Kinda puts you off eating eggs.

Now this is some REAL news, unlike that belly button lint discovery:

A fully formed lizard found encased inside a chicken egg.

He said the gecko could have crawled into the chicken to feast on an embryo – and got stuck.

Didn’t you go eeewwwww at that? Dumbstruck? I bet. It must have been the weirdest thing we’ve heard in a long while and I’m getting all nauseated here.

Good thing we’ve been eating free-range eggs. But then does that make any difference? Surely chickens can’t prance around their “range” 24 hours a day. They still have to sleep right, and when they stay in one spot those yucky geckos can still… Bleeeaaahhh…

Think I may steer clear of eggs for a while now.


PS: Sorry for throwing yet even more stomach-churning news at your face. I promise next entry is gonna be all nice & pretty & flowery, stuff about rose & iris & strawberry. šŸ™‚ (Okay so that didn’t rhyme at all, how lame! Obviously I’m not made to be a rapper.)


2 thoughts on “Kinda puts you off eating eggs.

  1. I think I am more creeped out by the mans smile then the fact that a gecko went inside a chicken to have something to eat.

    Hey!, in Viet Nam you eat eggs with unborn baby duck/chickens for beer snacks!. Did you ever eat them?, the thought creeps me out more then a geko in my egg.

    Although, truth be told, I saw a photo of a cockroach on a sleeping mans foot, then developed a fear of my feet being uncovered in my sleep, now I am totally over it.

  2. haha, that was exactly what I thought. “What with the big grin? Aren’t you supposed to be grossed out?”

    Yeah truth be told, I used to be able to eat those eggs, but didn’t like them at all. Now I can’t. I agree with you, they’re gross! Oh well, food is an acquired taste. Like fish sauce, shrimp paste, mouldy cheese, smelly tofu, etc. Some things you just have to grow up with to understand i guess.

    OMG don’t tell me stories about cockroaches!!! I have a phobia. Serious. That’s the one thing I hate about hot humid weather. AARRGH!

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