single book by any other author I fancy

~ And to house all these, there’ll be a huge sunlit room with skylights galore, the walls lined with specially designed shelves and the floor scattered with the Most Comfy Armchairs ever. The shelves would have a narrow width, so as to hold only 1 row of books. Then I will no longer have to play favourite and stress out about which books to show off at the front row and which at the back. And no, it won’t be named “the Library”. Too pretentious. It’ll just be lovingly called “The Book Room”**, nice & simple.

Ah… but before that blissful time comes, I will have to a/ earn a hell of a lot of money to pay for all that, or b/ manage to find a sugar daddy with a hell of a lot of money to pay for all that.

Applications for b/ are now being taken. =P


** And of course I’d have a “Bead Room” too. 🙂


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