Chucking a sickie

I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow nor pick my butt off the mattress this morning, despite trying to exert about the same amount of energy into those tiny movements as required for running a marathon or climbing the Everest. (Okay so I may be clueless about how much energy is really needed for such grand activities, but let’s just agree that’s it’s A LOT, ok? Do you guys have to be so faultfind-y and nitpick-y and hairsplit-y?!! Ppptt.) In a moment of panic, I thought m’ had played a trick on me and poured cement on my head or superglued my butt to the bed, which would be very unlike that darling girl because she doesn’t play tricks on people, not like her 2 siblings *cough*. Which left me a bit puzzled until I realised that it was my muscles that have stopped working altogether. Including those in my eyelids.

Anyway, I have to be honest, when I said “this morning“, it wasn’t exactly the kind of “morning” as when other people say it, like “I went jogging this morning” or “I skipped breakie this morning running for the train” or “I went out this morning and saved the world then came back and you guys were still sleeping”, you know, the usual 7-o’clock kind of mornings. My “this morning” was in fact only about an hour ago, which makes it roughly 9.45am. Which means I slept in. Which means I chucked a sickie. Which in turn means I have a day off. Holy macaroni! ONE WHOLE DAY!!! What am I gonna do with myself in all that time? **CRASH** Don’t worry, that’s just me fainting.

Welllll, here’s a quick brainstorming of what I’ll need to do, in no particular order: laundry, vacuum, clean, tidy up, laundry, buy hinges for shower door, grocery shop, laundry, pay bills (UGH!), get a plumber to fix all the taps, go to bank, laundry, get a haircut, practise that new Bach etude/ terrorise the neighbours, cook REAL food, return books to the library and get some more. And did I mention laundry?

So. Before you all roll your eyes and risk remaining crossed-eyed forever should a wind blow past, let’s just be realistic and agree that if I manage to do just one thing on that never-ending list, (which of course has to be the laundry, couldn’t you guess?), it’d be a success. Because hey, don’t be so demanding!, this is the first day off I’ve had, EVER, in 3 long months. That’s 90 days. 12 weeks. A whole lot of hours! And I won’t mention how stressed out I am, coz I’m NOT a whingy whiny wimp, you see. I’ll just casually remark that last night I suddenly woke up at the ungodly hour of THREE AM, and couldn’t go back to sleep, feeling so hot and bothered, sick and exhausted, wretched and unhappy, plus a hundred other negative feelings, that it seemed like a REALLY good idea at the time to strip it all off and run around naked in our front yard. Do you think anyone’d have noticed? 🙂

Oh shoot! Or maybe that was exactly what I did? Then got back to sleep not remembering a thing? Maybe that’s why I’m so tired this morning? Ick! Geez, I don’t even remember now whether I washed my face an hour ago. I’m old! My memory’s leaving me. AARRGH!

Right, time to peel my butt off the chair and start with the list. LAUNDRY! *shriek*

~“We’re just ordinary people, we don’t know which way to go…”~


3 thoughts on “Chucking a sickie

  1. ha ha ha. I also slept in this morning, I think I got up around 11:10 am. I work all kinds of weird insane hours and my list of things to do is similar.

  2. I’ve never chucked a sickie before but, I have had the forces that be, chuck a sickie for me. You know the scar on my forehead?, I woke up 5am, with my mantra “I don’t want to go to work” so 6am comes by and my wish is granted.

    So a few stitches later, some x-rays and being told I can’t eat Chicken or Fish, I got my day off.

    So I know from now on, I know not to have mantras about not going to work. I caught myself one day “I don’t want to go back to work”, all of a sudden, bus is coming up behind me. I had to switch my mantra “I do want to go to work, I am going back to work right now!”

  3. ~ hi Dave,
    thanks for stopping by. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a nice relaxing day off. Who cares about the chores hey? Stuff the laundry, I say, and fish out unwashed clothes from the bin to wear to work the next day. =P

    ~ aww Jack, you poor thing! That incident with the scar is scary!! Yup, i remember reading about your friends saying there was someone else in the shower. hahaha :))
    How come no chicken or fish?
    Well, I don’t know. I’m a rather lucky person (or so i think), if I started with that mantra “I do want to go to work” i think the “power that be” would instantly grant me my wish and i’d never get to have another day off for the rest of my life!

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