Priscilla the musical was flippin’ faaaaabulous, darling!

Well, I couldn’t really find any words befitting such a dazzling theatrical extravaganza. So I cooked up a few: Fabutastic, Magnivellous, Amazonishing! Especially for one who loves outrageously OTT costumes, the excitement was barely containable. Picture this: I was on the edge of my seat, eyes popped out bouncing on 2 springs, clapping so hard I’m sure the poor lady sitting in front of me had to go & have her eardrums checked after the show. Thank goodness I was seated next to A. who’s even a bigger fan. Wednesday night was the second time he forked out big bikkies to see the show. So I didn’t look too out of place. I think.

It was over too quickly. Way too quickly. All the 500 costumes, 200 head-dresses, 23 tonnes of scenery, and a REAL 10-METRE-LONG BUS! I wish I could watch it again, in slow motion. It’s hard to pinpoint a “highlight” of this show because it was A. MA. ZING. all over. So my one-line review is: “Go see it yourselves, dolls!”

BUT. I’ve got a rant about a lowlight. Which occured at the end of the show, when the cast came out to bow, all clad in breathtaking costumes that resembled Australian flora & fauna. After a good 5 minutes of thundering applause, I thought what the heck, let’s give them a standing ovation. (Now, all the psychological stimulation & processes behind a standing ovation and other mob-psychology stuff is a favourite topic of mine but let’s not bore you with it. Yet.)

So A. & I stood up, and started clapping & wolf-whistling & generally carrying out all the ruckus that one’s supposed to do when one is incredibly impressed with the performance, and understands very well how much a standing ovation means to the performers & producers after months & months of sweats & tears & even injuries. Our two other friends followed suit. And after about 2 minutes I looked behind to see 5, yes, FIVE, other people a few rows behind us also up on their feet. That’s ALL! Out of the hundreds & hundreds of audiences, only NINE people in total had the heart to get off their butts & showed their appreciation. It was so appalling I don’t know where to start!

And no, not because the performance wasn’t up to par in their eyes. They were apparently impressed enough to keep applauding for a good 10 minutes, with all the shouting & the woo-wooing & the whole-arm-in-the-air clapping. Oh how I wished I could yank on their ears, give them a good kick up the clacker & bellow in their faces, “Why the hell can’t you get off your fat arses you bloody hoity-toity, pretentious, highfalutin eejits? Afraid of wasting the 1.5 calories it required for such a laborious action and rather keep it on your thighs? HUH?”

Can’t you tell I was pissed off? Needless to say, A. was, too. He said the Sydney crowd, the last time he watched it, was a thousand times more supportive. Shame on you, people! Shame!

There was one tremendously amusing thing though, which happened so fast that I’m not sure everyone noticed. But right at the very end, during our failed attempt at striking up that standing ovation, the whole cast was still bowing & dancing & singing to “I Will Survive”. When it got to the “Oh no now go! Walk out the door!” bit, lo & behold, one of the main guys (Felicia if I remembered correctly) briefly flipped his finger at the audience. WITH BOTH HANDS! Now one might merely put that down to the fact that he was only acting out the song, which strictly speaking, all of them were. And there were quite a few obscenities in the script anyway. But A. & I prefer to think that he was getting back at the pathetic mass of losers sitting around us, and saluting their pathetically pathetic pathetic-ness!

~amy – a theatre fanatic who gives standing ovation and keeps on applauding even after the curtain’s closed, until all the performers come out for a second, or third, time to bow~


2 thoughts on “Priscilla the musical was flippin’ faaaaabulous, darling!

  1. i saw priscilla about 6 times when it was in sydney and it got a monstrous applause & standing ovation every time, absolutley fabulous show.. can’t wait to take the boyfriend along to the show in auckland! glad you enjoyed it & glad you stood!!! ps: if you loved priscilla go see rocky horror, you’ll love that too, awesomeness.. (though i think its still in sydney and not sure if itll be going elsewhere)

  2. hello Kate,

    Thanks for dropping by. WOW 6 times? That’s a record! 🙂
    But yeah, I love that show so much, wouldn’t mind watching it 6 times myself.
    I just checked out Ticketek and doesn’t look like The Rocky Horror Show is going any where outside of Sydney. Hmph! Maybe they will later. Will keep an eye out for it.

    I think I’m going to see Wicked next.

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