Yes I’m NATURALLY skinny. Get over it!

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This is one topic I’ve always wanted to rant about but never seem to be bothered enough. Plus somehow I thought it’d sound a bit bitchy, which is not what I want on my blog. But well, today’s post on Mia Freedman’s blog just gave me the much needed boost, so here it goes, prepare your ears.

The thing is, I’m so sick and tired of people commenting on how skinny I am! I know many people mean it as a compliment but it’s worn rather thin**, really. Most of the time, I hate the envious / demeaning / accusative tone in their voice when they go “OMG but you’re TIIIIIINY! You’re a stick. Do you ever eat? ” I hate having to explain myself at questions like “Why do you need a gym membership? Your already a size 6.” I’ve had enough of the prevalent attitude that automatically, and one-sidedly, links “thin” to “anorexia”, of reading about “real women have curves”, of seeing book titles like “Skinny Bitch“, of hearing about little “body image surveys” that go: “Would you rather be 40 pounds overweight and smart, or skinny and stupid?” WTF? So all skinny people are “fake” and stupid??!

If I went around saying to someone “Geez you’re FAT! You’ve definitely put on weight. You should cut down on all those French fries. You must sign up for the gym” I’d be labeled rude, tactless, discriminating. And can you even imagine the furor that would erupt if someone was to write a book called “Fat Bitch”? So why do curvier people, ok let’s face it, curvier girls, think they can give themselves the right to spit those degrading remarks at my face? WHY? WHY?

The fact is, being Asian, I’m naturally thin. My metabolism is so fast, even compared to other Asians, that although I eat like a pig, weight just doesn’t seem to stick. I’m not anorexic or bulimic. It’s more a case of “In one way, out the other” like my aunties used to say. (Excuse the mental image!) What’s more, being active and healthy — a great habit instilled in us by our Mum, I also cop no ends of sneering and jeering about my lifestyle choices, like when it comes to food and exercising.

A long time ago I’ve learned to stop telling others, except my family & closest friends, about my struggle to put on some weight and KEEP IT ON, in a healthy way. How naive was I, thinking I’d get some sympathy? Instead all I got was the “You’ve gotta be kidding me” look, the one that seemed to say “Shut up you pompous twit, thousands of people are trying to lose that spare tyre around their waists and and here you are, whinging about being skinny“. But the truth is, people, just because my problem isn’t a common one, that doesn’t make it any less of a problem. If anything, it’s a tougher issue for slender girls because we get almost no support, be it physical or emotional, from others. Has anyone ever seen an ad promoting a weight gain scheme nowadays? I didn’t think so. (The above photo was actually an ad from 74 years ago!)

Some have pointed out to me that this appalling attitude only stems from jealousy. That in this image obsessed society, being skinny is so desirable that you’re targeted just because you have it without even trying. It is partly true. But to me it’s not just envy. It’s also ignorance, blatant hypocrisy, and lack of empathy. There’s no way to know when it will change. Let’s hope soon because otherwise, all this talk about “Real beauty – Healthy body image – Embrace the body you’re in!” campaigns are really nothing but a load of double-standard bullcrap!

So to speak up for other naturally slim girls, here are a few points to remember, folks:

1 ~ We don’t eat junk food because a/ we don’t like the greasy taste of it, just like how some people can’t stand the flavour of fish sauce or shrimp paste; and b/ it’s bad for your health, even if it doesn’t give us any extra cellulite on the outside, it still can clog our arteries and send our livers into panic mode. We DO feel guilty eating too much chocolate & cakes because our teeth also decay and we too risk developing diabetes the same way as everyone else.

2 ~ We exercise to stay healthy and NOT TO LOSE WEIGHT, so what about tying your eyebrows tightly to your nose so they won’t try and go up to meet your hairline, when we mention about our early morning jogs or our training sessions for a 10km run. (Which is not even a big run!)

3 ~ Stop telling us to eat more! We already do, thank you very much. And looking from an economic angle, all that grocery is costly! Granted we can enjoy whatever food we like. But having to eat 5 times a day so one doesn’t look like a walking skeleton in 2 weeks is NOT EASY. Also, I don’t know about other “slender sisters”, but I love veggies and have tried to keep a vegetarian diet, only to get a stern look from my doctor saying “You need at least one serve or red meat or fatty fish a day or your anaemia will get worse very quickly.” To put it simply, I have to eat food I don’t like to stay healthy. And it’s THE SAME problem as people who don’t like veggies have.

4 ~ If we lose weight, and this happens very easily (!), it could be anything from physical to mental to emotional stress — exam time, work deadlines, family issues, relationship problems, etc. So instead of automatically assuming that we’re rushing off to the bathroom to make ourselves throw up our dinner, what about genuinely pay attention and help us through the rough patch?

Anyway it’s getting late and I guess I’ve ranted enough. Although that wouldn’t stop me from adding more should any idea pop into my head later on ;). But for a future post, I promise to write a little informal guide for skinny girls who want to gain some curve, healthily. Stay tuned.

~stick-insect, and proud of it :)~

** NOTE: All puns are intentional, unless unintentional.


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  1. Thanks for being a representative, sis Tra! Being in a country with 60 percent of the population overweight and ALMOST everyone is on a 24/7 weight-concious mindset makes it PERFECTLY paranoid.

    • I completely understand! Everyday I get comments like “Why are you so skinny?” “You’re anorexic!” or “You are going to blow away when a big wind hits” but it is just not fair that curvier people can take all that sympathy and then be so mean to our faces! And it is so hard to find clothes (urggh, bathing suits…..) SKINNY PEOPLE UNITE!!!!!

  2. LOL, I can vouch for you on this matter. Imagine how bad it is hearing everyday from everyone: You’re fading away, or Don’t you ever eat?! As if everytime you have something you have to ring the bell for attention :>
    And I remember the last time I spoke to an inhouse dietitian, wanting to get some tips on how to put on weight. I got the sustagen advice, which, mind you, just hearing the name is enough to cause an awful taste in my mouth. You can try, see if you can keep it up 😀

    btw, it’s good to have met you finally 😉

  3. yes girls, i hear yah! should we have an Annual Skinny Girl Summit, you think? 🙂

    ~H., yeah, in a way the paranoia’s got into me, too. Ugh!

    ~ Jane, was lovely to meet you, too. We have to catch up again soon though, when you can squeeze some time out from your hectic schedule! Hope you’re getting enough sleep.

  4. hear hear!!!!

    I’m 32 and naturally thin (5ft 1, size6/8 and a c cup too!!!), I also teach girls in year 7 and 8 who quite often say ‘god miss you’re so skinny!!!’ it is insulting and a number of times I have told them so!! I wouldnt dream of turning around to a girl and saying ‘god you’re so fat!!!’

    I noticed ‘skinny muffins’ on sale in a shop cafe last year! so i said in a loud voice, ‘oh look they sell skinny muffins for fat people to eat’ just as a fat girl picked one up!!! I just couldnt help myself, sometimes i get really fed up of the comments and i often walk around the shops eating crisps and chocolate on purpose and then ask for something in a size 6!!!

    the next person that says god you’re so skinny to me, will get an unexpected response!!!

    • AMEN to you!
      Us naturally slim sexies gotta stand up for ourselves and each other yeah 😉
      While heaps of us remain polite and nice and sweet and think ohh but the fatter chicks are just jealous so they have a harder time so we shouldnt really be bitches and say anything to defend ourselves… well I (and clearly you) say different! Time we stood up for ourselves! If they dont hear our comebacks and cutting remarks theyll continue to do it- theyll continue to get bashed! they wont even know sometimes how much they offend us and how stupid and ignorant their comments are!

      power to us naturall slim sexy babes!

      Let our comebacks begin 😉

  5. Nothing wrong with being skinny. People that get on to you for being skinny are just jealous, I’m naturally skinny..5’8″ and 100lbs. Bitches are just jealous because all the fat chicks out there wanna be like us. 🙂

    • Thin Is IN…Fat Is Where It’s AT !!

      I agree , I have been thin my whole life, I’m 5’4 & 100 lbs, consumed 4000 calorie shakes daily, unfortionately, it didn’t help much, So I turned to weight lifting, 3 times a week for 15 minutes, results vary. I can actually say, I have notice a difference, muscle over bone, It took me about 6 months to see some kind of results, yes I’m still thin, but toned. I’m less critical of myself & have excepted me the way I am. Fat people are unhappy & have to put Us down to make themselves feel better, in so many ways they are Envious of US. If they don’t like what they see, Oh well…Deal With It !!

    • that’s really rude. yes, a lot of us are jealous (5’8 and 140) but i for one admire you. that’s great that you are able to maintain a figure like that even though i’ve wanted to all my life. i don’t believe i maintain an unhealthy lifestyle and don’t understand why i am where i am. we are not bitches. i haven’t had “junk food” in at least two years (by that i mean soda, mcdonalds, donuts, etc.) but the fat still stays. it just so happens that skinny is accepted by MEN in general probably. as a girl of my size, noone is ever going to be attracted to me just because of my looks. we have to exceed average to get a decent guy.

      • I think that anyone slighty larger of smaller would need exceed average to get a decent guy. I love this post, it’s really inspiring for me because I also am Asian and extremely annoyed of other calling me so skinny. I hate the double standard because it’s incredibally hypocritical. I kinda hate the ads that are saying embrace ur body (not curves, which are clearly aimed for curvier ppl so I don’t have anything against those) and then show *only* curvy ppl. That’s extremly insulting. i have never seen an ad like that with curvy, thin, and in between body types.

  6. hey thaks sis for standing up for that subject i mean im skinny and people tell me that all the time and yur right they may not mean it n a bad way but after awhile it gets on my nerves i feel like i have to be fat to be peoples friend i mean i eat alot

  7. geez, seriously! THANK YOU! 🙂 its so good seeing more ppl write about this!! I’m chinese and thin is sort of in the genes and really – what can you do about it? well ive accepted it and learnt to ENJOY it rather than go dwell on the nasty comments jealous ppl throw me. thanks heaps girl for taking this up! 🙂

  8. Awww, thanks girls! I’m glad there are so many others out there who can relate to this. 🙂
    I’ll be writing (read: whinging) a bit more about this some time soon.

  9. oh wow thank you sooo much! im skinny myself and i’ve had people tell me things like “omg you’re soo skinny,do you like ever eat”. its really annoying and i loved every single word of what you wrote here. it feels good to know your not alone. can’t wait to read more.. 🙂

  10. I am so glad that I’m not the only one who experiences the rude remarks of strangers. I mean really, would I walk up to a complete stranger and tell them how fat they are and that they really need to lose weight? NO! It’s their business and and their body. So thanks for speaking out for us naturally skinny girls. =)

  11. Thank God, somebody has said this! I’m naturally thin and eat like a horse, but I also lose alot of weight under stress, I am very conscious of looking underweight. People can be so cruel with their comments, esp. strangers. I just let it go in one ear and out the other. It just doesn’t really bother me anymore though I still don’t wear shorts skirts because I don’t think they look good. One thing at a time eh! I have gradually learned to become proud of my body, my mum was naturally thin when she was my age so I always have her to talk to if I feel anyway conscious about it. I also have learned that your true friends know you eat and don’t ever mention anything about weight and instead say, “I wish I had your gorgeous figure”, “You look like a model” etc.. It’s about time somebody stood up to all those jealous or “concerned about our weight” individual’s. The media meant well by trying to say it’s ok not to be thin and be curvy but instead created a backlash of cruelty towards the naturally thin/skinny people. Thanks so much for that post! It made me smile. 🙂 xxxxx

    • I’m skinny too, but recently i realized its not something i should worry about. my bmi is in the normal range, im not dangerously skinny, just the kind that gets made fun of by overweight people who want to make themselves feel better. Look at every person who makes fun of how skinny you are…you’ll notice that they’re all overweight. One of my friends, whose average weight, used to get at me the most for how skinny I was. I didn’t understand until I mentioned something about how weird it was when girls stressed over wanting to be skinny, and some other things, and she said that every girl was like that. And slowly, after a string of incidents after that, i realized that she thought she was fat. She said it sometimes too…It made me sad because she really isn’t, and now I just brush it off when she says anything, because I know shes far more insecure than I am. Some other friends who are definitely overweight also make fun of how I have “nothing but bones” but I really stopped caring lately, I used to cry about this sometimes, wishing I could gain a little, but now I’ve seen so many insecure overweight people I feel like I’m happier with my body than they are, because I can shower without crying, or feeling bad about myself. Though I still wish I could wear skinny jeans and not have to select clothes really carefully when shopping, I don’t care anymore…I know that THEY don’t know how hard being skinny is, and they’re actually jealous… so smile and remember that people would do ANYTHING for what you have. 🙂

  12. TQ 4 the post. Im a natural thin also and I fed up how ppl around me treat me. Once my uncle told me that how unlucky a man can be to have me as a wife just because im so thin. Almost everytime the ppl who give me a very cruel comment was someone who for me “not pretty” themselves either. sometimes i want to give them my piece of mind about themselves also…and its sure not a pretty good comment either!

    • Thnks natural thin for that comment. i my self am very skinny that my friends tell me that i cant be able to get a husband or i will never have kids. these have forced me to to use junk food and mayonnaise jst to add weight but am jst the same.those who say thz to me are thoz longing to cut weight bt they cant . though how much i lv my body i feel discouraged with peoples remarks and only pray that nothng wrong comes mah way wen am married

  13. Thank you for the post. I too am naturally thin (5ft 3, 100 pounds) and I am sick of all of the eyebrows and underlying tones that people throw my way. Right now I am trying to get health insurance and they want me to have all these tests done to make sure I’m not anorexic. The nurse I spoke to at the insurance company says that they have to take these precautions because I am very underweight according to the national BMI stats. It’s so stupid. I have weighed this much since high school and gone through the same things you spoke of pertaining to weight gain. I eat little meals all day long (can’t stand to eat big meals). But I eat “healthy”. Lots of fruit and vegetables. I don’t like sweets- I like salty and sour stuff. And I don’t eat a lot of greasy stuff and I can’t stand sodas. I just drink water. It’s what my body craves and loves. And now we are punished for being healthy, go figure. I am 32 now and I try to ignore all the nay sayers but it is still hard. And don’t get me started on trying to find clothes that fit me and that doesn’t look like I am shopping at the Limited too!

  14. Thank you!!!

    People just don’t understand how hard it is to be thin. You get teased and insulted all the time, while people who are overweight don’t get made fun of. A boy in gym called me a bony skank, people always talk about how frail i look and how they think they could break my arm. People ask me if i even eat. No one should be made fun of like i do! I’ve always been this way. I’m 13 years old, 5′ 1, and 75 lbs. I’ve tried so hard to gain weight but it’s just not happening. My mother is 5’3 and 106 lbs. She didn’t get over a 100 pounds until she got pregnant. It runs in my family. Hopefully your blog will change the world.

    love ya babe,

  15. So know what you mean! I have never put on weight, even though I eat just fine, and love sweet things. I eat healthy food, love salads and veggies and fruit, but also potatoes, rice, bread, pizza, ice cream, chocolate… name it. I’m a size 8, small breasts,(wouldn’t dream of a boob job cos I love my little breasts. Don’t care if men do or not.) ribs show when I stretch, you know….WHY? Dunno. I do lots of physical things only cos I have to, no choice,( living a 3rd world life in modern UK owing to lack of money. Have to fetch my own firewood, do heavy work physically. So maybe that’s why I don’t gain weight.) But I LOVE MY FOOD, and people are always saying I’m probably anorexic!!!!!

