A blatant excuse to pig out on cream cheese

So this morning I was stuffing my face with that wickedly yummy Philadelphia cream cheese spread I bought yesterday, oh the creamy milky artery-clogging goodness!, when I noticed that the label said “60% less fat than butter and margarine”. Refer to visual aid:

“Fat chance!”, I thought, pun not intended, “Anything this delicious has got to be so outrageously fattening it’ll put your Double Big Mac to shame.” And I kid you not, one bite after another and I could SEE my flab growing by the minute!

But curiosity got the better of me and I instantly fished out my olive oil/butter spread tub just to prove them wrong. But lo and behold, they’re right! 24.3g of total fat per 100g of cream cheese compared to 70g per 100g of butter/olive oil spread. WOW. So it wasn’t just a marketing gimmick. It was true! A big bold advertising label told the truth! Pigs have definitely flown!

And this is wonderful news! Joyous news! “Make you stand up and do a little tap dance” news! Because since I normally spread an inch thick of butter on my toast, this means I can now scoop on a 3-inches-thick layer of cream cheese and will be only swallowing the same amount of grease. Oh to hell with the spreading & scooping, I’m just gonna eat it straight out of the tub with a finger. YAY!

Kraft has got to hire me as their ambassador. Seriously. I totally have the flab, oops I mean, the AB!, to flaunt. 🙂


PS: Also while I was at it, I checked our bag of mozzarella cheese and it’s got a 25g / 100g ratio. Also Extremely Wondrous News indeed.

PSS: 10pm and I just gobbled down half the tub of that sinfully delicious stuff, when I thought of checking the level of Saturated Fat (the BAD guy!) and it’s actually the same in both the cream cheese & the butter/olive oil spread, 17%. So practically 300g of cream cheese has the same Total Fat content as 100g of butter/olive oil spread, but 3 times the Saturated fat level. And if I don’t want to get my arteries all blocked up by the age of 40, I should steer clear of both. Back to Cholesterol-free olive oil spread from now on then. Not happy, Jan!


2 thoughts on “A blatant excuse to pig out on cream cheese

  1. Ha ha sounds like my sister (she buy things with “less fat” pig out then realize it was all a marketing ploy).mmmm I miss cream cheese but I am sure we have it in Vietnam, I found couscous of all things in BigC the other day!. But yeah Cream Cheese is deliciously evil, do they still sell cream cheese with Sweet Chilli sauce?. Nothing better then a lightly toasted bagel with cream cheese.

  2. Hehe well you’ve got to give me some credit, at least I did my research.
    Wow they have couscous? That’s cool. But where’s BigC? I hate you now for knowing more about HCMC than I do! =P
    Yeah they still sell those flavoured cream cheese but the plain one is the best. Especially now that the weather’s colder, mmm…

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