Mum ~ entry 1 of 100000000000

Our Mum’s become very technologically advanced lately, she can now chat and voice chat with us on Yahoo, plus checking & printing out Dad’s email for him as well. Easy breezy. And not just that, she can also use the PhotoSharing feature and know how to save those photos on the ‘puter. Next thing we know, she’ll be on the webcam showing us her latest yoga move! Sooo cute :)!!!
(Is it just us, or does anyone else also find their Mum very cute? The kind of cute that makes your eyes go instantly watery, that makes you want to drop everything right that moment, to rush over and give her a bear hug so tight she’ll be gasping for air, and inhale a lung full of the unique scent of her hair, and wish time would stop so she, and you, will never grow old?)

Anyway, so Mum “called” me yesterday morning and it was quiet at the shop so we managed to have a long, much needed conversation, which was made even better by the fact that no one got annoyed at each other. In ALL the 55 minutes! And here she was, asking me the usual question “So, have you got anything new?”, in that kind of voice which indicated that it was not merely anything, but actually a very specific thing**. And I replied “Nope, not yet, Mum.” in that kind of voice which indicated that I knew exactly what she meant right after the word “So“. Isn’t she sweeter than a mug of Koko Black hot chocolate with 14 tablespoons of honey and 22 sprinkles of cinnamon powder?

Well, what’s been worrying us is that Mum’s going to hospital for a laser surgery today. To get rid of a huge pain in the neck. Literally. These 3 arthritic vertebral joints in her neck have been giving her a lot of discomfort in the last few years. She’s told us not to worry, that she can take care of herself. As she’s always done. Despite that knot in my stomach and that lump in my throat, I believe she’ll be alright. But still can’t stop shouting angrily to myself, inside my head, that why the hell am I here? WHY? WHY NOW? šŸ˜¦


** In case, just in case, you’re wondering, that is the “why the heck are you still not married and popping out babies like everyone else’s daughter?” thing.


8 thoughts on “Mum ~ entry 1 of 100000000000

  1. I wish my mum was tech savvy, she’s given up on chatting, web caming, and voice chatting. So we email each other, mostly if I don’t get a call, but yeah if we do cam it’s because my Dad and I are caming. My Dad is overly tech savvy, he just can’t set up a bloody VCR/ DVDplayer/ Cable TV, but can set up his PDA to turn on his laptop.

  2. Wow! Your Dad’s so cool, Jack! Setting up his PDA to turn on his laptop! I don’t even know you can do that.
    My Mum is only at “entry level” right now. You know my weird aversion to high-tech gadgets? It runs in the family. So I’m blaming it all on the genes! haha šŸ™‚

    Well the thing with the VCR is everyone’s problem i think. Especially to program it to record a certain show on TV at a certain time?! Rocket science, I’d say!

  3. I never had a problem with the VCR, I think I am the only member of the family who can operate one, also I seem to be the only person who can burn dvds of home movies or TV shows i’ve recorded, god, so glad I don’t need to do that anymore!.

  4. Hehe. My mom seems to be saving a room in the house for me whenever I plan to come back to live with her and my father. Fat chance!

    I don’t find my parents cute – they’re white. Not that I think white people are ugly, but I would rather consider my first parents the original cuties.

  5. ~ Jack,
    Whoa, you CAN work the VCR?! Do you wanna move in with us?!! Emma used to be able to get our old VCR to work, but now that we have a new DVD-VCR combined one, she’s given up.

    ~ Minh,
    My Mum also secretly wants us to move back & live with them but she always denies it.
    I don’t know, how can white parent not be cute? Surely they do cute things parents do, like hoping you’d move back when they know quite sure that you won’t. šŸ™‚

  6. ~ hi Minh, yup that was baby-me! When i still had more cheek (literally) & much less hair. šŸ™‚
    I know huh! I don’t know how Mum coped with the 3 of us all those years and not wanting to sell us all to the circus.
    Oh, maybe she did wish she could. Hmm…

    ~ Tam, šŸ˜¦

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