    I’d have been top chick in the 1920’s. Think about that. How absolutely idiotic fashion really is……Today cool chicks are one thing…..tomorrow another thing.

    And you know what? There are so many really fat people about, cos they are basically physically lazy, and now are we seeing a ‘sour-grapes’ thing going on about skinny people? (dissing anyone who isn’t ever so slightly OVERWEIGHT!!?) To make all those wannabe beached-whales feel comfortable about themselves and their lazy lifestyles? Because that’s what makes you FAT, eating too much crap and never doing exercise like we were intended to do as Human Creatures!!

  16. there is no fat or skinny just different i here were you guys are coming from but calling a person fat or skinny is both wrong but just dont look at it like fat or skinney just a person so if you see an overweight person still talk to them they could save your life 🙂

  17. THANK GOD.somebody finally saidit. i am natually skinny. im 5’8 and weigh 127. i get so many cruel jokes at my school about being skinny from the girls who have more meat on their bones. I dont say anything mean about them but they love to make stuupid comments about my body. it has gotten so bad that almost the whole entire highschool makes these inside jokes about me being skinny. for example they willcome around me and say stuff like “man im hungry” or “im so full”they say the full thing because they say that i never can get full, which i think is stupid cause i eat like a horse. i cannot go one day without going through this. i dont go to a big highschool.its only about 40 people in my graduating class. but the fact that it is so small its so easy for jokes and inside jokes to be carried around so fast. everyday someone has something to say about my weight. im trying to let it slide but its hard. it is so tough to gain weight and people dont realize that. so thank you so much for talking about this, it brighten up my day.

  18. Thanks for all your comments girls! I guess the more people hear us whinge, the better. Hopefully it’ll get through to their (image obsessed) brain soon! I’d say be proud of our body the way it is. As long as we know we’re healthy. That’s all that matters.

    ~ Marissa,
    I totally agree with you about us being just different. And nope, I don’t think any of us skinny girls really do go around saying nasty things to a curvier girl’s face. Yet somehow some people feel it’s ok to make snide comments about our weight (or lack of it) right to our face. Talking down anyone based merely on their look is just plainly unacceptable.

  19. im naturally skinny and i absolutly HATE IT !
    i never used to hate it, i woz proud all untill i started a new scool wer a lot of people made horrible comments, such as omg ur soo thin its sick ! Get sum meat on yer! Look how skinny she is.. shes anarexic ! dont you eat anything !

    I really hate it and its got me down loads. i keep trying to put on weight but it just doesn;t work, I eat loads aswell. I also hate wearing strap tops and short skirts as i get consious as i feel im too skinny and i dont want any bad comments of people.

    i really need to gain my confidance but i just dont now how ! how did you guys do it?


  20. I too am naturally skinny and I get comments all the time from people about my “chicken legs”, “stick insect” body, skinny arms. I always cover up as I’m so embarrassed about my thin body.
    There was a time when I was proud of being naturally skinny but after high school and working in the big bad world, and meeting all the mean nasty people out there, I’ve sadly learnt to despise my body.
    I eat normal meals – 3 times per day with snacks in between, and yet I’ve been the same weight most of my life. I joined the gym last week after not having joined one in years (due to fear of losing anymore weight!). The first thing they told me was that I’m underweight! I told them that I am naturally thin and I eat normal. My main aim now is to tone up and become healthier. I also need to surround myself with people who understand what I’m going through to keep myself from going insane trying to fit into other people’s standards.
    I guess the best thing is to stop trying to please others and just try to please yourself and do what’s good for you. Be healthy and be strong!
    Btw, I love all of you who commented on this issue and would be so cool to meet you all someday, somehow! 🙂
    Peace out~

  21. Hi Im a guy and I have the same problem fast metabolism grrr! Im 17 and its still so fast, I eat loads! yet.. pffft it goes so fast, ayway thank you for relating, and to all the other girls who commented, 🙂 x

  22. Thank you for your post! You have said so many things that I have thought, but you have put them elegantly without sacrificing truth. I am a naturally skinny girl myself, I got my fast metabolism from my dad who is also naturally skinny. I have been living a sedentary lifestyle lately due to moving from an active college life to the 9-5 work life. In an effort to get healthier I have been bringing salads and fruit to work for lunch. Everyone looks at me like I am devil spawn when they see me eating these things. I think they may suspect I am on a “diet” and sneer at me and I have to assure them I am NOT. A skinny person can never admit to going to the gym or to eating healthy. It’s like other people REALLY want us to be overweight so we can share the same struggles that they do. But I cannot gain that much weight. I can gain and loose 5 pounds easily, but that still puts me at a size 2! That’s another gripe I have. I do not have the curviest figure and can never find pants that fit! I cannot shop at stores that my friends shop at because all the pants are too BIG. Overweight people complain about not being able to shop in mainstream stores, well neither can I. I have to shop in the junior section and still only 1/4 of what they have fits me. Well, that was my rant. Maybe if society didn’t size clothing to make everyone feel better than people would be thinner! Thanks again for yours!

  23. Hey, just to let you know, when someone says “gee, you’re so skinny, thin, etc…it is meant as a compliment. I have NEVER heard anyone say “oh Lisa I wish I was fat like you!” Just doesn’t happen. If you don’t want people to tell you to gain weight by eating unhealthily or to stop exercising, etc…then don’t tell them about it. I don’t talk to thin people about my weight loss problems, so maybe you should get a clue and not tell people who aren’t “naturally thin” about your weight ganing problems. I understand that it is just as hard for you to gain weight as it is for me to lose wight, but seriously, youv’e got the body that most women in the world want, so why not just be happy with it. You have NO CLUE how hard it is to be fat and be ignored in every aspect of your life because you are that way! And honestly, I would take offense if you said to me “Gee you are really plump, fat, etc” because would mean it to be cruel not looking at me and longing to look like me. Ge off your soap box and enjoy being “naturally thin”!

    • I do not tell people about my weight problems. They bring it up to me. Thats what we have been trying to say here. We do not go up to people and complain about being skinny, random people walk up to us and say God you are soooo skinny eat something!!!! You have no clue what its like to be skinny and looked at as lower. The only time I have complained about it is on here because people understand on here.

    • I don’t really think that you understand where we are coming from. I am 5’4″ and 97 lbs, and I probably take a lot more garbage from people that you think. Nobody goes up to people and calls them fat because it is cruel. They need to apply this to skinny girls as well. I found the most beautiful dress, only to find that the smallest size they had was a 3. People just say, “This store is made for bigger girls, they don’t think small people will shop here.” But it seems that EVERY STORE thinks that the skinny girls shop somewhere else. What am I supposed to wear, six-year-old’s clothing? People that I don’t know have asked me if I was anorexic, told me to be careful showering because I would wash down the drain, if I turn sideways I will disappear, etc. I am ignored all of the time because I am skinny, so don’t you tell me that I do not understand. Nobody wants to have to put down a pair of size 0 skinny jeans because they are too big! I have only ever found ONE pair of pants that fit properly, but it was a defective pair with the holes for my feet to go through sewn too tight and they didn’t have any more left. I will go and enjoy not being able to wear anything. Seriously, they have entire stores devoted to plus sized clothing, but if they made a store with 00 styles people would complain that they were trying to start up eating disorders. I can’t ever be a model because everybody thinks that I have an eating disorder and they wouldn’t be able to hire me. SHUT UP about how hard it is to be fat, because unless you were born that way, you could have made healthier choices. I will NEVER be able to change the way that I look, and no amount of cheeseburgers are going to help me. The next person that makes a skinny comment to me is going to get ranted at, granted that I don’t start crying in the middle of my speech. IT IS NOT A COMPLIMENT!!!

      • I know exactly what you’re going through! I am a 36-yr old mother of two beautiful children and a devoted wife of 11 yrs. I am blessed with a family who doesn’t care about my physique but for who I am as a person. I have been ridiculed of my size for YEARS!!! From childhood through present. I even weight lift and still get the stares, points, whispers, you name it! It’s like, COME ON folks, don’t have something better else to do than to waste time making someone feel like crap. I would have my ups and downs, but mostly downs especially when someone makes a comment about my size.I recently had a stranger make a comment about my ankles to his partner last month; In know he was talking about me (trying to be all discreet—-what a fool!) for he had made a small ring symbol to his partner indicating how small my ankles were—GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK! I swear, sometimes I feel like an alien to the world just for being naturally thin. Thanks for letting me vent:) We are all in this together!

      • Thank you so much 🙂 Girls in the locker room poke my ribs and pine, and i can’t wear my favorite skirt because you can see my hip bones in it due to the stretch fabric.

      • god, i have absolutely no idea if you’re still here 4 years on, but i love you! i love all you girls. i feel so alone right now, i wish i could just have a gathering with you all, with people who understand why the hell i’m in therapy right now for something that some very cruel girls did to me when i was 15 just because i’m skinnier than them.

      • okay wait hahaha you didn’t post 4 years ago! i just read some comments that were from ’08 and assumed this thread was left in the dark. you posted in may, which is great! again, thank you for all you’ve said.

  24. I am another naturally skinny gal who eats like a horse. Lisa, I gathered from Amy’s piece that she doesn’t got around complaining about being under weight. Given our society’s issues around weight, that would be very insensitive, and I don’t get that impression about Amy. Obviously it is hard being overweight when the world looks down on that. But it can sometimes be a pain being thin. I can easily loose ten pounds if I get sick, and since I only weigh a hundred pounds to start with, it gets scary quickly.
    Being very slender has, for me, made me all the more aware of the battles that many women have with their weight. I see a lot of women who eat a lot less than I do and weigh a lot more, so I am always aware that metabolism is luck of the draw, and none of us are in a position to judge anybody else about body size.

  25. hi Gwen, thank you so much for that. You spoke my mind. 🙂

    Lisa, thanks for commenting too. It’s nice to hear opinions from all sides.
    My point is, everyone has their own struggle, and yet everyone is beautiful in their own weight. What matters is if they’re healthy.
    I don’t go around complaining about struggling to gain weight, it’d be insensitive and I know sometimes people just don’t get it. That’s why I put together this “private” rant. Also, I do love my body as it is, non-existent boobs and all. Because I know I’m healthy. I eat a lot, but healthily, and I exercise regularly. I guess that’s the good thing with growing old(er). You accept who you are and become more comfortable in your own skin.

    peace 🙂

  26. Its like you took that straight out of my brain! Well except for the asian part, but still. Being 5’8″ and 115 lbs I am constantly accused of having an eating disorder it is sooo annoying!
    Once my dads boss told me I looked like I had just come from Auschwitz. I wanted to respond by saying “yea well you look like you just came from the buffet” but I didn’t want to get my dad fired. =)

    • I got the same response before, I’m 16 and 5’3 100 lb. and people in highschool say I look like an abused Jew. (randomly) Due to how “scrawny” I look, and I most likely eat more than they do. I NEVER tell people or complain about my struggles because I KNOW they’ll look at me like I’m crazy…

  27. Hi, I just had to add to a comment….
    I’m 27 size 6 and have been that size all my life, even after having my baby. During pregnancy I was size 8-10, but I left the hospital in my size 6-8 jeans.
    I have no stretchmarks and no cellulite, no special effort, it’s just the way I am.
    I too am sick and tired of all this don’t you eat? What do you eat? How do you stay so skinny? It’s really offensive and down right rude.
    I don’t particularly work out, but I do eat well. My diet is also naturally high in proteins.
    My ultimate gripe is shops. The all have a display size 6-8 in the window, but nothing of that size on the shop floor.
    Somebody please tell me what is the point?
    If there were shops full of smaller clothes, would that not be discriminatory to fat people?
    When this happens now, I ask to speak directly to the store manager. It’s completely unacceptable false marketing. If they sell size 12-18, they should have size 12-18 clothes displayed in the window in their full size, not pinned back to make it look size 6. Smaller people have feelings too and it’s by time they realised that constantly being told to shop on-line is demeaning. Not being able to find anything that fits is awful. And Pettite does not mean short. I’m 5’1, but even on me the sleeves are always too short and the trouser legs swing high above my ankles.
    People don’t realise what a pain it can be to be slim and have your weight drop off so quickly.
    Some days when I put on my jeans I think shit, I’m having a thin day, better eat extra. My weight doesn’t bother me most of the time because I know I’m doing things as any other normal person would. I take vitamin sups and I eat well. But on a thin day when my jeans are loose, I do initially feel a bit embarrassed.
    I did go to see my doctor about it once and after alot of tests he told me that I am just in energy balance. That means my body naturally controls it’s own weight. No point trying to fight it girls. Enjoy it, you are beautiful x

  28. Thank you! Finally some else who thinks that the real women have curves ideal is ludicrous. I am underweight but not petite, 5’11 112 punds, people gawk at me in a bathing suit. I have had people take me aside and talk to me privately about me ‘issue’, or do i need ‘help’, its hard because in real life the supermodel ideal doesnt exist.

  29. I finally found people I can relate to! Im 5’8 and border line 100 pounds..ive been getting shit for so long about my size. But now that i think about i’m blessed.

  30. Hey,

    Ive been affected by the same stuff.
    Im half asian, and i have a fast metabolisim.
    at school, people are like
    “your so skinny!”
    “omg, your like a stick!”
    i even got asked once, if i spew up my food on a regular basis.
    i mean, these people have no mentality!

    i bring healthy food to lunch, and i get weird looks from people.
    i also exercise regularly, and i get discrimitated for trying to be healthy.
    i used to just eat whatever i wanted, and do no excerise, and yet i didnt gain weight.
    but then i read somewhere
    “a curvy girl that eats right and exercises, is healthier than a natuarlly skinny girl who eats bad food and exercises poorly.”
    this opened my eyes, and ive tried to introduce healthy habits into my lifestyle,
    only to be shut down by my peers and friends.
    i mean wtf!

    im 15, 5’10 and weigh 57kgs.
    im a normall weight for my age, and yet, the stupid cmnts just keep on coming.
    i even have aunts and uncles who are particually large, coming up and saying! wow, your a stick! you so thin!
    it hurts, to be told that by family.

    the comments are made even worse, by the fact that i do part time modelling. I live in a small town, and i modell in a small town. Just community fundraiser fashion shows and things like that. ever since i started, ive been labelled anorexic, bullimic etc. all because im naturally thin.
    Im just as normall as the next girl,
    so why do i get targeted?
    its stupid – maybe they just want to scream it out cause their jealous or have a low self esteem, but either way –
    its down right idiotic.

    people who have commented have asked, how do you gain your self esteem?
    i just ignore it, but i do get really irritated easily when someone makes a comment.
    i just say to myself
    – i know the truth about myself,
    its who i am.

    well – i feel better after blabbing on…
    anyone else?

    ps. thanks for posting the blog :]

  31. Wow…I can def. relate to everyone here. I’m 16, 5’6” 105 pds and you do not know how much I hate it. At school, I get comments all the time. This boy once called me an “Anorexic bitch” and that hurt me a lot. My mom called me stupid because she asked me why I care so much about what other people think. I cry a lot because I would love to be curvier, but you know what, there’s nothing I can do about it. I eat all the time and my family and best friends know that. That’s all that matters. When people make skinny comments, I guess they don’t realize that it hurts. I would never make a comment on how someone looks because it’s none of my business.
    Everyone here should embrace themselves!
    I’m trying to :]

  32. Yayy! I can rant without being laughed at!! I’m 5’4″ 110lbs and it can really suck sometimes. I actually like my body. I can fit through tiny spaces, I can get piggy back rides, and I don’t get nervous when I get in elevators, lol. I even got worried and went to my doctor who said I was perfectly healthy. I don’t even think of myself as skinny until somebody wants to ruin my mood with a “compliment” like “Oh, your so tiny and cute!”, like I’m a puppy, I’m 23 yrs old, I don’t want to be cute! Or the lies like “You’re so lucky, I wish I could wear that, but my hips and chest would never fit” as if they would honestly trade in their curves for my ribcage…cheap shot. I can soo relate to the mood weight changes. My senior year of college exams, I went from 120 to 105lbs in an instant.

