Who dares say I don’t miss that crowded little place?

What’s a nicer way to start a morning than watching a Youtube clip of HCMC which got you all teary and nostalgic? (Although I might have used the word “nice” very loosely here.) Thanks, Minh.

It’s nothing new for me, really. But it was fun seeing the city from other people’s perspective. From a tourist’s point of view. The traffic, the people, the street life. The whole family on a little scooter. The dancing, & exercising, & having romantic dates in public parks. The carrying of umbrellas in perfect sunny weather because a girl has got to keep her skin pale. And recently, the funny sight of the bike helmet / wide brimmed hat hybrids.

I was so used to those images that on the first few times I went back, it was like I was missing out on something. “Surely things have changed?”, I thought. It’s been more than 10 years. But soon I realised that if I kept my eyes peeled, if I really looked, I would see. All the changes. A LOT OF THEM. And suddenly I felt a tad lost, a tad panicky. This suffocating little place that was home, and still is, I don’t know it as much as I’d like to. *sigh*

And if I have to be strictly honest to the question thrown at me all the time, I’d have to say I don’t know when I would go back there to live. I really don’t know yet. But I miss it. So very much.



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