Everyone needs a little Love

I’ve been feeling a bit blue today, since finding out this morning that a friend of mine and her bf of over 4 years have decided to call it quits. Yes, I know about my tendency to get all melancholy at other people’s stories, but still… 😦

Anyway, good thing i saw this clip on Mia Freedman’ blog.

Youtube link here.

It cheered me up a bit. Apparently it’s an anti-racism ad from Malaysia. I can’t stop watching it! The kids are sooo adorable! And their accent! It’s just the cutest loh. πŸ˜‰
I love it when Hong Ming got shy & squinted his eyes at “Do you wanna come on a date? To a romantic dinner.” (Listen up all the big boys out there, you guys could all take a lesson from this little dude! Romantic dinner, you hear?) And how his jaw dropped in the end. Also how the little girl Umi smiled her bashful smile and didn’t answer when asked “Do you like him?” But my favourite part is when little Hong Ming circled his arms in the air & said “I don’t want the whole world to know”. Aww…

Oh, and yes, I first thought it was scripted & staged too. But nope, after watching it a couple of times (okay okay, 14 times! good thing it’s only a minute and a half), I’m sure it was a real interview & a true story. All the better to make you feel all warm & fuzzy inside.

Have a fun weekend peeps!



2 thoughts on “Everyone needs a little Love

  1. What a cute little boy! So adorable… I Loved the “Do you wanna come on a date? To a romantic dinner”
    It is so refreshing the innocence, the shyness, pure love thingy…
    Uhmm, pardon my ignorance but how is it an anti-racism ad? I don’t know much about Malaysia; I only know where it’s at on the map 😦 oh the shame, the shame…
    Let me know ok? Thanks.

  2. oh hallo there FNC πŸ™‚
    Yeah hehe, isn’t he sweet? I don’t know where he got the “romantic dinner” bit from, must have heard it from the adults or TV. Imagining the two of them on a romantic dinner at McDonald’s ordering Happy Meals, then spend some hours at the playground pushing the swing for each other :)). Sooo cute!

    Oh, my best friend is Malaysian so I’ve heard a bit about the racism thing. Well basically, there are a 3 main ethnic groups in Malaysia: Chinese, Malay, and Indian/ other South Asian people. Plus some other minorities as well.
    The Malays are the indigenous people, like the Aborigines in Aus. It’s a known fact that the Chinese people control most of the country’s wealth. And just as any other nations with a mixed population like that, there’s bound to be racism & discrimination.

    It’s a bit similar in Indonesia too. I remember back in 1997, during the Asian economy crisis, there were horrible racial riots happening everywhere in Indonesia, & Malaysia, between the ethnic groups. 😦 Some of my Indonesian friends (of Chinese background), when they went back to their home country, had to stay locked inside their compounds for months. It was awfully sad. 😦 Thank goodness the situation’s improved a lot since then.

    Anyway, as you can see in the clip, Hong Ming is of Chinese descent while Umi is Indian. So that’s the message they were sending across, that the children are “colour blind”.

    Oh, and in case someone’s wondering why the kids speak English so well. I’ve heard that in Malaysia, English is quite prevalent in the media. Many schools over there teach everything in English, with Malay (their official language) or other Asian languages only taught as an optional or compulsory second language. So I’ve seen some ads from Malaysia encouraging citizens to use Malay more.

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