    I’m learning to embrace my size again, but I just recently went through a faze of trying to gain weight. People can make it seem so easy, but I have to triple my caloric intake to gain 10 lbs! I’m a pig! How many more meals can you eat in a day? I’ll have to cut out sleep just to get the extra calories, lol. So instead of cleaning out my parents refrigerator or pumping myself with protein shakes and Big Macs, I decided to just be my healthiest self. Ive been eating healthy (which I like doing anyway, I hate fast food too)and exercising daily. I might always be skinny, but I look pretty good when I’m toned. Otherwise, I just end up looking sick. This past summer, I actually wore shorts, which I never even bought before. I’m still working on the short skirt thing. My legs look like table legs with a tablecloth draped over it…eew.

  33. Right, im soo glad you ahve brought this up. I am 15, i weigh 6 stone, and you knwo what? i LOVE IT. Listen up all you naturally skinny girls! We are very lucky!!! I went to the doctors today and he told me that i was healthy and normal, he said im lucky ot be so natually skinny, and i am! i have whats called brown fat, this is what babies have but usealy it all goes before the age of 5. Now i still have mine, and what happens is when i eat fatty foods or calories, they ll go into the patches of brown fat and get dissolved, this is why all naturally skinny girls dont put on weight and IT ROCKS! Be proud of your bods’ girls 🙂 people who put you down are just jealous, i always used to get bullied, and still do becuz im so skinny, but they;re just jealous bcuz they put on weight when they eat and i dont, i guess im just one of the few lucky ones.

    Listen up al you natural skinnies just HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH and smile, because you are in actual fact, extremley lucky!!!! :):):) xxx

  34. hey yeah i know how it is strangers always saying to you my god you are so skinny there is nothing of ya or your soooo tiny and i guess in there tiny brains they dont realise that just because people who are naturally skinny must be Anorexic and the truth is we are not we are just naturally skinny!! i am 18 yrs old and a size 6 and i hate being skinny .i have once being asked by a girl in my high school are you anorexic? it makes me feel ugly and i am sick and tired of guys saying how they would hate to be with a skinny girl and how they think its disgusting it makes me feel bad about my body and why would anyone want to be with someone as skinny as me?! i am also sick of fat people making comments its not like i am gunna say my god how many pasties did you eat today you look like you have put on a stone! i wish i had curves but my body aint built that way so i just wanna say to everyone stuff them just because they are parinoid about their own weight and try to put you down just turn around and say thankyou i have a great figure and dont i know it and remember we are all different. it annoys me how people who are bigger than you think they have a right to lecture you on how to eat when they are the ones who need the lecture. Thanks for posting this blog it makes me feel so much better that there is people out there who feel the same way as i do and i also just wanna say to everyone it doesnt matter about what you look like it is who you are at the end of the day that counts and if anyone thinks they can bully you because you are naturally thin just remember it is all out of jelousy because thay are the ones with bigger body issues than you and you are built how you are intented and your build is determined by ur genes not by you so it isnt your fault xx

  35. Thank you! im glad to hear someone thats passionate about this! Im sick and tired of being told im too thin. especially at work; it’s extremely aggravating especially since im not even THAT thin. im 17 years old, 5’7″ and 110. Im healthy and i was a gymnast for 10 years so ive got a lot of muscle. Its irritating to be ridiculed by other people for something that i cannot control. complete strangers will come up to me and say “omg you dont have one ounce of fat on your body” or “Wow, you need to get some meat on your bones”, or will just tell me to eat a cheesburger or something completely ridiculous. At my school blood drive you have to weigh atleast 110, and even though i do, they almost didn’t let me donate. actual nurses were seriously telling me that the scale must be messed up cause “theres no way im 110.” so god damn ridiculous.

  36. Ugh… I hear ya girls. It’s not the comments that really bother me. It’s the fact that I can not find a single pair of jeans. The smallest any store has is a 33″ hip.
    A heart disease called Marfan Syndrome runs in my family, and it’s not really that bad. You just have to watch your heart and make sure nothing’s going on. People who have Marfan Syndrome are really tall, and really skinny. Heck, I’m 15 and I’ve need a 30″ hip and a 36″ inseam. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s severely frustrating when they have “tall” and “petite.” I’M FREAKING BOTH!

  37. Practically everyone is vehemently against anyone who is a size 0 regardless of the reasons why. I find it very hurtful that so many people say “I would hate to be a size 0, thats disgusting”, “size 0 is so unattractive” “no men like size 0 women”. That makes me feel bad about myself. Yet if someone said this about an overweight girl they would be looked at as cruel. I eat a normal amount (about 2000 calories everyday) and exercise about 4 days a week (to get more muscle mass and just be healthy). I never restrict my diet and I can honestly eat whatever I want but I happen to like foods that are generially healthier (although I do have a sweet tooth). My doctor says I’m healthy. I am 5’4 and 105 pounds. I have always been the smallest in class since pre-school. I cannot control my genes people! I am healthy and I happen to be a size 0 or a small 2. What is wrong with that?? Some stores have a size 0 that is too big for me. I feel comfortable in my body, I was not meant to be any bigger. I am so sick of people saying “eat something!”. I would never talk to an overweight person about her body that way that people talk to me about my body.

    • hi girls,

      Thanks so much to all of you who came and joined in with my whinge. Here I am sending virtual hugs your way. xxx

      Seems like it’s still gonna be a long time before this kind of prejudice changes. At the moment it’s still all about skinny bashing. To the point that people deliberately cheer on obesity –while claiming “diversity”! – just to prove that they don’t conform to the beauty/fashion industry’s standard of skinny models.

      I’ve tried to ignore those catty remarks but at times it’s simply too hard to do. The other day someone on another forum “casually” threw this in one of her comments: “I’m so sick of another size 6 preying mantis” (size 6 in Aus is the same as 0 in the US), and I so wanted to reach over through cyber space and smack her really hard in the face!

  38. im 14 years old and im naturally skinny!
    it really sucks when my classmates tease me
    about my size! they’re constantly asking me if
    i eat enough! its hard to ignore it and it furstrates me!
    i cant help it if i was born this way!
    it makes me so frustrated ESPECIALLY when they
    underestimate me by thinking that
    just because im skinny they think that im not strong
    but now i dont feel soo lonely so thank you!

    that just made my day 😀

  39. thankyou! i thought i was the only one who felt like this! my friends say things like “omg ure tiny” and “u havent enough decent grab on you!” all the time…doesnt make me feel like a woman 😦 they most probably do say it meaning “i want to be like you” but they say it in such a nasty way…and its insulting! if i were to say to them “omg look ure huge!” or “you have far to much flab on you!” they would be so insulted…but its ok for them i gusse 😦 x

  40. I agree for the most part, and I’m so glad that someone finally made a point of it.

    I’m 5’8″ at 105-108 lbs, wear a size 0-2 US, or size 25 european and I’ve been accused of having all sorts of eating disorders by my peers which is very rude and annoying!

    I don’t exercise, but I dance to music when I’m home and I walk, and move around as much as possible.

    I eat until I’m full, and I never stuff myself, since I hate feeling sick and bloated. Extra food can always be saved for tomorrow’s leftovers.

    I eat out a few times a month, but I make most of my meals at home (because it’s cheaper, and healthier!) and eat lots of whole grains, and dark greens and vegetables, and I hardly ever eat meat since I was raised vegetarian anyway.

    And you’re totally right about how we are when we’re stressed. In fact, depending on how stressed I am, sometimes I lose my appetite entirely and I have to force myself to eat my regular meals.

    Thanks so much for putting a word out there for us thin girls 🙂

  41. Hi! I find it hard to believe that people can stay skinny no matter what. Have you ever tried to stay in your sofa all day eating constantly? In more than one day? I doubt it, but of course nothing I recommend either. You just have another relashionship to food…And that is perfeclty fine. Understand me right, you schould not do anything in order to please others.. That message is to all of you out there! I just want to say one more thing, that I have had serious eating disorders (underweight(ano..) then binge eating). So I have been in a lot of weight-situations and know a lot about it, and it is a lot worse beeing judged as a huge person. I guess that is no comfort, but most people judging you, are just jealous. =)

    xx big girl (but MOST IMPORTANTLY, with healthy body image and to food)

    (sorry for bad english, i am from europe)

  42. I can 100% relate to this. I am so glad that i found this! I thought i was the only one! haha
    I am 18 years old around 5’6 or 5’7 …98 pounds…oh and 34 C cup.

    YES i know my BMI is DEF underweight…but i cant help it! I’ve lived with it all my life …people always telling me to
    “eat something!”
    “you make me sick”
    “do you eat?”

    and its random people off the street!! RUDE! and i hate it when people call me anorexic because i have C’s….you loose your boobs when you vom…i dont vom….ew….then if i try to go to the gym to run or gain some kind of muscle mass….people are like why are you even in here?

    and i have ALWAYS said that if i walked up to a person and said “OMG YOUR SO FAT!” that would not fly…..people would be like aww thats so mean!! its just as hurtful to us too…ive come home so many times and cried my eyes out..

    If im out somewhere People always stare at me like i have two heads or something.

    True story: some RANDOM freaking woman at the grocery store went up to my mom and said “is that skinny girl yours?! does she eat!???” my mom said “yes” then shes said “OH youve SEEN her eat!!?” like dead serious…..

    Now im not saying that there is anything wring with bigger people but..the little ones need love too =)

    To Lisa i can GUARANTEE i have heard more comments TO MY FACE about my body then someone who is a little bigger has. and “eat something” doesn’t sound like a complement to me.

    Thanks for posting this! =)

  43. Woo! Thank you so much. I have horrible self-esteem for being so damn thin (my bone structure and everything). I get excited when I gain 5 pounds and I get angry when people comment on me being skinny. I suppose it s a good thing but I haven;t found it to be…

    Anyways, its good to hear I’m not alone.

  44. I’m so glad I came across this! I’m 22, 5’6 around 108lbs. I’ve been vegetarian since I was 7 and my brothers are both slim so it runs in the family. I’ve always been skinny (tiny frame) and I never became aware of it as a bad thing until high school when people started commenting on my weight. Since then, i’ve always had problems with my confidence and self esteem. I always wear baggy clothes to cover up my bones, I’m paranoid about my knees so I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses (even though i’d love to).. my friend once said I had “chicken legs”.
    I work in a shop so I’m stood up all day and do a lot of running around and exercise, so I feel like everything I eat just gets burned off in seconds. A guy I work with is constantly putting me down about my weight.. he says “I don’t know how you stand on those legs, you’re so skinny” and “Your wrists are so bony”..he even says things like “I like curvy women..”… everything i’m not. It’s really insulting and even if said in jest or as a joke, I find it hurtful. Most people even hug me as if i’m about to snap! Anyhow, I’m glad I read this.. at least i’m not the only one!

  45. Hi Everyone,

    This post is great! I am like many of you girls 24 years old and 5’7, 108 lbs! I have been teased since I was 12 about my weight and now I work in a very business oriented environment and I still get comments from woman that are in their 40s and 50s! I hate it! I watch all these shows on tv about how big is sexy and men don’t want small women! It really hurts, my husband tells me all the time that he loves me the way I am and always has, but its the stares that I get and the snickers at the gym! I just wish that people would understand and not be soooo cruel! Any tips on how to comment back to the rude things people say without sounding like a whining biatch!

  46. Great post. I have thought many of those same things. The big problem is the double standard. We are told that women should embrace themselves the way they are, yet the preference is skewed towards being heavier. It is definitely a backlash of sorts against skinny people caused by the epidemic of obesity. In trying to raise the self esteem of heavier women, society has begun to discriminate against those who are naturally thin. I wear a size 0,1,XS, or S (US), but a US 6 from the 1970’s fits me. Clothing sizes have obviously been changed.

    A suggestion as a way to react when someone comments on your weight; Act proud of it! Firstly, it destroys their idea that you are anorexic, because anorexic girls are never happy with how they look. They are always trying to get skinnier and skinnier. If you respond with a big smile and say “Thanks, I really won the genetic lottery”, they will not have anything to say back.

    This is something I’ve been doing for years. Whenever someone asks how I stay so thin, I reply, in a complete deadpan, “Bulimia”. Or, when someone sees me eat and asks how I stay so thin, I say “Oh, I’m going to throw this up in a minute”. Then, as they look shocked, I start laughing at them, since they obviously didn’t get the joke. It turns the tables on them.

  47. Wow! I’m so glad that I’m not the only one experiencing these rants about being way to thin. I’m tried of people calling me ” Anna-rexic ” ( get it .. my name in it )
    It’s just seriously annoying, can’t people understand yes i eat, no i do not vomit my food, nor do i wish i to. I’m naturally skinny, and I don’t need you’re comments on how thin I am, and I seriously do not need people to question my eating habits.
    Even my friends consider me skinny, like I’d be so cautious of what I wear. For instant I’m 14 years old graduating from secondary school, and I need to find a dress. I hate the stares I get when I try on dresses, sure I’m thin and its hard to find clothing to suit my body. Yes i have curves and thats what makes it hard, IM NOT A RECTANGLE SHAPED SKINNY GIRL, and its when people stare. Or comment how I’m so lucky to be this thin, Yes i love my body, but sometimes i wish i can just add on those few pounds. For all the people who don’t know my I eat, probably more than an adverage person, but I just simply can’t add on those few pounds and its sicken. I was visiting a high school, and I’ hear all these highschool girls snickering me about my weight. ” skinny bitch” Yeah im skinny, but their the bitches for commenting on my weight. Society giving way to much pressure for people these days to obtain what society considers beautiful. If skinny people were soo pretty in the media’s eyes why are we still judge?
    I can’t stand it and esepically, going off to high school, more of these comments will be made! IM TRIED OF IT, GIVE ME A REST>

  48. Hi girls, I’m actually a boy and I really want to say what’s inside me else I’ll explode :p . First thx for this thread because really the comments in here are telling what exactly im living through. I’m 17, 178 cm tall 53 kgs weight (5’9, 116 pounds). I am naturally skinny and i have never thought in that way, i always thought of my body as a normal one but it’s always about what others think about me and their flying comments that even makes me lose my self-confidence and be ashamed of my body. I always get comments like “bone/stick guy” and “doesn’t they feed at home…and many that you know of. It’s not my fault that i have been a skinny person for almost my entire life,though I admit that i dont eat too many but sometimes i eat till i cant take it anymore. tbh I dont like being skinny and i want to be fit because buying clothes always makes me feel bad about myself for not finding the sizes that suits me, and my friends who always consider me a weaker or lower guy but its like telling fat people to lose half their weight as its the opposite in my case. I am really glad for saying all that and i feel better now. Just reading through these comments really made my dax. I’ll no longer be ashamed of myself…

  49. I am naturally skinny as you can be. I have been my entire life, (i’m 15 and wear a size 0-1). Its not as bad as it used to be but people I didn’t even know what tell me on the streets, “EAT SOMETHING!” Often times I was eating ice-cream or something right there in front of them. Are they blind? I love everybody’s bodies, I don’t judge about weight…so why should they judge mine and call me anorexic? I don’t call overweight girls fat, and I’m actually 105 pounds and 5’9”. there are a lot of girls in my grade who are only 90 pounds yet claim I’m anorexic.

