Oh no! The poo-catcher pants.

Here’s a clipping from last weekend’s M magazine in The Age that made me choke on my morning coffee. It showcased the supposedly “hottest look right now” in the fickle world of fashion: the jodhpurs. No! No! A thousand times NO! I don’t know about you but I’m cringing so much, my neck has totally disappeared into my body. This has got to be the worst fashion crime. Ever! *gag*

And I thought those silly Thai fisherman pants of 2 years ago were bad.

How wrong was I, to have underestimated the (occasional) lunacy of that thing called mode. In a way I feel sorry for the Indian town Jodhpur from which that style originally emerged as equestrian pants. So unless you’re going horse-riding, steer clear of those eyesores, fashionistas!

On a more positive note though, I guess we should seek assurance in the belief that this ridiculous look is very unlikely to appear in real life. Because surely we women are smarter than that! Right? Seriously, if I ever see those fugly things on the street, I’ll have no choice but to point and laugh, and dash off before they could fish out their poo from that baggy stash and and fling it at me.

~”Fly away on my zephyr, I feel it more than ever…”~


5 thoughts on “Oh no! The poo-catcher pants.

  1. This post is so laugh-my-ass-off funny! Don’t know if this style is catching on where I live, but I’ll be on the lookout. And since *certain* (ahem) people enjoy wearing modernized traditional Asian fashions, I’m sure I’ll be seeing these pants around downtown sooner rather than later.

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