Mental images

About a hundred and one times everyday, I’m hit with unexpected images propelled suddenly from the most random nooks and crannies of my own brain. You know, that teeny chunk of grey cells suspended in a slightly bigger piece of mush that is my head. In my sleep, they have a fancy name: dreams. But when I’m awake they can at times be a little worrying. These images are not exactly random. In fact their connections to my surrounding may either be very obvious, or too distant to realise or explain. For example:

a/ Saw a man who looked a bit like my Dad –> Missed Dad’s happy grin every time we tease him.

b/ Heard someone said “Czech Republic” on TV –> Thought of my lampwork Czech beads –> Realised have not had the chance to visit the glass-making studio in Czech that make these beads for me –> Comforted myself with the fact that at least I’ve been to China where the other beads come from –> Had an image of the scooter-taxi in Guangzhou and how cold the wind was against my skin on that 45-minute trip back to the hotel.

c/ Saw a jacaranda tree –> a –> b –> c –> z –> aa –> ab –> yz –> *lighting-fast processing of 2 million other thoughts* –> Thought of my cousin’s tall skinny bike.


Last night before I fell asleep, it was:

A long time ago. Or was it only recent?

The sound of dripping water.

The warmth of an embrace.

Earrings removed and put on a desk.

The screeching of tyres.

The muffled sound of some weird violent movie.

The growling of a dog.

The surreal state of half-sleep which lasted right through the night. Never before, or after, have I experienced such a condition. You hear things, you sense things, but then you don’t really hear or sense them. It was the weirdest!

The suffocating feeling of joy.

The deepest feeling of despair.

The sound of dripping water.

The sound of dripping water.



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