    It’s pretty stupid, but its good to see I’m not alone <3'

    There's nothing wrong with being naturally size 0, and especially because I eat every hour.

  50. great site. I am a guy who was skinny all through high school and I got all those unsolicited skinny remarks about being a tree, etc., etc. As a guy who really likes super skinny girls I hear from them how much unwanted comments on their body they get all the time, fat people telling them to eat and eat. My girlfriend, she’s very tall and 39 kilos. Smoking hot, nice collar and rib bones under tight skin. Super healthy, works out with me all the time. When people tell her to eat she says to them that her boyfriend does not like girls who eat too much, which always put the attentioin uncomfortably back on the person who is offering the unwanted opinion. IF they ask me about her weight I just ask them if they would like to see my bruises. We love messing with these people. Anyway, skinny girls are hot and healthy, which is why we guys love em. Great blog. Keep up the good support for the skinny people out there.

  51. I’m so glad I found this website!!! I’m a 22 year old black woman I’m 5’4 and 122 pounds. I’m so tired of people calling me skinny and saying things like ” do u eat” or ” your too skinny to be a black girl ” I think I’m beautiful and most others do too but it hurts when people say no man will ever want u because your too skinny. I have an amazing personality and I’m about to graduate from a university. Hopefully one day god will put a wonderful man in my life. Skinny people are fabolous!!!

  52. i love this post! it definately gave me more confidence because i too, and 5’8 and am 103 pounds and it sucks! but my doctor said im one of her healthiest teens! i eat a lottttt and am on my schools track and cross country team! NATURALLY SKINNY GIRLS UNITE! :DD
    sorry, that last line was stupid but im really happy that there are people out there just like me

  53. This is a HUGE breath of fresh air. Honestly, it is completley frustrating how society today is so obssesed with weight in general. People have completley forgotten that it is NORMAL to be naturally thin because so many people are consumed with obesity and loosing weight. In fact, I believe it is even more difficult for a person trying to gain weight. Personally, I have been naturally underweight ALL of my life.. from the time I was a baby. People who have known me for a long time have accepted that this is who I am, because I have always been this way. However, there are many ignorant people in the world who you run across and make rude comments asking if you ever eat or assume that you have some sort of eating disorder. Whats even more annoying is when people tell you to ” Just Eat ” .. when in reality I know for a fact I eat way more than some of my heavier friends and never gain a pound. Through dealing with this I have realized that there are many other people like me out there and that being naturally thin IS normal and this has helped me to accept myself more.

  54. THANK YOU!!

    I’m so happy to know im not the only person with this problem, no one sympathizes with us naturally skinny people. I eat alll the time and the only thing i hear from girls is “im so jealous i wish i could eat like that!” well itd be nice is just for once i didnt have to eat my weight in food just to avoid losing pounds. Im tired of people saying tha im anorexic, because i eat more then the majority of people i know.
    I hate going shopping also nowadays, because with the majority of people being overweight, finding clothes has been harder then ever. I know i have to accept that im a size 0, i just wish other people coudl accept it without giving me the “gain weight” talk


    Thank you!! Thank you!

    I have a profile on a website that i put pictures up on and people are so rude about my being thin…..i dont even get what the big deal is???

    I was in a dance class once for ballet and the teacher asked me why i was so thin??

    Well becasue i just am…i eat loads i am vegetarian but i eat bread pizza and sweets and salad and everything!

    But i am still very skinny!

    I am so sick of all the comments.

    I know lots of heavier girls who DO starve themselves and are very unhealthy for doing so.

    I am sorry that people who are bigger feel bad but that is nothing to do with me.It is really weird the way society is obsessed with weight i never think about being thin i just am that way.

    Being skinny is beautiful and i like it and i am happy. It has nothing to do with what you eat.

  56. Hey PPl….
    I went through a bad 3 years because of my weight, i was just SO insecure about my legs ! I still hate them 2day…They are just literally sticks,but im just naturally this way. i see 13 year old girls with bigger legs than I !
    but anyway i got depressed about my body, esp my legs so i figured something out how to make them look bigger !
    i wear jeans all the time now , i never did before !
    I wear leggings under my jeans, no one can tell,invisible !
    it adds that bit of extra weight to your legs that will give u a confidence boost !
    U can wera short leggings to full length leggings, and just keep putting on how many pairs of leggings to how big you want ur legs to look ! i usually wear 3 to 5 pairs of leggings under my jeans and full length leggings are good for wearing skinny jeans cos they make the whole leg look bigger than calf leggings !
    i hope i have helped so girls who are insecure about their legs!
    Any questions, email me at !

    Go us skinny girls ! xxx

  57. You just NAILED IT on how I feel about my weight, and how others feel about it. The funny part is, is that I’m Asian also and I am TINY. It’s like, I already know that I’m skinny, I’ve look in a mirror before. Sometimes I just want to say, “Has it ever occured to you that calling me anorexic, is just as rude as calling a fat person fat?”. I’ve been trying to gain weight by eating tons of greasy hamburgers, and junk food. But it turns out that I gain nothing at all no matter how much I eat. All that I gain by doing that is feeling sick, and dirty. I can’t wait to see the people that tease me after they have had their first child. I, on the other hand, have no worry of being fat when I have children. My mother was as tiny as me, and she has had four children already. She’s not a toothpick anymore, but she’s a little thinner than average. I hope to be like her when I grow up. (:

  58. Thank You so much for writing this. I could comment more but you basically covered everything I (and im sure many other people) have been feeling.

  59. Hi there!
    I was such a treat to read your blogpost on being skinny. I have the same issues with people who are rude by telling us how we look. Thank you very, very much! (and it’s not only girls, I’m a boy)

  60. Thanks for this entry, it was interesting to read comments of other girls as well. From a very young age I was bullied because of my weight. My mother always told me that i will start to gain once i’m in adolescence, but it never really happened.
    Now i’m 21 & with 174cm i weight 45kg ( 5,7 x 99 pounds) & my self esteem is still low because of this, all the “omg eat more” i’ve got, class mates that always thought i’m throwing up if i go to the bathroom & how people, even doctors was always suspicious & not trusting even if i told it’s just my genetics, in fact both of my parents was stick skinny until their 40’s (thanks guys >.>)
    excuse my english btw 🙂

  61. WOW. I am completley blown away at this. All my life, I have been a walking stick. It is completley genetic! Not once has anyone spoke out about the naturally skinny people. It hurts to see media cover only the tabloids with the newest weight loss diets and such. Everyday, out in public I have people ask me if I’m anorexic, or bulemic. I dont know even how to respond to that. It’s painful even typing the word anorexic. It seems like nobody is on my side! My parents just tell me I’m normal and should’nt care. But I’m not, and my doctor isnt any better. She told me I should drink milk 3x a day and drink supplements. I replied I already do. Also, I agree completley on the “Fat” aspect. What gives overweight people the right to comment on our body types. “Eat a hamburger” Ohhhhhhh okayy! I’ll go eat 10 hamburgers and gain 10 pounds. You think I haven’t tried? Its sadly not that easy. Thank you again for posting this, although its hard to read seeing as most people will not understand this. Only the sticks will understand where your coming from!

    thanks again<3

  62. do you even know what skinny bitch is about? it is written by a thin woman who is giving suggestions on how others can be thin too. she refers to herself as a “skinny bitch.” she is not saying that skinny people are bitches. also, the comment about the survey question was ridiculous. i have seen questions that say “would you rather be fat, ugly, and happy or skinny, pretty, and unhappy?” that doesn’t mean fat people are like “omg, does that mean all fat people are ugly?” just like skinny people shouldn’t be like “does that mean all skinny people are unhappy?” the people creating the surveys are just putting desirable things with undesirable things, so get over yourself.

    • yes, Christine, I’m well aware what “Skinny Bitch” is about, I’ve skim-read it when it first came out. What I was saying was that, before we even get to the content of the book, the title IS offensive.

      And regarding those stupid surveys, well there you go. At least we can all agree on the fact that there’s no need to automatically link a physical description (fat/thin/whatver) to a mental state (happy/sour/etc.). Because simply, that is flawed.

  63. i love you! i am only fourteen but i am glad that there are others who feel the same way i do!

    one point you mentioned really touched me, the whole skinny bitch books and things like real women have curves…its all to be blamed on models who purposely starve themselves cuz i hate it when people are all like “well, not everyone is size 2” …..and say that their proud of their curves, its extremely offending to me cuz i am naturally skinny and its not my fault so should being like a size 0 in jeans make me any less of a woman when i am older? girls call me aneroxic all the time and i try to ingore them but in high school its just too much of a hassle!
    since 99% end up hating me and calling me names just cause i am the way i am. i am seriously going to say stuff now…..cause i’m not a skinny bitch, but sine half of them already think that i better give them what they deserve!

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  65. I can relate in a different way. Im a guy but have always been naturally super skinny. Back in high school i weighed 150 pounds(which at 6′ 1″ is alot of body length to stretch out 150 pounds) and was constantly made fun of and pushed around even by the “small” kids(who were less than 6 foot but still weighed at least more than 150 pounds). I got so tired of it i started working out 6 days a week, after a few years i got up to 210 pounds by pounding the weghts and food constantly and blowing money on ridiculous 1000 calorie weight gainer shakes. Now that i live on my own working out has gotten a bit scarce and money even scarcer so no matter my best efforts im constantly slowly losing weight and back down to almost 175. Gaining weight is hard when youre naturally skinny and have a superfast metabolism. The damage to your self-esteem and image from being too skinny is just as bad as being overweight.

  66. I’m 5’3 and about 82 pounds.

    I’ve been skinny my whole life- because I eat when I get hungry, and when I’m full, I stop. I have a fast metabolism too, and the only times I work out are 2 times a week because of school requirements. People always tell me “You’re so skinny” and “You should eat more” and assume it’s not as hurtful as saying “You’re so fat” and “You should eat less” to an overweight person. I’ve tried the protein shakes, the excessive snacking, and even the McDonalds. But it’s /natural/ and that’s just something that the US is having trouble accepting.

  67. Hey, great post!
    You know what’s worse?
    I’m not even “Skinny-skinny” and I get the “Skinny Bitch” and “God, EAT something” comments!
    I’m 5ft 5″ 138lbs (which is on the higher end of my healthy BMI) and I still get hateful comments. Fat people HATE me! I don’t know why…I was fat once too.
    I’ve been 119lbs and I’ve been 175lbs, what’s the difference?
    It’s MY body, and I don’t want to hear it!
    Girls my weight tell me how “Chunky” I am, and overweight girls tell me how “Nasty-skinny” I am.
    Why can’t everyone just let me enjoy being ME?!
    It’s not enough to pick on the skinny, they’re attacking the kinda-just-slim-in-betweeners now too!
    Thanks for posting this rant!
    You’re dead on girl!

  68. thankyou !! im 13 and everyone in the clas talk about me behind my back and some people call me bulimic and anorexic and its not fair im NATURALLY thin have a fast mentabolism and thnakyou beacuse now I know im not alone !!! x

  69. Well amyha!!,

    Glad to hear that someone else has my problem! – or a similar one anyway. I am not really trying to gain weight but I do have an extremely fast metabolism. I’ve had it since I was a child and after taking up serious athletics my appetite can be almost embarrassing. I sympathize with the comments you get – I get similar ones. People think I am bulimic. I’m 5’7″ and 135 pounds and when people see me eat a large meal some seem to think I will throw it all up later – I don’t!

    I think you’re absolutely right that just because your (or our) problem is less common, doesn’t mean that it is not a problem. Many comments I get do show a lack of understanding and empathy.

    Thanks for posting!! You have my understanding and sympathy!!

  70. do you think im naturally thin? im 52kg and 5’4 tall, some people say im skinny cos i eat a lot and im still thin( ok i do gain 1kg but the next day in the morning im 52kg again!)

  71. Wow, It’s been over a year and this entry still hits home for a lot of people (including myself).

    I was always the “skinny minnie” in school and even now at 27 I’m still the smallest in my group of friends. I have slowly come to the realization that no matter what method I take (the fastfood diet, the B/C weight gain myth) they don’t work. What has helped a little has been the weight lifting with protein. At 27 my weight fluxuates between 107-112.

    Amyha, you are correct – derogatory remarks made against thin individuals is reverse racism.

  72. i am 20yrs , 5’7 and weigh 92 pounds

    i am a twin and we have both been skinny since we were young although she is weighs a bit more than me… people often come to me asking if i am anorexic and why i don’t eat as much…truth is i do eat a lot, but i am naturally thin. My mum once registered me with a dietician and i was put on a weight gain program for 6months, i ended up not gaining any weight at the end. i’m so glad i am not alone, that there are others like me out there going through the same thing…i stopped wearing skirts years back cos people teased me that my legs look like sticks . i hardly party or have fun cos i feel everyone is staring at me. when i got to college, it became worse…people ask me if i am ill and right in front of me they make statements like “curvier girls are real women” or “i can break you cos your so tiny” its gotten to a point, i just cant have it any more cos i’m fed up of hearing it…when people talk bad bout you all the time, you are convinced its true and that’s what i have done to myself, but no more…this is who i am and my best bet is to accept and live with it.

  73. I know it really annoys me when people tell me im too skiny and eat more… I probably eat more than them!

    sweet foods are an addiction of mine and if i wasnt naturally thin, with a high metabolism and small bones, i would be obeese by now!

    I am 5ft 8.5 and have DD boobs, which makes it even worse because that is rare so people think im not eating properly.

    Boyfriend loves it though!

  74. HEY!
    OMG, I’m from England and it is the exact same here!
    I’m 14 and vey,very, VERY thin. I am 5’6 and weigh 6 stone 9. I bought a skirt from topshop today but I’m scared of wearing it because I look so thin 😥 I was shopping the other day and I had a Mcdonalds and I’m being serious, everywhere I went, there would be girls giving me evils. I’m naturally a very smiley person so I smile back but they just go off and hisper to there friends. I’m glad somebody has ranted. You saved me a job, but in this puberty underconfident stage, any othe girls know how I can deal with this? Also, I’ve noticed many of the girls on here are around 5’3/4 and I feel long and stretched. Btw, I eat like ahorse but it doesn’t get me anywhere. Thanks a bunch xxxx

  75. It’s so good to hear that other people have the same problem as i have! I mean… you can’t say anything to an overweight person because you are “oh so mean” for hurting their feelings, but wait! Everyone can comment on you for being “anorexic” and always pick on you by saying that those skinny little arms are gonna break by lifting something… And it’s even more annoying when you hear everyone say “Oh, skinny people are gross and so not sexy..I prefer somebody with meat on their bones”. Gee, thanks! Gets me thinking…It would be nicer if people understood that body issues do not only revolve around being over weight, but you know what? If you feel good about yourself then all those nasty comments won’t hurt you because you are skinny, beautiful, and you can eat whatever you want. Amen to that!

