So you can talk the talk

But can you walk the walk?

That’s the question I keep asking people, (and myself, especially since MCF was gone), secretly in my head, every time I hear them gush about helping a charity. I don’t mean to be cynical, everyone’s got their own preference when it comes to helping people less fortunate than themselves, within their own capability. What I actually mean is, “Do you really care?”

There’s still so much pain in this world, so much injustice, ignorance, hypocrisy. On one side there’s gross consumerism — people stressing out about how their books don’t match their sofas; people debating about getting the THIRD Xbox console because “OMG the other ones at home are soooo 2006!”; people agonising about whether they should fork out FIVE GRAND for a HANDBAG (!!!), or be “good” and wait til it’s on “sale”, reduced to a WHOPPING price of three thousand and four hundred dollars yay!

On the other side there are children LITERALLY living on a garbage pail. There are children getting beaten up on a daily basis. There are children trafficked from their homes and made to slave away in some hole of a warehouse sewing shoes for $200 A YEAR, so some spoilt kids on the other side of the ocean can sashay to their year-end Formals in those shoes and a matching (it has to be matching!) $1000 swishy designer dress that took, like, 2 whole months to search for, omgcanyoubelieveit!

I know life is never easy. But does it have to be so bloody damn cruel?

Anyway, enough with the rant, and the sneer. Today I’m telling you this, folks, kindly take yourself over to this site right now –> BLUE DRAGON Children’s Foundation, (or their main page here), and help the kids if you can, for as much, or as little, as you can.

Oh, and before you go, strap your heart together with some steel wire and also have super-glue ready just in case. And if anyone finds their eyes all misty reading Michael’s blog, let me know and I’ll be sure to pop a box of tissue in the mail for you, together with a warm hug (‘coz I have lots of those), a whoppee-cushion (‘coz you need a laugh), and a donation form (‘coz… do you even have to ask why?)

And I promise, once this crazy bead show is over and I’ve calmed down and taken a few good breaths, there’ll be some seriously cool fundraising get-togethers. And no, sorry, none of you is invited. You’re ALL FORCED TO JOIN! Mwahaha šŸ™‚

~tea two~

PS: I put off writing this until today because if it’d been posted 2 weeks ago right after I came across Blue Dragon’s website, it’d have been nothing but a weeping slobbering incoherent mess.


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