Why can’t they make removable tags for clothes?

[Update: If you’re after instructions to remove clothing labels, go here.]


Okay, does anyone else do this too, am I just weird? I always have to cut off all the tags from new clothes. No silly, of course not just the external price tags, but also the brand labels and care instruction tags inside. Plus those loopy ribbon thingos on the sides of dresses, tops, and skirts. (You know the ones they came up with a few years back, to keep your clothes from slipping off cloth-hangers?)

Why? Because I can’t stand those plasticy thingies poking into the back of my neck and the left side of my waist, and in the case of jeans & skirts, into my bum. (Yup, have you noticed? That care instruction tag is always attached on the left side of your shirt, right where it can exert all its power towards POKING INTO YOUR SKIN!) Plus, labels & ribbons poking out from underneath your clothes on your waist or shoulders, or worse still, your armpits (!), is NOT a fashionable sight.

Granted, the back tag – side tag – ribbon trio have been sewn on for obvious and (somewhat) useful purposes. Especially the left side tag, which helps you put your shirt on the right way when you’ve got those plain shirts that look confusingly the same at the front and the back. (Haven’t thought of that? Well, you heard it here first, okay? 😉 )

But still, I’m sick and tired of being constantly, and sneakily, attacked by my own clothes. And I’m so over the meticulous process of nipping, tweaking, and plucking of threads in order to remove the culprits! If you’re not careful you may cut into the fabric and ruin your newly acquired piece of fashion. And you can’t just slice them off along the seam with a pair of scissors; because the residual bits would still live on to fulfill their mission of scratching you to the point of insanity. Oh, and talk about irritation, guess what’s the worst? It’s those left-side tags that have been overlocked into the garment! Aargh, the Pinnacle of All Evil! You can only chop these off across the seam because picking at the threads would mean the disassembling of the whole left-side seam. And on lives the residual bits!


Aaand. And. Don’t even get me started on that EXTREMELY POKE-Y invisible plastic thread / fishing-line they’ve been using lately to sew those extra bits on. Which remains unseen, but agonisingly felt, on your clothes even AFTER you’ve gone through all the painstaking steps to extract those wicked labels. *clench fists in anger*

And no, don’t tell me to just ignore them. I simply canNOT. I’m well aware that this makes me sound oh-so-very “princess and the pea”**, but I didn’t ask for sensitive skin, did I? (Mum, we need to talk.) And before someone could mutter “designer”, nope, I don’t care for the brand name, be it Channel or Michael Kors or Vera Wang, to be on my clothes, inside or outside. (Particularly NOT outside!) Because I am a tight-arsed thrift who only buys sweatshop clothes from Target and is just bitter that she can’t afford branded stuff rational person who only care for the beauty, quality and comfort of the actual garment and not its brand.

So, I’ve got these suggestions to the fashion industry:

~ Ban the use of that nasty invisible thread ASAP.

~ Only use labels that are 100% cotton or silk or satin, and embroider your brands onto those tags with similarly soft threads.

~ or Print your logos on the inside of clothes, like this:


That will make our life (mine, at least) so much easier and we will happily continue to hand over our hard-earned cash to fatten your pockets. Wouldn’t that be noice?

Right, rant over. Now excuse me while I go and “calmly” tear off this singlet I’m wearing and SLASH IT INTO A THOUSAND PIECES, tags & labels & ribbons and all! (No, you can’t film it, you pervs! 🙂 )


** This “princess” can’t even wear anything with sparkly / glittery / metallic stuff on it. Ugh! Is there any such thing as skin transplant? Hmm wondering if a buffalo’s skin would look good on me…


3 thoughts on “Why can’t they make removable tags for clothes?

  1. Never really noticed the clothing label tags, only randomly do they shit me to tears. My skin is more sensitive to drastic changes in weather, or walking around in heat, adjusting to the temp then going into an air conditioned building and busting out a sweat.

  2. Oh, talk about air conditioned buildings! It’s gotta be one of the worst things about hot climate isn’t it? I mean yeah it helps with the heat, but if you move in & out of those buildings a lot, the sudden change in temperature can be super annoying. Your skin gets really dry & itchy.
    When I’m in Vietnam I won’t even turn on the air con in my room. Just a fan would do.

    Eww, and imagine scratchy tags poking into your skin when you’re sweating from the heat! I’m cringing just thinking about it!

  3. When I moved here it took me a month to adjust to using Aircon, in Australia we didn’t have aircon, we would just leave windows open and have the fan on. Now I pretty much have the aircon on most of the time, sad huh?.

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