  76. im 13 & i have cystic fibrosis its really hard at my school, boys call me anorexic and girls says wow your so skinny its really hard even my friend rip me of about it sometimes i come home crying most days and i eat all the time but ntohing happens can someone please help me 😦
    ive talked to my family about it and they say just to ignore it but its really hard

    So please Help!!!!!

    email me on

    asap its getting really bad 😦

  77. YAY!!! Skinny Girls of the World, Unite!!!
    If I hear “real women have curves” I am going to SCREAM!!! It characterizes skinny girls as being sub-female, less worthy of the attention, not sexy.
    It is hurtful, especially when coming from other women.
    Real women come in ALL shapes, sizes, colors, heights, etc., etc., etc.! We, as women, have bigger issues facing us and tearing each other apart is a colossal waste of time.
    It is so unfair that skinnies can still be harrassed and questioned with no thought of our feelings. I once had a waitress follow me to the restroom after a meal because she thought I was bulemic. WTF?!?
    Or one of the most insulting things I’ve heard: ‘Your husband still finds you attractive even though you’re so skinny?’ OMG! I would NEVER, EVER, EVER ask my overweight friend, “So your husband doesn’t mind you’re overweight?”

  78. I am 15, 5 foot 6 and only 6 stone. I absolutely hate my skinny arms and bony legs with sticking out knees. Sometimes my friends say things to me like oh no your gonna snap her arm off but they know that I HATE being this thin. Some days when I do eat alot I loose weight! I don’t get it please help me 😥 I’ve cried about this loads and I’m even crying right now 😥 I wish I was fatter 😦 x

  79. O you have no idea how relieving it is to finally have some
    people to relate to!! I appriciate your article so much i cant
    even tell you. I am 17 5’9 and weigh 118. All my life i have been naturally skinny and though it may sound “over dramatic” to some but honestly tormented about my body. When i was in middle school i was harassed by a boy everyday for being skinny. And not only did he do it he got other kids to do it too. Everyday (and not exaggerating) me names like anorexic and bulimic and say things like i throw up my food and i look like a was ganna fall over and die and tell me i was disgusting and ugly and worthless and no guy would ever like me…Every degrading horrible insult you could ever think to say to someone he would throw at me again and again and again and laugh in my face when i couldn’t hold back tears. And it didn’t help that i was already a shy, quite and vulnerable young girl.( An easy target). During school he would see me in the halls and push me into people and lockers one time he actually spit on me. I can still remember it like it was yesterday running off the bus bawling my eyes out because i hated myself. My parents tried to do everything in their power to stop the harassment, going to the school did not work. They basically told me to ignore it even though at the time i was told that there was a no bullying law passed in Indiana. It didn’t stop until 8th grade when he moved …Because his dad stole from his work and lost his job. Figures he didn’t come from a good family. That year of school for me was the best i ever had things were finally starting to turn around for me. I truly believe if it wasnt for everything i went through i wouldn’t be the person i am today. Without a doubt i know it made me a stronger person and i cant believe i’m saying this but i could actually thank that unsensible cruel kid.(i never actually would hes a piece of crap) haha But i really think that having gone through that prepared me for the real world. It’s sad i had to learn about it that way. There will be people everywhere you go that will just hate you for no reason and will find anything to give you crap about because deep down they feel so shitty (excuse my language) about themself’s they think if they can make u feel bad like they do they will feel better. Sad but true.
    I cant say that the things that i went through didn’t leave a scar. After hearing bad things about yourself for so long you start to believe them. After all that my self esteem (which was never the least bit high to begin with) was shot. Every time i would look in the mirror i saw this hideous creature instead of a girl. I tried every desperate attempt to gain weight but nothing worked its just the way i was made both my parents have supersonic fast metabolism’s. I was so unhappy and depressed for the longest time about my appearance. Even now sometimes i still feel like i look bad and stand for hours in front of the mirror and pick myself apart telling myself everything i want to change about the way i look. And when i tell certain people this they act so shocked like no way i never would have thought u have a low self esteem u have no reason to. I can assure you i say this without any sort of boasting, bragging, or pride, now days i have strangers so many people tell me i am beautiful and should be a model. Giving me extremely flattering compliments about they way i look.. I never would have thought in a million years i would be told these kinds of really nice things. I feel as though it somewhat makes up for all the times i was told the complete opposite. So even though i am a way stronger person then i once was sometimes the past will fog my mirror preventing me from seeing anything good. I got my first boyfriend the summer before my freshman year of high school. We dated for almost two years. He was to say the least very enthusiastic about me. He told me all the time how beautiful he thought i was. All the timeeeee. And so many times i would tell him i didnt believe that and he was just saying these things cuz i was his girlfriend and just to be nice. He used to get so mad at me when i would question him. He told me he couldnt believe out of all the people that i would think so lowly about myself. He was very good to me and tried so hard to make me see what he did in me. The sad thing is most of the time we were together i thought he was either blind or crazy.
    Finally i took my dilemma to the big man upstairs. I prayed every night before i went to bed that God would please let me feel better about myself please show me what other people see. It has taken a lot of time but i finally got to a point where i don’t always look in the mirror and frown in discuss. I know i should be able to hold my head high and be happy with how god blessed me. Besides its not whats on the outside that matters anyway. And anyone descent person can realize that and not judge people on the way they look. And if they do they obviously are not and are not worth your thoughts or your time. More than likely when it comes to other girls they’re jealous anyway. I still get rude comments from other girls all the time too. And just how you guys said it they say it in a nasty obnoxious manner never sounding in any way shape or form positive. Ive learn to just blow those off even though i really just want to give them a piece of my mind with a few choice words..But where does that get you but ending up looking like the bad guy because there is barely anyone to ever back u up or by sympathetic and understanding. You just got to know I’m sure most of you like myself EAT A LOT. And most people would love to be like us in how we can eat like a horse and not gain an ounce. But maybe loose a few from chewing lol! 😀 So if anyone that shares us skinny girls struggles and takes the time to read this book i wrote i just want to say YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! AND DON’T LET ANY IGNORANT BITTER PEOPLE TELL YOU OTHERWISE. If you learn to be confident it makes you less of a target for mean kids. Forget what other people who don’t know you say Love you for you! The second you learn that it will turn your whole world around.

    Blessings my fellow skinny minis 😉
    oh and I’m sure any info on ways to gain weight would be very much appreciated by everyone here, including myself a good ten fifteen pounds would do me wonders =)

  80. Oh and God bless you Amyha!

    You really are helping so many young girls with an uncommon problem.

    I know because it helped me to feel not so alone.

    And of course i agree and can relate with EVERYTHING YOU SAID 1000%!!!!! I didn’t even know that was possible lol

    You have my sympathy as well as my full support
    Best wishes 🙂

  81. I am 15, 5 foot 6 and only 6 stone. I absolutely hate my skinny arms and bony legs with sticking out knees. Sometimes my friends say things to me like oh no your gonna snap her arm off but they know that I HATE being this thin. Some days when I do eat alot I loose weight! I don’t get it please help me 😥 I’ve cried about this loads and I’m even crying right now 😥 I wish I was fatter 😦 x
    sorry I published this again but I really need some advice,comfort and help 😦

  82. Hiya ‘Very Skinny Girl’, I’m the same weight, height and age of you and it’s so bad sin’t it? When im getting changed for P.E everybody tells me how thin I am. One girl once went
    “I wish I was Amelia’s size, you know like one of those anorexic models?”
    OMGGGGG, is that a compliment or an insult?
    I had to hold back the tears.
    I think the best thing to do is ignore them. I’m much rather be this size than overweight. Atleast we know we are healthy! Just keep your shoulders back so you have a good posture. That always helps me. And if you can, when you walk through your mates, eat like a big pack of crisps. Even though you are trying to prove your not anorexic and you don’t need to do that if you know yourself you are not, but it really makes them jealous and the comments tone down a bit.
    I hope your okay,
    Ameliaaaaaa xxxx

  83. Thankyou amelia that helped 🙂 I know some comments people make ; when we were having jabs at school we had to take our shirts off (dw I had a strap top on underneath;)) one girl was like OMG when she saw my arms 😦 my friends say they’d rather be my weight but I tell them they really don’t want to, they tell me that I should build up muscles because it will help me put on weight, are they right? Thanks again xx

    • no problemo! I know, when I had my cervical cancer jab, the exact same thing happened! Mine really hurt btw, because the needle went straight into my muscle. You don’t need muscle, you naturally have that, it’s fat that we’re lacking. Do you notice you get cold easily? That’s because there’s not a lot of fat. I eat lots and lots of fatty foods but my extremely high metabolism just burns it off. 😥 Just stay as you are, we can’t do anything and when we get through puberty, we’ll start to even out lol! Hope your feeling a bit better xxxx

  84. ow when I had mine I almost fainted – Im terrified of needles!
    Yeah my hands are always cold even sometime on a hot summers day! But I didn’t think it could be to do with my weight
    yeah my mum was skinny when she was younger but not as much as me but as she got older she evened out so I supose it will happen one day :L
    yeah I’m better thanks to you 😀 I needed someone like me to show that I’m not the only skinny girl :L xxx

  85. Thank you!! I am sick and tired of people saying “you need to eat more!” or “ur so skinny, like a stick, are u anorexic?” ur right they just a bunch a jealous haters and stop being angry at us cuz we can build a muscular shape and not worrying too much about getting fat, we dont have to work for being thin!! Im about to go to high school which i know i may get bullied? any advice?

  86. Anonymous 🙂 hi i’m Kylie the one that posted the reallyyy
    long comment practically my life story.. about 8 above yours. I was severely bullied for being skinny too and if u would like U might want to read mine-i knows its so long.. lol but i tried to make it encouraging for any girls with our same problem i KNOW it really takes a toll on your self esteem being harassed all the time for something you cant even help.And i wont lie your most likely right kids are mean and ignorant and its usually stupid girls that give u the underhanded compliments and rude remarks but you got to know the reason for them being hateful is becuz they feel so bad about themselves attempting to make someone else feel like crap and insecure makes them feel better. Its sad people are like that but your last 2 years of high school people start to get a lottt more mature and usually a lot nicer too. I know it’s soo hard not to let things people say get to you but you know the crap anyone says is not true and stick up for yourself! If some little brat comes up to u and is like “your too skinny do you eat?” You can say yes in fact i can eat whatever the hell i want and as much of it as i please and not gain a pound unlike some unfortunate people who take one look at a piece of cake and gain 5 pounds. Its called a FAST METABOLISM since apparently your uneducated..its okay though next time maybe you’ll think first before u wanna be a stupid ignorant bitch…okay maybe there’s a less aggressive way to say that lol We don’t want there to be a cat fight..just let them know it a calm tone of voice what they said is shitty and to leave you the heck alone because you would rather be a little underweight then obese like the majority of the unhealthy people in America. Just remember you are beautiful and half the time they’re just jealous because they could never eat a ton like u without looking like a cow.
    It only sounds so mean because after years of disrespect from little peons you get sick of it and not so calm about it anymore. I wish u the best i really hope you never get teased as much as i did. Be strong never let anyone put you down. Be proud and love the way God made you..yo will put on weight eventually. It just takes time.

    🙂 I don’t know if i helped what so ever but umm i really can relate and understand you just like any of these girls here if nothing else. Your not alone. Keep your head up


    • Thanks Kylie 🙂 you see I always thought I was the only skinny girl, I’m probably the skinniest in my year and when I go shopping I always see curvy girls not girls who are really skinny, no one ever talks about bring naturally skinny just starving themselves unlike me who didn’t weigh much when I was born because I was a month early if I was born when planned would I be a normal weight now? Is there any good ways to put on weight quickly?!?!
      Haha I thought your reply to some brat saying about weight was soo funny by the way :L 😀
      and thanks 🙂

  87. Thank you so much! I agree with everything you said here, beingthat I am skinny natuarlly! People always say I look like a twig and do I ever eat? It’s so ANNOYING. But it’s more hurtful than annoying. Thank you for adressing this problem!!!!!!!!

  88. This article is old, but I feel like commenting anyway lol.

    I’ve always been pretty skinny, currently I’m just barely underweight. I’ve been lucky in that I look healthy, probably because I’m really short in addition to being skinny, so I don’t really get any rude comments. On the other hand, I feel like there is a social pressure against being naturally skinny. Weight loss articles re everywhere. My heath class only focused on obesity as a weight issue. When we talked about BMI, are teacher made very clear that it can be inaccurate because it doesn’t include muscle, which can put you in a higher range. There was no talk about how you can also be built small and therefore end up in a lower range. Because no one ever has a problem with not weighing enough, right? And the only body image issue girls have is about weighing too much. I left that class feeling like there was something wrong with me because I didn’t suffer from being overweight. Because (apparently) being overweight is the norm, and the issues of skinny people don’t matter.

    My mother, frankly, has been really unhelpful about this. She has always been a little chubby (skinny comes from Dad’s side) and therefore very sensitive to the pressure overweight people suffer from. She occasionally becomes convinced I’m suffering from this pressure too, and am not eating enough because of it. It’s really frustrating and upsetting because it’s annoying enough when it’s just implied in magazines and health class, the last thing I need is for my mother to believe that skinny equals unhealthy.

  89. Thank you!! It’s so hard getting people to understand sometimes. I personally don’t see people as being different: People are wonderful, regardless of a silly thing like weight. So it makes being naturally skinny and people commenting upon it like it’s abnormal really bizarre for me. I wear a size five and people, even friends, tell me that I need to gain weight. I think a size five is a fine size, don’t you? What could possibly be wrong with it? Size, weight– these things don’t matter as long as your chasing your happiness healthily, right?

    I think that these sort of articles are wonderful and needed. Thank you so much!! Me and my (really comfy) size 5’s thank you ❤

    By the way, 10km IS a big run, you should be super proud of how fit you are!:D I also want to say that I have been pretty much vegetarian (with exception of going out to Japanese restaurants) for about a year or so and my weight stays pretty much the same. Try eating vegetables with things that are high in calories, like whole wheat pasta with tons of veggies dressed in olive oil and salt and pepper or cheese. You can have your veggies and keep your curves, too. 😉

  90. thank you for this amazing support!
    i’m 17 and i’m from belgium (you probably
    don’t even know it, haha) and i’m also
    a “skinny bitch”. i’m always glad to read
    these stories! and to recognize all those
    feelings! i also hate the expression
    “real women have real curves”, it’s so


  91. I accidentally stumbled upon this, and even though it’s old, I’m going to comment.

    I know exactly what all of you are going through(I’m 21 years old, 5’2″ and 87lbs) and it’s nice to see I’m not the only one. I get asked a lot by doctors if I’m sick, and my school nurse has tried pushing me to see a dietitian… it’s annoying!

    When I’m stressed, I lose even more weight and automatically people assume I’m anorexic rather than you know, assisting me through my anxiety problems, for example. Keep your heads up, ladies. 🙂

  92. hey i was just reading all your comments and i am slim too, i wnt let n e 1 say im skinny or thin its SLIM, iv just booked to have a boob job because i am not goin to gain any weight im 7 stone 6 lbs, am i bad for having it done if it makes me happy and confident? i eat a hell of alot n dont seen to put n e fin on iv always been slim my family are to , an when someone comments on my weight i show them a pic of what i eat, so wot if we r slim they r just jelouse slim i defo in!!!!

