Gwyneth would have keeled over and fainted if she’d heard this.

Chrissy, my neighbour’s little daughter often comes in the shop and sits at my desk to make her own little jewellery. She’s such a cutie, really good with colours & drawing. Usually a bit shy but now that she’s used to me, often strikes up very amusing conversations. Such as:

~ How much are these beads gonna cost? A thousand dollars? (while making a dainty necklace for her Mum.) And you have all these beads Amy. You must be a millionaire!

~ We have two cats. One’s called Ginger Junior and the other is Junior Ginger. They’re both boys. I couldn’t think of some names. Mummy & Daddy couldn’t think. Because they’re both ginger cats. So my friend named them. (And what a good job her friend did too :)!)

~ And this is the best:

– Mum told me there’s a lady who calls her daughter Apple. I don’t believe her. Can you believe that?

– Yes Chrissy, it’s true. This lady is a famous actress. She named her daughter Apple.

– But apple is a fruit, right? Maybe because she wants to eat her? *after a bit of thinking* … Oh I know, she can eat her. And the blood, um… maybe she can drink it. And um… ah… and maybe give the bones to the dog.

At which point I had to jump in & said, “Chrissy that is very scary! Let’s talk about your Mr. Man books. So you borrowed “Mr. Skinny”. How skinny is he?”

True story! 🙂 What an overactive imagination. Poor Gwynnie.


PS: I wonder how long before little Apple gets called “Apple Martini”?


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