A “visual” person

Sunset at Brighton Beach ~ 8th April 2007

“By the deep sea, and music in its roars;
I love not man the less, but nature more.”

[Lord Byron]

Brighton Beach


New York City winter sky ~ 24th December 2007
(Top of The Rock Observation Deck ~ Rockefeller Centre)

With the birds I’ll share this lonely view…”
[Red Hot Chili Peppers]
with the birds i share this lonely view

So as you can see, I’ve decided to post a photo or two up here every now and then. (I just typed “hear” instead of “here”. This never happened before! Oh, the horror!) You know, to spice it up a bit. A quick glance at some popular blogs and it seems that most of those bloggers are also admirable talented photographers. I’m not one, no matter how much I wish I was. Nor do I want my blog to get “big”. It’s more of a little platform for me to vent off sometimes, and to read back in a few years, or decades, so I can get all nostalgic remembering “those days”. Hence the “soap box” title.

But it’s only human nature that we’re drawn to anything visually pleasant, or thought-provoking, or controversial. (I have to confess, that as much as it confuses & disturbs me, I can’t stop staring at photos of that pregnant man who’s made headline news the last few weeks, and wondering how it is to be him.) Anyway, so a long page full of words, words, and more words, isn’t very appealing, even to its own author (i.e. me). Plus I’ve got a few nice photos up my sleeves that I’ve been itching to show off. So there they go.

Just a little note though. The fact is, I can’t take a proper photo to save my life. I’m forever admiringly staring with my mouth agape at those beautiful pictures taken by others. Especially the ones where the focus is on the object at the foreground, while everything else in the background is all blurry. And all these amazing contrasts of light, views from different angles, depth-of-fields, etc., they can make even your toenail clippings look interesting. Me, the most I can do apart from pointing-and-shooting, is changing the exposure on my ancient camera, or switching to Black & White. That’s pretty much it. So it gives me such a buzz each time I accidentally come up with a nice photo. As the old Vietnamese adage go, “Chó đớp phải ruồi” (which literally translates to a dog catching a fly in his mouth by mere luck, maybe while yawning?), it must have been my brief encounter with Lady Luck.

Well, I’ll dig up a few more later.

~” Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes. And she’s gone.”~


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