Piano and I

Like millions other people, I’m a bit obsessed with the incredibly talented Alicia Keys. Unlike millions other people, I don’t dig her overly popular & commercialised numbers such as “Fallin'”, “Karma”, “If I Ain’t Got You”, and especially not her latest one “No One”. But then again I’ve always hated it when radio stations manage to kill off an otherwise perfectly nice song, by repeating it 218 times a day. Remember James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”? The poor thing.

Anyhow, my faves by Ms. Keys are “Mr. Man”, “Caged Bird”, “Harlem’s Nocturne”, “Wild Horses” (it certainly helps to have Adam Levine crooning along to a heart-breaking Rolling Stones’ item. I simply melt.), plus a few lesser-known others. But topping the list has to be “Piano & I”, the first song on her first album. It’s actually not a song per se, more of a self-expressive short prologue. Raw. Honest. Insightful.

I also love it because:

~ She accompanied it with the ever haunting “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven

~ She said “shit”, in the lyrics! Imagine that, “Beethoven” and “shit” all squeezed into a not-even-2-minute mini-song.

~ These lines are awesome:

Whatever stops you from dreamin’. Whatever tries to stop you from livin’. Flip it.

I especially like the “Flip it!” bit. So full of attitude. Much more effective than, say, “Poke its eyes out!”, or “Give it the finger!”

Well, let me play it another time. The 24th time to be exact. Good thing I’m not a radio station. Or I’ll be seriously hating myself.

~flipping it~


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