Can a girl have too many bags?

Yes, she can. (At this point I have a vivid picture in my head of our lovely guys smirking gleefully at the screen. Okay, dudes, ease off! We know we own way too many shoes & bags. We’re not stooopid, you see. But that’s only because we’ve stocked up for The Flood, in case Noah comes around on his ark and we don’t have that huge oversized patent leather bag to lug our provision on board? Disaster upon disaster, see? Or if the Queen, on a nice sunny day, decides to drop by for a visit, and we do not have those jewel encrusted 4-inch shoes to go with that princess-y dress? BIG no-no! You just HAVE to pay respect to the Queen. You do. And that’s why we hoard up. We, women, visionaries.)

So. Recent statistics have it, that I’ve only bought one bag (or is it two?) in the last 10 months. (I.e. irresponsibly slacking at preparation for Mr. Noah or the Queen. Bad girl.) Seriously. Ten months. Roughly three hundred days. Me. A self confessed bag-lady. That has got to be a record. The reason is not because I’ve already got enough bags to store rations for a whole village should The Flood come. (Touch wood.) Okay okay, not just because I’ve already got enough bags to store rations for a whole village should The Flood come (touch wood again), but also because I’m skint. What with all the big trips and little trips and mini teeny trips I want to take. Also maybe because I’m over it? *gasp* No, no, that can’t be!

Anyway, but today, today, I want this.**

And I want it TODAY. NOW. NOT ANY MINUTE LATER. Because I LOVE fabric bags. And I LOVE handmade Australian-made gorgeously-drool-worthily-made bags. (Not so much into leather & vinyl.) But I just forked out 600 bucks for tickets to Cairns last night (details later). Oh what to do, what to do?!! The two chicks (one winged, one horned) hovering on the sides of my head are having a slinging match again. *sigh*


UPDATE (30 mins later): **If you click on that link it’ll take you to Strawberry Jam’s website (a wickedly sinfully tempting place I tell yah! Full of beautiful desirable handmade stuff. And yes, some of mine are on there too.) You see next to the picture of the bag is a SOLD OUT sign. Guess why? Ahem. 🙂 The Horned has won. The Winged has lost. And someone has lost her right to weekly roti bread allowance. For the next FIVE weeks. *wail*


3 thoughts on “Can a girl have too many bags?

  1. hehe Minh,

    Well we do have our own kind of English here :). Last year on my US trips, I copped no ends of teasing from my cousin & friends about some of my Aussie words. Which I swore to repay when those folks get here to the land of Oz. Mwahahaaa…

    The funny thing is, because American culture (movies, music, literature, etc.) is so prevalent everywhere in the world, English speakers from other countries often know most American slangs & expressions, even if they don’t use those themselves. But not the other way round. I had a guy in Honolulu asking me, in all seriousness, “What’s petrol? Is there such a word?” 🙂

    Oh, and good on you for not passing comment on my “preoccupation” with bags. However, one may say that passing a comment on not passing a comment is in itself a kind of comment. A NEGATIVE one! Hmphh! *evil glare*

  2. A comment-less comment? 😉

    Well, you may razz me on my magazine-collecting habit. Not only do I subscribe to too many (far too many to read in one human lifetime), but I also can’t leave a bookstore without buying at least one.

    So, I guess I’m also prepared for The Flood. Although my raft made of magazines will absorb water and slowly sink me. Good thing my parents signed me up for swim lessons early on in chilhood.

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