Stupidest scammer ever!

This morning I got this in my Junk mail box (thank you, Outlook):

Notication from []

Dear eBay AU Member,
This is your official notification from eBay. Your online has expired. If you want to continue using our service you have to renew your online.
If not, your online will be limited and deleted To continue click here and complete the renew form with your current information. <;
Thank you,
Scott R. Shipman, CIPP Senior Counsel, Global Privacy Practices eBay Inc.

I was laughing so hard my lower jaw went “clank” on the floor and I still haven’t found it yet. But never mind, I’ve got a spare one.

Geez, if they meant to scam, you’d think they’d at least put a LITTLE MORE EFFORT into it?! “Your online”? hahaaaa. Imagine all the other scammers at their Annual Scammer Summit pulling their hair out in frustration, going “What an idiot we have in our rank! Do we have enough budget this year to send this guy to an intensive English course? He’s making us all LOOK BAD.”

I’ve got my share of stupid phish emails. Most of which are picked out by Outlook, or can easily be busted by Right Click – View Source. While some are so convincing I had to forward them straight away to so they can stop the bastards from tricking other people. But this one! This one deserves to be printed out and put in a frame.



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