It’s moments like that…

Note: If you’ve got ADD, read the short version. If you’ve got time to kill, proceed to the long one.

~ Short version:

I sent my sister to the station. She almost missed the train, but managed to catch it. The end. Have a nice day. Check back later.

~ Long version:

Ok, you got your Coke & popcorn ready?

Right. As we happened to leave the house at the same time this morning, I sent my baby sister to the train station on my way to work. When we just got there the boom-gates (at the street level crossing) were already down and that “clank clank” warning sound was on. The train was obviously coming. So m’ dashed off before I could plant a kiss on her cheek**, and I stopped on the side of the road watching, hoping she’d make it.

Because I always watch my family walking away from me whenever I drop them off somewhere, feeling a teeny bit melancholy. Especially TM when he was in high school & I used to send him to the station every morning, & he was dressed in that stripy navy blue uniform & and that huge backpack. Or Ba every time he was here & decided to tackle Melbourne’s public transport system on his own, as he’s done countless times before in different countries. (“Pah! What are you kids fussing about? I’ve done this a zillion times even before you were born.”) And each time I looked at their retreating silhouette I felt a little lump in my throat. Nothing too dramatic, just that bitter-sweet feeling that’s so hard to describe, that’s quick to pass but so profound you can never forget it.

So this morning m’ ran off & stopped at the boomgates because she couldn’t go past it to get to the platform. And there she did that little impatient dance, that quick, slight stomping of her feet, like “COME ON OPEN THIS GATE YOU IDIOT MY TRAIN IS COMING!”. Like when you’re watching a corny romantic movie, and in the end the girl is leaving on a bus, because she & the guy have had some huge misunderstanding, and here comes the guy sprinting towards the moving bus, to tell her some vital secret which will inevitably make her change her mind and jump off the bus, and he’ll catch her and they’ll live happily ever after. And you’re sitting there watching this guy running, and you can’t help but tap your feet and grind your teeth and go “C’mon c’mon c’mooooon!” at the screen, because that would definitely help him run a little faster, because you can’t just leave it to the director to make it happen you know!

Anyway, after a few seconds of stomping my m’ remembered the underground walkway to the platform and darted off that way. And it was my turn to mutter “C’mon c’mon” and gather up all my thought vibes to will the train driver to slow down. After she’s disappeared from sight I drove off & gave her a call. And guess what? SHE MADE IT! YAY!

Well it wasn’t that spectacular a story but I had to write it down. Because I don’t know about you, but for me it’s moments like that that tug at my heartstrings, swell up the tears in my eyes, and make this life so much more precious. And I’ve got them stored in a little place in my brain that will never be erased for as long as I live.

And if you’ve bothered to read this far, you’re indeed a very sweet friend, and if you come over right now I’ll make you some Tiramisu that will make the bakers at Brunetti weep with envy. Promise! 🙂

~rose water opal~

** Ok so my sister is 24, so what? She’ll always be my baby. Even when she’s 45 with grey hair & 3 kids I’d still hug her & kiss her on the top of the head. Whether she likes it or not. Hehe. Watch my words! =P


5 thoughts on “It’s moments like that…

  1. You are such a sweetie, Sisi. 🙂 . To be honest, I feel much easier reading your blog about family stuff rather than ur social life stuff :)) haha. Blame my poor English :D. hehe…

    Sometimes, I wonder where on Earth your “Mr Rich” is hiding hahahaha. He must be stupid or what to leave you here, all by yourself and not grasp you in his hand and run away. :D… He really is, isn’t he. He’s got to tell me a reason though hihihi …

    Sleep tight my 2 Sisi,

  2. Geez em, now you sound like my Mum! haha =P
    Welllll, maybe I’m not ready to be swept off & whisked away just yet. Or maybe the planets still aren’t correctly aligned. Who knows?
    “I finally learned to say, whatever will be will beeeee…”

    Oh, and the thing with my blog. You’re not to blame. Who says I’m an easy one to understand anyway. Even I myself don’t know what I’m babbling about most of the time. 😉

  3. Ow, sis Tra`, you’re such a wonderful sister! My growing fifteen-year-old brother is till giving me cheek-kisses the last time I saw him too. Surprising how simple things carry us along…

  4. Aww such a cinematic moment, I can imagine M doing that to, and yeah I think it’s always weird. How we focus too much on one way to get to a place then realize there is actually a different route we can take. e.g. the underground pass.

    I kind of miss corny movies like that, but never have the mood, I remember watching a really bad honky flick. There is a scene post break up and the guy is in an immaginary prison cell just drinking to death, then all of a sudden hears a pop song that reminds him of everything and the singer is in the cell with him.

  5. ~ H., yeah i love random moments like that. Life’s little happiness. My brother is going on 21 but he’s also still a baby to me. He might hate me for saying this in public though, so this is the comment in which i WON’T tell you that whenever he comes to visit me I still pinch his cheeks & pat his head. Mwahaha.

    ~ Jack, haha did you just say “honky”? Most HK folks I know are ok with it, they even use it themselves, but I’ve heard that some find it annoying. To me I think it sounds kinda cute.
    Geez man you can certainly pass for an Asian. You’re into Asian movies & music much more than most Asian people, i.e. me. Haha and those corny video clips to HK & Korean pop songs! You know the one in which the guy donated his eyes to some girl? So cheesy I practically melted watching it.

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