I. Am. A. Ro. Bot.

Today I was at The Second Job, the one which takes 2.375 days out of my meagre weekly allowance of ONLY SEVEN (multiple exclamation points), and on the good side, provides ample opportunities for people watching. And even better, baby watching. So here I was this morning, happily chatting away with a colleague about how that gorgeous Missoni fragrance is sneakily growing on me, when suddenly we heard this rhythmic chant wafting in from outside the door.

It went “I. Am. A. Ro. Bot. … I. Am. A. Ro. Bot. … I. Am. A. Ro. Bot.” … and on and on and on. A good 30 seconds later, the source was revealed when in marched this wee boy at a ripe old age of FOUR. He was wearing a very neat pair of jeans, a stripy T-shirt, and a pair of glasses. (Which were most likely short-sighted ones, by the look of them.) His legs were dead straight, sticking out ahead, marching along. His forearms were waving up and down from the elbows in a jerky fashion that’s, obviously, only belongs to robots. Duh! And his face was motionless, looking straight ahead, with only the lips moving roboticly to sound off the above alarm, and warn people of the looming arrival of a Deadly Menacing Machine. BE SCARED and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, PEOPLE!

And for the next 5 minutes, an extremely entertaining 5 minutes during which I thought I could just die from all the cuteness, this tiny human being kept on “I. Am. A. Ro. Bot.”-ing in the most serious and… robotic monotonous voice, leading his “entourage” consisting of his sister, who was about 7, his Mum, and his grandma all the way to the escalator and up to the 2nd floor. To the TOYS department, no doubt. Even then, we still could make out the faint “I. Am. A. Ro. Bot.” echoing downstairs.

I wish I’d had a camera there to film the whole episode. Because it’d probably help me track down the little bubba and KIDNAP HIM, and put him in a glass display cabinet where he can does his “I. Am. A. Ro. Bot.” bizzo all day long! And I’ll let him make friends with my baby cousin TinTin who is undoubtedly The Cutest Kid In The World. Then he could teach TinTin his robot moves, and TinTin could show him how to say “Hello di` Tra`!” in that small shy voice which never fails to reduce me to a babbling cooing mess on the floor!

And I’m sure if you’d seen that clip, you’d have melted right there and then, and smiled for the whole day like I have, and wanted to bag that teeny tiny robot too! šŸ™‚

~Why does food suddenly taste a thousand and one times better in the bloody middle of the night? WHY?~

(Except only for toasted roti bread of course, which already tastes sooooo heavenly it simply cannot taste any better!)


3 thoughts on “I. Am. A. Ro. Bot.

  1. Dude robots are super cool, if only you could teach him how to do “the robot”. Having him dance to electro!, I busted out the robot in class Saturday morning while squeezing between chairs and rows of computers. Doin’ the robot and acting like a robot would be a super awesome thing!. Cute multiplied by infinity and beyond.

    Food always tastes good in the middle of the night, it’s just a fact of life. Just like how reheated pasta or pizza tastes a million times better. Maybe because all the flavors have sunk into the dish?.

    Or maybe it’s a fact of life, similar to that men named Aarron, love the colour green, and every body involved with IT or Technical support are also avid photographers. And doing the robot any time of the day is bound to cheer anybody up. Even if you look like a total jackass later.

  2. hahaha Jack. You really did the robot dance there IN CLASS?! Darn, i wish i’d seen it!
    Remember when we went to that club with E. & M.A., and were doing the robot amongst those silly folks who were SLOW DANCING TO TECHNO?!! hahahaaa

    Re: food at midnight. Yeah, I’m sure it IS a fact of life, but probably only to night-owls like me. (And you?) Other morning folks don’t stay up past 11pm.
    Reheated pasta is ok but I’m not sure i like reheated pizza, it’s all soggy & chewy. Probably only tastes good at midnight. šŸ™‚

  3. I tend to bust out the robot every once and a while, just for the amusement of my students and myself. Something about a 4 hour class that makes your want to do something amusing to break up the quiet moods and the serious air.

    That reminds me, at the end of my semester in Sydney I was able to read my student feedback and comments. One student commented “He should be more of a teacher and less of a friend” I think it’s the same person who said “he should stop acting cool”. If I was stern and strict for four hours, somebody would of been bound to kill me.

    I kind of like the greasy and cheesy taste of reheated pizza, but I also like to put additional toppings on sometimes as well if possible.

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