A day like any other day


Thrilled: Because I’m going to see “Priscilla – Queen of the Desert” in 2 weeks! Woot woot!

Wondering: What’s the point of trying to do 22 laps at the pool, only to come home and pig out like one’s never gonna see any food again for the rest of one’s life?
Oooh, toasted roti bread. More please! More! MORE! It’s good for world peace.

Discovered: That when drying your hair, instead of circling the hair dryer around your head, why not hold it still at one spot, and turn your head around? That way you can stretch your sore neck muscles while getting your tresses dried. Two birds, one stone. 😉

Smiled: When accidentally bumped into an old friend from French class a few hours ago at the supermarket. Yay! Been wanting to catch up with everyone after I moved back to Melbourne last year but lost their emails. We were both very excited about another friend who got into the top 100 of So You Think You Can Dance with her amazing aerial swing dance moves. Maybe we should all get together and take French classes again. Now that‘s some idea! But I may have to go back to Beginners’ 1. Très horrible!

Can’t stop watching: Charlie Bit Me! So cute I’m MELTING. And how adorable is their accent?!! I mean, seriously, I have to drag my ass off to England just to hear it for myself, because surely they can’t talk like that in real life. Right? It’s only on TV, and films, and Youtube clips, to make people go awwwww and keep clicking “Play” again and again and want to drag their asses off to England to hear it in real life, right? Right?

~water baby~


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