  93. Hi ! i just wanner know, how many calories you skinny girls eating circa, during a typical day ? and what kind of exercise are you doing ? i ask because i will like to be as skinny as you lucky girls are. I am 5.11, and weight about 10 stone 9 lb. i have a very broad bone building, and many people says i am slim, but i do`nt think i am my self. I eat about 2500-2800 calories a day i think, and i do regularly exercises, skipping rope and a bit of running, biking e.t.c, about 4 times a week, and i eat relatively healthy most of the time, i think. But i will be happy if i could loose at least 1 stone in weight, so therefore i will like to know, how many calories you eat during a day circa ?
    and have any of you having measured exactly, how fast your betabolism are in m/l ?

  94. Thanks… So. Damnably. Much.
    I feel sick and tired of having my classmates, friends and family obsessing over how skinny I am. Every time they comment, I just smile weakly at them and tune out, but really… I wish they could just shut the fudge up. It really hurts my feelings having them think I have some eating disorder, and they don’t even realize it.
    It feels so good knowing I’m not the only one, thanks you guys!

  95. Thanks so much for posting the rant that I couldn’t have typed better. I’m also a very naturally slim girl and a day doesn’t pass by without someone telling me that I’m so skinny, that I don’t need to exercise, that I can eat whatever I want. Also, I have 3 good friends and they happen to be curvy, but in order to cheer each other up they use me as their punch bag saying things like “well, at least we have meat for our partners to grab onto, unlike others!” and they say so “jokingly” but these kind of comments go a long way at hurting my self esteem. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this fight.

    I just wished I knew how to reply to these kind of comments in a polite yet firm way.

    For a long time I actually let myself be bullied by comments like that thinking that there was something inherently wrong with me. I started to wear baggy clothing to hide my “skinniness”. Now I don’t. I embrace the body I was born in, even if radio commercials advertise bathing suits for “real women, with real curves, living in the real world”. Fucking bullshit.

    Thanks once again! 🙂

  96. WOOHOOO!!!! you nailed it sister.
    I’ve had 2 kids and am thinner now that I was before…and that’s TOO thin. I’ve very aware of it (i’m also 5″10″ so I stand out more) and have a really difficult time keeping weight on.
    I eat like a pig…and have no idea where it goes. Maybe I have a hollow leg or something. It sure as hell hasn’t gone to my chest.
    Ever since I hit puberty I’ve gotten disgusted looks and comments thrown my way – which make for a pretty f-ed up body image! “god you’re so skinny…do you eat?” I’ve made the “god you’re so friggen fat” analogy to other people which actually makes them stop and think they may be insulting me.
    Anyway – feels good to have found some kindred spirits out there. THANKS

  97. i’m 5,5 and i weigh like 95 lbs….22 years old….and i still hate my body, i hate how people stare at me and think they can just walk up to me and tell me that im skinny… if that is a normal thing to do…as if i would walk up to a girl and say…hey your teeth are ugly….as if she doesnt know….damn people are so ignorant…i just wanna kick the shit outta them for being that shallow

    • I know how you feel. It annoys the f*ck outta you, huh?
      well screw them all. don’t try to change for anyone, no matter how much you want to look “normal.”
      Small is good; “fun size” as my fiance puts it.
      People are always going to be shallow. Let them be bitter and shallow. Please don’t give in. Let your body NATURALLY fall into whatever it’s supposed to look like. Stay healthy, eat right/normal, stay active, whatever it is you do your body is yours and yours alone.

  98. It seems to be mostly women posting here, so I’ll give you the point of view of at least one guy, me. I love you thin ladies. Not everyone out here thinks a woman needs big breasts, or big behinds, to look good. I can appreciate a woman that has those, but I can also appreciate a woman that doesn’t. There’s nothing wrong with you, only something wrong with the jerks that make rude comments to you. No, you don’t need a cheeseburger. You just need to be who you are, don’t try to hide it, and know that the problem is theirs, not yours.

  99. Thank you sooo much for posting this. I have had an overactive metabolism all my life and was starting to feel like I was the only one out there who worried about being too thin. Most of the time I get “why don’t you eat anything” or “why do you run you don’t need to lose weight” and it drives me INSANE!! I eat all the time, and I run because I love it, not because of vanity. Some girls in my gym class started to call me “Skinny” instead of my actual name and it hurt my feelings, but no one seems to care because they think we’re supposed to take it as a compliment. I hate how society tells us we need to look one way in order to be pretty, and how all the granola bars and stuff nowadays are all “90 calories” so that it makes it even harder for people like us to gain weight. I admire you for speaking out and telling the world how we really feel!

  100. Thank you thank you for saying what you said.
    For the longest time I’ve dealt with rude comments, mean girls calling me names, people eyeing me down, and wondering if I should listen to everyone and just eat till puke, just for the sake of gaining a few pounds.
    But you know what, f*ck all that.
    I LOVE running and working out. I do it to stay healthy and better my run time. I like going to the gym and trying to lift weights. I’M ACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to comment on this whole post, but I’m just so happy I’m not the only one who feels this way. Everything you wrote is what I want to scream in my head every day.
    This post made me so happy.

  101. thank you! finally somebody who understands me! I have always been naturally thin, sometimes too thin, and no matter how much i eat(and believe me, i eat ALOT) i never ever gain one pound. and it gets really tiring to hear my friends constant nagging telling me i look anorexic, i should eat more, im so boney, i look like a twig, blah blah blah! I CANT HELP IT! I AM NO WHERE NEAR ANOREXIC! They never understand, and get pissed at me when i complain about wanting to gain weight, because they assume it would be easier than losing weight, well for me its not easy at all.

  102. thank you so so so so so much for this blog!!!!! all my life i have been thin. when i was a baby, my mothers nurse accused her of not feeding me as i was not gaining the “correct” ammount of weight. for years i have been abused for the way i look. when ever i go to a doctor they accuse me of having a number of eating disorders. i have any thing but an eating disoreder. i would LOVE to gain a bit of weight. just like 10kgs so i can have a healthy BMI. i too like vegetables over meat, and am constantly critisized for this. it is not my fault that my taste buds are repulsed but fatty foods. i try to eat 6 plus meals aday, and i dont have atleast 4 meals a day for a week then i will lose weight. it falls off me before i have the chance to notice that i had gained any. i have also decided that when the day comes that i reach my goal weight, i will have a party to celabrate with all the people who have stood by my side. all the people who tell every one else that i do eat, that i eat more then them. i would get teased everyday at school for being thin, but all my friends knew i didnt have a problem as i was always snacking on thier lunch when i had finished mine. leaving school has been the harest. i am now 21years old, and am the smallest in my town, not to mention the surronding towns. the local doctor even said that he is not used to seeing someone sit in his chair and still be able to SEE the CHAIR. so to all my thin sisters out there, you are not alone! i thought i was but after reading this i know that there are alot of us out there. i know its hard and i struggle with it myself BUT you are beautiful, try to ignore the nasty people, i try to joke with them but it still hurts! we just have to keep telling our selves that we are FINE JUST THE WAY WE ARE! XOXOXOXOX

  103. thank you so much for posting this. i came across it trying to look up ways to gain weight. im so glad to see that there are so many other girls out there struggling with this as well! im constantly heckled with comments about being thin and people talking behind my back about me having anorexia and bulimia. im a sensitive person and i take it all to heart. im tired of having to hold in having to go to the bathroom whenever im out at a restaurant with friends so they won’t think im gone to throw up the meal i just ate! i hate being judged and talked about just because im thin. and just like you, i absolutely hate it when people tell me the obvious. like what am i supposed to say back when they tell me that im skinny and need to eat??? thanks, i’ll keep that in mind the next time i walk by a restaurant? luckily my boyfriend is super supportive and always stands up for me.

    im asian as well and yeah, genesss.

    i never knew other girls shared this problem and its comforting to see so many comments on here.

  104. Although I’m a naturally curvier girl and on a pernament diet to maintain size 10, i feel your pain. Yes, It’s unhealthy to have bones jutting, as it is to have roll of fat…but you can’t box t’female form. Some girls are naturally petite, some girls naturally carry more weight…In essence, you’re being punished for accepting your shape and wanting to stay healthy AS a size 6, not to maintain/acheive it. Discrimination based upon this is disgraceful.
    It’s also horribly ignorant to use ‘anorexic’ as an adjective to describe skinny people. Anorexia is a serious mental illness and not a lifestyle choice. Many anorexics do not give a stuff about being ‘size zero’, even if it surfaces in an obsession about weight…do people honesty think that just ‘wanting to be skinny’ could motivate such depression and isolation? Asking a slim person as anorexic is as offensive as asking somebody with a shaved head if they have cancer. Narrowminded and Ignorant.
    Rock yourself how you are hun. And all girls for that matter. It isn’t using being a ‘real woman’ to justify being obese, or ‘skinny discrimnation’ to cover up an eating problem, but t’simple fact is-If you’re 5’11 with broad shoulders and wide hips, you weren’t built to be stick thin. Likewise if you’re 5ft 2 and narrow, you weren’t built to carry a lot of extra baggage. If Miss Petite wants to visit t’gym now and again, or Miss Broad wants a takeaway on a Friday night…so what. As long as they don’t overdo it (as no-one should).

    Stay healthy within yourself. I’ll bet you look fine, just as you’re supposed to be.

  105. Oh god~ I’m so thankful for this post! I thought I’m like the only one who’s skinny! I’m like 163 cm and 37 kg~ And I hate the fact that people stare at me when I’m outside as if I’m some kind of alien. >: ( I don’t have eating disorders at all and I eat more than my ‘normal-size’ friends do.

    I hate it when people stare at me because they are like stepping over my confidence. And I beginning to restrict what I love to wear when I go out ):

  106. I hate being skinny, it drives me crazy. In the summer I always try not to wear tops that show my arms, i wear cardigans even when i’m really hot, but if i don’t i see how people look at me. Even at school in p.e i try not to wear a t-shirt because of my very skinny arms. I am naturally skinny, 15 years old almost 7 stone. I have a twin sister, yet she’s 1 stone heavier than me even though me eat the same. I was born a month premature, does this have anything to do with why i am so skinny? It’s also worse because I am very tall. I want clothes to fit me well, and not to feel so insecure about my body 😦 but i cant 😦 please help me… 😥

  107. The world abounds with thoughtless (and devious) souls. Three points:
    1) It can be easiest and most effective and to patiently turn to them and say “no comment” to other’s rude comments or questions about weight.
    2) It’s important to remember that longevity is most in countries with low-calorie diets (such as India). Some scientists insist that the way to a long life–and lower cancer rates, heart disease etc.–is to consume few calories, not more. So better to be underweight even, than overweight.
    3) If you are truly unhappy with your weight and want to gain pounds, drink beer and eat bananas and potatoes! This is an old military recruit trick and it works. I know. I tried for years to gain, then started drinking a beer each night. Those extra calories (but not fat or cholesterol, thankfully) helped me gain 10 pounds in no time. And, it increases your appetite and estrogen levels too (which also helps with weight gain and more curves). Just don’t overdo, obviously. You can quit the beer once you put on the pounds and see if your weight holds.

    Good luck!

  108. I totaly agree with this, im a girl who is tall and very skinny but im naturally skinny and i hate it. I hate it how curvy girls always complain about being “fat” because i envy their body, i would love to have curves and put on a bit of weight but its so hard. I used to get called anorexic by a few sad low lifes at school b/c of my weight and it really got to me as they dont know how difficult it is to put on weight when you have a fast metabolism. Im just so glad to see that im not the only one it makes me feel like im normal so thank you so much for putting this up. x

  109. Thank you so, so much for this article. I’m only in my teens and my friends always say how skinny I am, how thin my ankles are, how ‘lucky’ I am, but to be honest, I feel exactly the same as you. It gets on my nerves – ALL the time. I hate having to get changed for PE – thats when the comments start. I can’t even buy the trainers I like for school – most of them don’t fit. Maybe I’ve inherited it, maybe it’s because I’m tall for my age – being nearly 5″7 at 13 isn’t easy.
    This has made me realise that my body isn’t quite so bad. 🙂

    Im 13, 5’6 and 90 pounds. It gets on my nerves grab a hold of my arm and say “DANG, LOOK SHES LIKE A STICK”, it really hurts knowing that im naturally skinny and i eat and still dont gain any weight. When someone makes fun of my weight i quickly try to think of something mean to say but im not the type of person that can make fun of someone’s appearance. God made you who you are for a reason, and its hard for people to understand that. I have a obese friend and shes always telling me she wish she was like me, it really bring my hopes up that maybe my figure is alright then a girl walking by says “Her? Shes a twig.” I am naturally skinny my whole life, this cruel society cares about appearance more than personality and thats not right. when i was younger i went over to my best friends house, her mom was tickling her my friend asked her mom “why dont you tickle ________?” The mom replied “Oh honey if i do she’ll break in half or break her ribs.” I cried the whole day, it was like a smack in the face. Anyway after reading this, it made me think “Hey, other girls (and guys) are facing the same thing, why be bummed?” THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AND THANKS FOR THE COMMENTS 😀

  111. this has really helped me,
    i am naturaly thin too, and people are allways saying i need to eat more even though i eat more than them! 🙂

  112. hi everyone. it’s my first time here. i was just wondering if anyone wanted to send me any info about weight gain you see my friend has confided in me that she wants to gain weight but whenever she brings the subject up with others they frown and start the “your so lucky. i’m fatter” game. and i can see her smile fade.

    prolem is i’m a polar opposite lol XD so if anyone could send me info to pass onto her i would love you forever. no one supports her least her friends and family. and i think it would be great if we could reach our ideal bodies together 😀

    your sincearly


    • I’m like everyone else here, I have weight problems too. I was around 5 foot and weighted 60 pounds in high school. I am a lot older now but I am still under 100 lbs. A few years ago I came across this book Dr. David Reuben’s Quick Weight-Gain Program, I also got a FAT counter book and between the 2 books I did gain weight, infact I got up to 100 lbs!!! But as soon as I didn’t watch what I ate I lost right back down. I think you have to hold the weight for a while for your body to accept it.

  113. Ah, I loved this article. Gives me hope, hahaha.
    I am a skinny girl and I enjoy it to the max! I am 1.65m and about 50kgs. I get compliments about my figure and some girls say “I want a figure like Lindsey’s” which makes me feel good but it’s also bittersweet because I want my friends to be happy in their own skin. Besides I’m only a little bit thinner than them.
    I used to have a complex about being thin but not so much any more. I get more and more confident every day and I accept my body more and more each day. It’s all about confidence and being ok with yourself.

  114. Oh and I have to add that when I read articles from a bigger woman’s perspective they always end up insulting thin women and I don’t know why. I supposed it’s because they want to make themselves feel better. But insulting other women wont make you lose weight or gain confidence. That’s what bullies do!
    But when thin girls talk about weight issues they never insult bigger girls.

