Where the hell is good old customer service?

Maybe this should be my new anger management method. To type it up while I calm down. Because I’m very close to picking up that phone & totally crack the shit at a certain company which has recently lowered their customer service to non-existence. And I know they all have bigger fish to fry but hello? Can they be so stupid as to think their business will have a single chance of survival without all of us little fish?

My hand is inching towards the receiver right now, despite my brain frantically shooting out panic signals for it to stop. Self control. Self control! Deep breath… Ok I’ve decided to email them now. As it is, I’m being very good and composed, and typing polite, yet assertive, complaints in normal lower-case, instead of spitting out fiery scathing remarks in CAPITALS that will doubtless get them in a seizure, even while STEAM IS FRIGGIN’ HISSING OUT OF MY EARS!!!

~mad as a hatter~


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