All in the name of research.

I saw this in the “It’s True!” section on mX newspaper yesterday:

A systematic survey done by Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, of the University of Sydney, has found that belly button fluff consists mainly of clothing fibres and dead skin-cells.

Holy Macaroni!!! What an earthshaking, jawdropping, eyepopping news! No wonder he was awarded a much-deserved Ig Nobel Prize for it. Gosh, who woulda thunk it? Personally I’ve always thought it was made of some extra terrestrial matters from faraway galaxies, that were carried to Earth by bug-eyed aliens, or mysterious substances from the depth of the Bermuda Triangle that are promised to cure cancer, or at least a powerful potion concocted by the very Professor Snape straight from his dungeon at the Slytherin house.

For the love of fluff (!), how would anyone know that it was only fibres & skincells? This SYSTEMATIC SURVEY just boggles the mind, it does! I’m gonna keel over and faint right now from the sheer magnitude of it all. Please catch me.

~rose quartz~

PS: Apologies if this has grossed anyone out. 🙂 You have to understand, now and again I need this kind of light, entertaining fluff (pun intended) as a break from my other burdening tasks at hand, such as maintaining world peace, pulling Aussie troops from Iraq, and drafting the annual federal budget.


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