I want a dog. Or a baby. Or both.


Everyone’s been commenting on how clucky I am / appear to be. Oh yes, they’ve been on about it for yonks! And I am well aware that my behaviour of late, no, of always, is just short of darting around the yard going “cluck cluck cluck when oh when will my eggs hatch?” and then rushing back to sit on said eggs to give them warmth, sipping a cup of chai tea and looking down every minute to check for cracks. So really, who can blame the public for what they think? I can’t.

Now I may or may not feel my biological clock ticking. (I’m fairly thick-skinned and extremely insensitive like that. You don’t believe me? No, i do not have tears in my eyes every time that WorkSafe ad comes on TV, the one where this kid was waiting for his Dad to come home from work. You can watch it here. I repeat, it does NOT make me cry, especially not at the end bit there. Just something in my eyes. Really. Oh, and also another one here.) Anyhow, it’s a fact that I’ve always loved/ adored/ had weird emotions for kids, and dogs, and a zillion other people and critters and things, including that “No Parking” sign I’m looking at right now, over on the other side of the street across from the shop, that leans a bit to one side because some bloody idiot must have smashed their car into it while screeching their tyes around the corner. Poor sausage! (sign, not stupid driver.) Oh, but except insects. I hate insects! No I don’t care about ecological equilibrium. (yay I just used some big important words!) All insects deserve to go extinct. End of story.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeap, kids & dogs. Is it possible to go absolutely ga-ga over babies but not (or not yet) want to have one’s own? I guess it is. I’ve seen people like that, those who work with kids all their life but choose to remain childless. As for me, I’m sure I’ll be wanting a few to call mine (three, to be precise) when the time comes. Don’t worry Mum & Dad!

And this is the part where many of you (hi, Mum!) would huffily scream out in unison, “But holy macaroni! Time’s a-ticking!” Ok, I hear yah, I already have an answer to that. My plan is, by the time I’m 35, if things still are the way they are right now (which of course i hope not), i.e. boring, stagnant, dead, I’ll just go ahead and do an Angelina Jolie and create my own rainbow mix. Think I’ll need some serious counseling to help with… no, not coping with the newly acquired status of a single mum, that i can handle, but breaking that kind of news to my parents. Oh and some friends (male at that, too) have “kindly” suggested, after much guffawing, to donate you-know-what in case I want to, um, pop out a kid on my own. But nope I don’t reckon I’d want to be a/ doing you-know-what with those dudes (because they’re my friends and it’d be gross! duh!), or b/ pushing out a desk through my you-know-what and not having The One holding my hands and listening to all my curses throughout the ordeal. Thank you very much. I know, I’m all chicken poo.

So well, let’s just see, shall we?


As for a dog, hopefully I can get one before then. Will need an actual house with a backyard because I want to get either a Labrador, or an Australian Shepherd, or even a German Shepherd like our old beloved Tommy**. and all those breeds are big and need space to roam about. And I’ll get them a little dog house in the yard which looks like the one Snoopy has.

Why not right now, you ask. Oh, I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of commitment just yet.*** Nor is my tiny house.

~currently obsessed with that new Norah Jones song “Sinkin’ Soon”. I can’t stop getting chill down my spine from listening to the lyrics. Some Seriously Deep Stuff right there, ya know?

“Now a tiny hole has sprung a leak in this cheap pontoon. Now the hull has started growing weak, and we’re gonna be sinkin’ soon.”~

** More about her later. Yes, her. RIP my dear Tommy. 😦

*** That statement only applies to this wanting a baby/ dog business. So do NOT read it any other way! Ahem.


4 thoughts on “I want a dog. Or a baby. Or both.

  1. I’m not sure if there is a male version of “clucky”, but I know for a while with my last partner I really wanted kids. The thought of it was sweet, I was out to dinner a couple of weeks ago. There were maybe 5 kids playing, I couldn’t stop watching them play. Made me miss my niece, and I felt the romance of it all to have children.

  2. hey Jack,
    I’d use the same term on guys too. 🙂 It’s funny how “clucky” seems to be used only by Aussies. Some of my American friends claimed to never have heard the word.

    Yeah, when you’re with that right person I guess it comes naturally huh. For sure it’s not just the “romance” but also the hardship. My cousin actually has an safety mask (the ones used for DIY projects) for when she changes her baby’s nappies! haha 🙂

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