    • Exactly! Its pretty sad when people have to put down a diff body type to make them feel good about theirs…
      I really agree that it seems ‘bigger’, ‘curvier’ girls have a tendency to put down skinnier girls. I’m slim and all the skinny girls I know never go and call people fat or tell them to stop eating or whatever haha….so why is it cool for them to call people like us anos and tell us to eat more?? What a double standard

  115. hey girls!! i feel a lil bit better since i know there are people out there who feel exactly the same!!! i always felt a bit left out with my “can’t gain a single pound” problem. no one could relate to it and it makes me really self concious! i’m half asian, my mother looks painly skinny like my sis, it’s in the genes. and i’m eating pretty unhealthy, pizza, burgers, fried food, snacks, sodas!!! 😀 i dont like healthy food lol. i’m 21 and i still can’t bring myself to wear skirts or shorts.. my waist is sooo skinny (see i’m very self concious about it)
    as i can see, fortunately, most of you guys have reached the “accept myself as i am and be proud of it”stage!! i still have a long way to go but it encourages me a lot to read ur comments!! thanks!!! ****

  116. Thank you! I am 5’9″ and about 120 lbs. I have been skinny all of my life and I can’t help it. I am SO SICK AND TIRED of having to defend myself against all of the comments people make. Pointing out that I’m “too thin” is just as rude as telling someone they’re too fat. It happens all the time and it makes me feel so self-conscious. There is a real reverse discrimination going on with the whole “real women have curves” thing. How is that supposed to make us skinny girls feel? How about this: Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. As long as you are healthy, you shouldn’t have to fit some certain mold.

  117. Courtney, Smile, you are both right on. I’m not one of the skinny ones, far from it, but I hear other people talking about how terrible it is that some girls are so skinny. I always tell whoever it is that beauty comes in all sizes, and my preference is for the thinner ones. I can see the beauty in a larger girl too, but my eyes always go towards you pretty ladies. Don’t try to change, don’t try to fit into what other people think you should be. Be your self, be proud of the kind of beautiful that you are, and CERTAINLY don’t try to hide it. If somebody doesn’t like the way you look, they can look the other way and there will probably be a heavier girl right there. Just know that there are plenty of guys out here that don’t think you have to have curves to be beautiful.

  118. Im 19 and i weigh 115, i am 5’9. I have had tests done to see if something is wrong with my thyroid, but my thyroid is normal, my doctor said i have a hell of a metabolism. I went to my neurologist the other day ( i have seizures) and he asked do you eat your so skinny? I almost blew up!!! I thought to myself do you ask your overweight patients ” You eat to much, your fat”? My mom always says they are compliments, but it hurts now. Its an everyday issue…. someone always has to make a remark. I dont know what to do, i eat and eat and eat but i can never gain more then 2 pounds.

  119. dude i fucken LOVE U!!! ugh i weigh 90 pounds and im 16 and ppl always be like ohhh ur so skinny ur a stick i can break u! i hate it its not like ima go up to them and b like oh ur fat so what about i seriously luv u cuz i have to put up with weight comments all the time nd im sick of it D:<


    in high school my “friends” were always like, “omg if you turned sideways, you’d disappear” or “r u anorexic??” GEEZ ppl, can you just shut up about my weight for 1 day?? i hate how society thinks that if you’re skinny, you’re anorexic. Even the nurse whom I got a blood test from kept saying that im so tiny and she thought i was like 13. no, im 18 miss. I even eat more than my friends and they see it, but no, they still think im anorexic and have these nasty remarks. Good thing I have new friends who don’t comment on these stupid things. 🙂 ah this blog made me so happy that im not alone!

  121. okay, i am 13 years old and everyday i get told why r u so skinny u need to gain weight? like really i dont get how over weigh people get to tell skinny people they need to eat more and i eat normal. but, why cant skinny people tell Obese people they NEED TO STOP EATING SO MUCH FATA** but noo its not lik that. we get called toothpick and stick but they dont get called anything but fat or obese. its like it’s illegall to tell ppl they fat. why can they tell us we too skinny when they are unheathly? I REALLY dont get it.! im tired of it! and when i do gain weight , people dont notice it:[

  122. Am I the only one who likes being skinny? Ok, I don’t know if you’d count me as naturally skinny because most of the time I don’t eat a lot (I can eat huge amounts of food though, like at christmas), but that’s the way I’ve always been. I weight about 49 kg and I’m 166 cm tall, and my ribs are visible most of the time, but I’m not really bony otherwise and I have some muscle, especially on my arms. I tried to eat like my boyfriend for a while and I did gain weight, but as soon as I went back to my usual eating habits I lost it all and some more. The only thing I don’t like is that people sometimes nag about it, like the school doctor (who is fat) who told me that if I lose any weight she’ll see to that I’ll be force fed (and for the record I have actually lost a kilo since then). My boyfriend also says that my waist is too small, but I can actually agree on that. But I also have a cousin who’s skinnier than me, and we have about the same body build, she’s just still growing, so I guess it runs in the family.

  123. First off, wow the comments on this are still going strong!

    Anyway, I personally am overweight and am in the beginning stages of trying to lose some of that weight. Of course we all want to be thin, if anybody does make a snide remark inside they are thinking wow, I wish I looked like that.

    I would love to be thin, not ~too~ thin, but average. Even if I was really thin, I could handle the comments that SOME really skinny people receive, because coming from the place that I am in right now, I can tell you that it would be a hell of a lot easier to live my daily life. I have serious self-confidence issues, I second guess everything I do, and – now not to sound arrogant – I do believe that I have a really good personality, I am too scared to share anything with anyone, be it thoughts, or something I’ve done that I am proud of as I fear being judged the way that I have been judging myself over the years.

    I get nervous whenever I leave the house that some stranger is going to make a comment and put a downer on my day, some of the issues I have are probably beyond being solved by mere weight loss, but have definitely been sparked by the insensitive comments that come with being overweight.

    I sound like some stern, depressed person right now, but I guess this is all coming from behind the wall that has to be put every day to indeed get through the day. (Okay, that was dramatic LOL)
    But seriously, I have never made a rude comment about somebody being too thin but have definitely heard some gems from thin people about being too fat.

    Yeah, I really don’t know where to end this, because I think that I’ve really deviated from the initial point I had in mind when I began typing, so I am just going to stop now. Byeee 😀

  124. I’m glad i found this post! Having this problem can be really depressing because you feel like you’re the only person in the world that feels this way when you’re not. Im naturally skinny and people always tell me that I’m so skinny and and exagerate my weight “how much do you weigh? 78 ibs?” I think its rude and ignorant. i would never do that to a another person. I dont know why we are put down show much when its not our fault. I dont starve myself, i dont have bulimia or anorexia. I eat as much as the average person. And the “real women have curves” quote really pisses me off ’cause real women come in different shape and sizes and not just one particular look. I dont encourage any one to be skinny because i’m not happy with myself being skinny. I’m 18, 5’2. and 98-100 ibs. Im always in between that range. I want to gain at least 20 ibs and when i tell people that they look at me crazy. I usually lie about my weight. I say im 105 or 108 ibs ’cause i feel bad, even though that’s still skinny. I’ve been skinny all my life though. Being uncomfortable with my body effects the way that i dress. I dont like wearing tight shirts and i hate showing my arms. I feel that im too skinny and that my body is ugly because im small. Im just waiting for the day my metabolism slows down. I am naturally this way and as I’m getting older i’m trying to accept my body type. I have good genes, I’m natural, my bones are not poking out, and i’m healthy so i guess thats all that matters.

  125. I love your post…I’m 5’9 and 52 kg and i I love myself the way I am. I won’t eat until I throw up only to please all the jerks who don’t have anything better to do than monitor my weight gain or loss or any stupid boy who thinks skinny girls are ugly. And about the skinny congress..we should organize it! skinny girls from all around the world UNITE!

  126. Hi, i am 26 and weight 43kg 5’1 i am sick of hearing people say eat more, oh you are so skinny, i am naturally skinny but i wanted to gain at least 3 kg is there any way that i can gain weight? help please
    i can’t wear dress because they are too big for me, i always wear jeans and t-shirt and i hate it!

    Any advice girls?

  127. Ok,you may think i’m stupid for asking you this,but maybe you have a clue….I have noticed how asian girls are usually so much slender than europeans,for example.Even models,the are very thin but not anorexic-like at all.So,I was wondering…is there a secret,is in the way you combine food or it’s mainly just “luck”?:)) I’d apreaciate an answer if u happen to know and I also want to say to you to never pay attention to those that make you feel bad.Your value doesn’t stand ONLY in the way you look…plus,being thin is not a bad thing,people come in all shapes and sizes:)) I’m really short,does that make me less competent?i’d say not,so why weight should make any difference:d

  128. Can i just say that i am so glad i found this blog! I love it and i totally support u 100percent! people always say that to me to and i am like minded in wanting to gain some weight! please post more !

    take care! x

  129. THANKYOU so much for writing this! I get so tired of the stupid comments and I have been hearing this my WHOLE life. I’ve even had guys tell me they won’t date me cuz I’m too skinny. And u are right I am SO SICK of that “real women have curves” crap. Real women are all different sizes. U took all my thoughts right out of my mind. It’s not our fault we’re thin, and being thin isn’t EVERYTHING like people think. Just be yourself and stop worrying about why other people are the way they are. If someone is alive obviously they must be eating SOMETHING….

    • Shay, not only do real women come in all shapes and sizes, real MEN are able to appreciate women of all shapes and sizes. If a guy says he won’t date you because you’re too thin, he wasn’t the guy for you anyway. Move on to a guy that can appreciate you for who you are. We’re out here.

  130. Thanks for the article! I’ve always been really skinny and I’m trying to gain some weight. It’s nice to finally see something for skinny girls. I’ve always been under weight and trying to eat 2.600 calories a day is costly and hard! I’m blogging about my experience with gaining weight, feel free to leave any tips/rants 🙂

  131. I’m 14 and 5’4, and 85 lbs this made me feel much better that theres REAL skinny people out there that are born like that! I get alot of snide remarks, because my skinniness means, for me, a general lack of curves :(. People assume i’m just not developped, but i had my period a long time ago and they just keep pestering me. I eat plenty, mostly healthy. It just drives me insane, when people say I look ten. It does hurt, just as much as calling somebody fat does. Why doesn’t society realize this?

  132. Hey,
    I would just like to say thank you sooo much. You really understand what it feels like, and I hate when people tease me about even though it’s in a playful way. They say, “Oh one day you’ll become anorexic hun” or, ” Wow you’re a toothpick” IT PISSES ME OFF I was fine with myself until I hit this year ( New school, 6th grade ) I need to re-build my self-esteem. Thanks for speaking out for all of the thin chicas out there 🙂
    BTW- I’m 11 years old and I’m about 82 lbs.
    Your post was very inspirational and I really look up to you.

  133. Thank You for making me feel so much better! Im 14 who weighs 90 pounds and mostly everyone in my school thinks im annorexic! Im asian too. Here and there people will compare me to curvy girls and will complain about how flat and “twigy” i am. I just ignore them, but there are times when they get so harsh and i just cant take it anymore. But your story brought my hopes back up again, that people would not judge me by my look, but by who i really am inside. Thank you love

  134. Good for you and thanks for this! Finally someone expressing what I’ve always felt. I’ve been naturally thin my entire life and still am at 51!…..If I hear one more person ask me if I’ve lost more weight I’m going to lose my mind. If I actually lost weight every time someone thought I did I’d be so small I wouldn’t exist anymore! (hum, sounds so Alice…)

    I mean what are people actually saying….’Wow, she’s so thin so looks sick’, or…’She must be starving herself’, or ‘I wonder If she thows up or something’, ‘Here, have some more bread or eat some butter’….Enough! ….What I say? Get over it people and move onto something else!

    Thanks again.

  135. THANK YOU!

    I’m a guy, but I still let out a big HELLZ YEAH to everything you said. I’m 26, 5’11, and 130lbs. I eat 4 normal meals a day. My parents and brother are skinny, so it’s genetic.

    The other night I was hanging with a dude I don’t know well, and he commented on how skinny I am and how “I might blow away,” which is typical of every new person I encounter. He said this as he was (I’m not exaggerating) eating his chilli cheese dog and a fried oreo. Yes, I said fried oreo. He asked if I wanted any concessions and I just said some water, which he hounded me about. “WATER???” He treated me like I was some kind of snob because i turned down a fried oreo and just wanted some water. I also said I didn’t want a burrito from the inner city push-cart thingy. He said I needed to let loose and live a little. I’m pretty sure eating fried oreos is how you DIE a little…

    Things are WAY out of whack here.

  136. Thank you so much for writing this. My daughter is a think girl, she is 5’3 1/2 and weighs 92lbs. She has recently been very concerned about her weight, I found out because she is getting crap at school for being “anorexic”. I told her that obviously she wasn’t but she is taking it hard. Unfortunately I did not handle it well, as you mentioned I don’t understand what she is going through. A lot of it is that she is really shy and would never vocolize her feelings like you did, but you helped me realize what she is thinking. I am sending her this link and I hope that she reads it and it helps. So again TY.

  137. Reading this gave me the exact pick me up i needed. I completely agree with you about the double standards in our society, while it’s considered rude to tell someone that they’ve put on weight people tend to have nothing to hold back in telling someone they look ‘malnourished’ or ‘like a stick’ or instantly assuming they have an eating disorder.
    SORT YOUR IGNORANT LIVES OUT. get to know us and you’ll see that we eat five times what you would consider normal. i hate the society we live in, it makes me feel so bad about the way i look, and its even more frustrating when there is nothing you can physically do to change that.

  138. THANKYOUSOMUCH! I am so glad that i’m not the only one experiencing this. I’ve always been made fun of ever since i was little, because i have the skinniest arms and legs. They look like a baby’s arms, seriously… except my arms are really long and my hands are huge. I’m pretty tall too so people always assume that i’m anorexic. But i do eat a lot and i’m sick of people telling me that i look like a toothpick. Even teachers make fun of me. I just laugh along, but deep inside, my heart’s broken from their hurtful words. I’m asian too and i’m just genetically and naturally skinny. i’ve never seen anyone who’s skinnier than me. I always try to hide my skinny arms and legs with sweaters and pants, even if the weather’s hot. There’s never a day when i’m out in public, without people staring at me or asking me if i eat or telling me how skinny i am. i am sick of it! Everything you said here is exactly how i feel and it made me feel a little better. Thank you. ❤

  139. Thanks for this post :). My close friends have learned by now that I eat like a pig and understand I don’t gain weight, but others are always saying, “Shut up, you’re thin!!” I have to eat a lot so I don’t wake up like a walking skeleton the next morning :/. I have a tiny frame and I’m five foot so I think I match up quite well to my body but if I was any taller I’m sure I’d look like I have an eating disorder. Hahaha I think I’m frequently mistaken for a child as well 😛 and I’m Chinese with a baby face >.< so there's two problems! Too thin and too young looking! Either way people will point fingers at me negatively no matter what I say 😛

  140. Wow, I remember reading this when I first started highschool and now I’ve finished high school and on to university and it has been a heck of a ride!

    Im definately in the same boat as all you girls here. I remember all the way back in grade 6,7, and 8 when girls would ask if I ate, and how I’m so skinny.
    People say highschool is the best 4 years of your life, and I’m not going to counteract against that, but it has been the 4 years that has shaped me to be who I currently am today.

    Before high school started, I honestly never cared about how I looked. I would get the comments here and there, but I had my confidence level set high, I would do everything, wear anything, have fun, be with friends, and enjoy life.

    In grade 9, it all started off with a crush on a boy which ended up turning sour. Clearly my looks weren’t good enough for him, and I wasn’t “curvy” enough to love anyone or be loved by anyone.

    By grade 10 I was called a troll, a stick, breakable, anorexic, stupid, and words that made me cry every night. Family members would tell my mom that I need to eat, and to start feeding me. Guests who would come over would ask if I play any sports, and then interupt themselves and say “well obviously you can’t, you’re too small”. The confidence level I once had dropped to rock bottom.

    By grade 11, I finally stood up to that one person who kept calling me names and making my life miserable, and shut him up. This was probably the most difficult time for me as I had to listen to all the rumours and drama going on behind me.

    But if none of that happened, I would not… definately not be the person I am today. Friends have seen a drastic improvement in my confidence level as well.

    Bullied before, about my appeareance. I now stand up for any girl I see who is being bullied about her appearance, the way she looks, and how she acts. I always tell girls that confidence is key and I do NOT tolerate any sort of bullying. I walk with pride and I don’t let anyone publicly insult me about how I look or about the appearance of anyone else.

    Now, Im not any superwoman, so ofcourse I have my downtimes, and look at myself in the mirror once in a while and ask myself why I’m like this. But I’ve read a quote somewhere where it says

    “Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you appreciate what you had.”

    So ladies, be happy for who you are! Show the world you’re blessed to have your body and don’t let anyone bring you down. As I move on to another chapter in my life, I do have a fear of being torned down again by other students in university, but after these past four years, I’m confident I’ll be able to handle them much better than I was able to before.

    I love you all, and maybe I’ll write back another post after I’m done another 4 years after university =]


  141. I completely agree with you. I am 90 lbs., 5’2, and African American. It is a strong sterotype for black females to be super curvy from head to toe than here comes little old me with no hips and a 34 C bra size n i stick out like someone wearing hot pink at a funeral. People constantly ask questions, volunteer to put food on my plate after I’m clearly done, and oddly guys constantly compare me to their little sister and ask to pick me up constantly “too see how light i am :/ . People have even had the nerve to tell me I need to start having sex alot to gain weight (really rude considering i’m wating till marriage.). The thing I abslouelty hate though is when people gang up on me. They are all joking out of love, and some are really funnny (a guy claimed that when i get married I better not fight becuase I will lose, and my husband will be able to throw me to bed anytime he wants lol). But sometimes I feel like crawling in a hole when there is 10 people commenting on my weight at one time. I love your blunt attitude that I have not gained the courage to have yet. However, I have friends that love me and care deeply so I feel i can make it through.

    • These comments always make me feel better. I posted here before , a long time ago. I honestly still haven’t gained confidence about my weight. I’m black and hispanic as well which makes me more concious about being thin because I don’t have the “curves”. It’s one thing when other people make comments on me being skinny, but when family does it it makes me feel more worse about myself. I put myself down and I feel unattractive. I see girls at school that look at me in disgust. It’s not a good feeling. I always ask myself why couldn’t I have been a normal weight.

  142. I love you for your article. I am 5’4 and weigh 100 pounds and honestly I feel great. You can’t see my bones or my ribs. And I certainly don’t look bonny in a swim suit cause I asked my parents and grandparents Friends and they said I look just perfect. But my doctor is putting so much pressure on me, saying I’m super anorexic and stuff. My bmi is 17 but i’ve been thin all my life and no doctor helped me gain weight. And for all those “skinny cows” out there who call us anorexic, they should look at themselves first. I hate when they call me anorexic or they say : look, she’s so skinny. My doctor can’t believe that I’m naturally thin… She keep saying that I have anorexia or bulimia but don’t want to admit it. That’s so not fair!!! I’m tired of advertisements about weight loss pills and stuff… People out there should think about us too. We don’t call people “big” cause we don’t wanna hurt their feelings right? But how about us? Don’t we feel bad when they ask us if we ate something this week? They should have more respect and support for us too. This is the way we are :THIN or SLIM not skinny!!!!!! an anorexic is a person who doesn’t eat at all for days. We are eating, but we don’t like fats and fast food and stuff like that. I feel so much better that I’m not the only one. This is the first website that I found and I’m really happy there is one for people like us!

  143. Thank you for posting this. I understand completely. I have been tortured because of how skinny i am since i was in elementary school. Because of this i have developed a complex. Im 5’6 and 113 pounds. I eat more than most people i know yet people still want to believe i dont. They call me alien, twig and many other hurtful names. I am also of african american and hspanic heritage which makes it even harder for me because those 2 backgrounds are known for being curvier than most but im not. No one arounds me understands. My mom was skinny when she was younger but not as skinny as me. It sucks and although we cant understand what heavier people go through ,,, they cant understand what we go through either.

  144. Thank you for this post! I am 5″7 1/2, 16 years old and a size 0. I cannot stand it when people say “your a stick” or “put some meat on our bones”. I have a fast metabolism and have been a vegetarian my whole life (Indian). I cant help it if I can eat all day and not gain a pound. Yet, people from school and random people at airports and such give me dirty looks and judge me right away. Lovely people my age judge me as a person because of my weight. Its ridiculous. Im sorry but it is none of our faults that America is in a constant battle against obesity. Yet people go out of their way and give us the stink eye. I dont know how much longer this will persist but i wish our society would realize that we are people at the end of the day. I workout not to lose weight but to rather stay in shape. Society sucks. Thank you.

  145. Thank you for that! i am exactly the same here, naturally skinny and proud 🙂 but i think people are also jealous of our natural skinniness because we dont have to work for it and we can eat what we like 😉 so lets all remember, people want to be like that and when people say bad things about you, its because theyre jealous 😉 xxxx

  146. As soon as I read the the first paragraph, It was as if you were describing me. I totally agree. Like I don’t understand how people don’t see calling someone” Omg your like like a tooth pick , eat more” Is almost the same thing is telling a person that they’re fat and need to stop eating. I’m also asian, and very insecure because I’m really skinny, and get reminded of it like at least 5 times a day. It’s like not I don’t eat, I do actually alot 😛 But it’s just how my body is and clearly I’m not getting fatter. But it’s just an issue that has been bugging me for years. and reading this blog was the greatest thing I’ve read so far 😛 It’s nice to see someone who is going through the same thing I am.

  147. I think I am one of the few who loves being naturally slim. What’s to hate about being thin? Come on, girls! The fact that they make so many campaigns and write so many books targeted at fuller-figured people only is an indirrect message to them that ”you have it worse than the rest, so, why not we’ll just give you a peptalk to make you feel better about yourselves, since there is nothing you can do about it?”. Trust me, all these campaigns aren’t there to flatter anyone, they’re made out of pity. Truth is, it is well known that to be thin is still the hot thing today and the best accepted by most people. It is a priviledge. Most men still do ideally prefer a slender woman over an overweight one, or say fuller-figured. It’s why back 70+ years ago (the ad you put up) to be curvy (and the lady to the right on your ad is the TRUE impersonation of curvy; not today’s meaning of curvy, which is overweight basicly) was the hot thing of those days, and today, things stand differently, which is being thin is the thing. Lastly, but not least importantly, our bodies are built to be curvy, by NATURE. Even if you’re skinny, you are still curvy! You don’t have to have loads of excess fat to be curvy! Your very skelleton is built to be curvy, because you’re females. Fat rolls aren’t curves, nor are boobs stuffed with fat as well. Your curves are the shape of your hips and waist and butt and ribcage. It’s your body’s lines, and trust me, you all have it, naturally! Being skinny is absolutely awesome. Never really gave it too much thought, as I’m one of those naturally thin ones, but, if I think better, I’ve had it loads better than most of my bigger counterparts throughout my life. I seriously have nothing to complain about, and also don’t understand why you girls are complaining about it. Be confident, it adds to your sex appeal. ;-D Have fun!

  148. I actually read through ALL the posts above because it’s so damn awesome to see that I am not alone… I’m 30 years old, 5″10 and I weigh 120 pounds. I had a baby 14 months ago and I hoped and prayed that some of the weight I had gained (almost 30 pounds) would stick, but I am once again my skinny self. I was tormented by classmates growing up and that really made a huge impact on my self esteem. Thank you all for sharing your stories! My main goal now is not to gain weight, cause I’ve learned that that’s just not gonna happen, but to accept myself for who I am and what I look like!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

  149. Loved this post! Reading this I swear was like reading my mind hahaha (except for the food parts- I’m the type that binge eats everyday… I’m a fatty on the inside really). All these stupid, ignorant, jealous comments of hate need to stop! I’d had a hard time with it- being the skinny one in a group of a ‘politically correct labelled curvy’ chicks. What a freaking stupid double standard. Why are people allowed to have a go at me for being naturally slim and make such stupid insulting demeaning statements which I apparently am supposed to take as compliments and be grateful about and all these F’ed up ideas about skinny= unhealthy and anorexic, and real men like curves and all that.

    All of this BS which is supposedly normal and gets said all the time, and if I made one comment about someones stomach looking kinda big its all like oooooh what a bitch! ohh daaamn! did she just go there????

    Why the F am I meant to take all this? I usually just smile and laugh and make a throwaway comment- neither agreeing or disagreeing or half heartedly disagreeing. But if I really stood up for myself and make some logical, rational, fair argument- suddenly I would seem like some ungrateful, self-entitled bitch?

    Too bad. I’ve decided I’m not taking it anymore. Its time us naturally slim sexies got some respect and I’m gonna be part of the movement that gets it!!

  150. Also guys- a sweet as site for you all –
    Check it out 🙂 Its a site for naturally slim people- interesting articles and vids and you can read and post stories about this kinda thing

  151. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one. I’m 19 and suffer from the same problem. The worst is when your own friends go on about it. Some other thin people, who should be taking my side, come up to me and say things like ‘Oh you make me feel healthy!’ So what’s that supposed to mean? Thin people are not healthy? I’m so tired of people and their comments. I have finally embraced who I am, and most of the time just try to ignore what people say. Still, it’s hurtful and really hits my self-esteem. But I keep telling myself that everyone gets one body, all you can do is rock that body and give a damn about what the world says 😀

  152. I am fourteen I am 5″2 and 90 pounds, and I get so many people talling me “you are soooooooo skinny” I get this crap at least once a week from my peers and it is really starting to get on my nerves, when I tell my mom how testy these comments make me she just tells me things like “Just take it as a complement”. I don’t want to be rude tell them mean comments about their weight or be a drama queen and be insulted for someone calling me thin! I am not sure what to do. I eat six meals a day and I still get crap!
    I know that muscle looks better when you ‘re thin but I am a skier and have been so for over seven years and I have muscle but my body type just dosn’t show it unless I flex.

  153. Being a thin girl myself, I absolutely loved this article. I feel like quite often thin girls are down graded as being anorexic when people just don’t know the whole story. Also, I would just like to say that I have been a vegetarian for 3 years and I think your doctor’s pulling crap over on you about that one. Vegetarian diets are one of the healthiest diets you can have and if you need to increase you fat intakes do it by consuming nuts, seeds, or plant oils, not animal fats which contain higher amounts of cholesterol.

  154. Wow thank you for posting this! It made me feel really good about myself. I’m 16 years old, 5″3 and 88 lbs. I used to be 85 lbs and I almost cried when I gained 3 lbs. I was so happy. When I was younger I used to hate my skinny body so much that I never, ever wore a t-shirt or shorts. I got picked on so much. I developed curves pretty late because of my low body fat, and I got picked on about that as well. Those skinny- comments are hurtful and they make me feel disgusting and definitely not sexy. At all. My normal sized friends keep telling me how skinny I am, and I can’t even say that I don’t want to be like this without them getting angry at me. Once, a slightly plump guy said: “Oh my god you’re so skinny, just like a model! You’re so perfect! Do you have any tips on losing weight?” I just laughed it off. Inside I was exploding. It wasn’t the first time I was asked for weight losing tips. Can’t they see that I am STRUGGLING with my weight? That I have to eat loads and loads to keep my current weight? I guess not. But I bet they would get really angry if I’d ask how they manage to stay so fat.

    • That’s cute, Lia. Asking them for tips on staying fat. You just go ahead and continue being cute and slim, and let them say what they will. Consider the source. Jealousy.

  155. I loved reading this article! Not one day in my life goes by without someone Commenting on how skinny I am and how they will break me, but now I know I’m not the only one 🙂 I mean what if you did always comment on another person being fat, how would that make them feel? Just like they cant loose weight we can’t gain it. Thank you so much for writing this! All the time in school my friends have to comment and me being 14 makes it ht to handle but reading this made me happy! Thanks!

  156. I know exactly how all you naturally thin girls feel because I also have the same problem. I am 34 years old, 5″4 and my natural body weight is around 81 pounds (37 kilos). I tried everything I possibly could to gain weight, including eating excessive amounts of junk food everyday, but I could still not gain a bloody kilo. The only thing I did gain was extremely high cholesterol and several repeat prescriptions for cholesterol lowering medication (and I was only 16 years old at the time). I got so depressed about my weight or lack thereof that my doctor ended up putting me on antidepressants, and thank God he did because I started to put on weight and put it on quite quickly. I now weigh 121 pounds (55 kilos). I have to take the medication everyday otherwise I start losing the weight again quite rapidly. Yes, I have to deal with all the other side effects that go hand in hand with antidepessants, but for me personally, it is a small price to pay.

    *Please note that I am not encouraging anyone to start taking antidepressants if you really don’t need them.

  157. OH THANK YOU SO MUCH! I thought I was the only one who felt like this. One of my friend, who is normal-sized, is always saying how she looks so fat next to me, and constantly telling me to eat more. None of my friends understand how I could lose weight (not intentionally) and always saying I am anorexic. I eat like a normal person! Also, I am a dancer, but I get insults from people saying I am too skinny to dance and I look awkward, and all that crap. I try explaining that I can’t control it, but nobody understands me.

    So, thank you! I love your post! I will accept myself for who I am <333333

    • Janet, I’m a photographer, and my specialty is belly dancers, in live performance. The thinner dancers are SO much easier to get good shots of, nothing to try to hide, they can do things that create folds on a heavier dancer. I LOVE slim dancers! Which is NOT to say that some of the, shall we say, more robust, dancers aren’t extremely beautiful, just that people need to get over this anti-slim nonsense.

  158. Wow finally someone stands up for us slim girls…im 16 5’0 and weigh hispanic and all of my relatives are on the heavy side which puts me under pressure ,i get tired of people always saying “oh your so skinny” “EAT” like it annoys me…i have tried evrything to gain weight but I cant go over 90..oh well

  159. I’m 38 yrs old with 2 kids, 5’3″ 95 lbs. I’ve gotten these kind of comments my whole life. When I was younger, I felt embarrassed. Later, I felt like I had to apologize for my unearned build. Now I’m just comfortable in my own skin. Someone makes a comment, I just smile and say, “It’s genetic. Runs in my family. I’ve nothing to do with it. Just born this way.” No apologies or defensiveness or even pride needs to be communicated. But it’s the truth too– if my parents had been big-boned Germans, I’d likely have a much different build and a different metabolism. I find that saying this seems to disarm people and help them realize that genetics really can play a big part in body structure.

    • AFlores,
      would you happen to know what your BMR(basal metabolic rate aka resting metabolic rate) is, and your body fat level? Are you a picky eater or a ‘normal’ eater? How much do you exercise?
      I am the fitness coach for my family, and I am having difficulty helping my wife(5’2″) and daughter(5’8″) to manage their fat level. I have read all of the medical and fitness literature and the only solution before me is for them to exercise to the point where they would have joint problems later in life…. which is not an option as far as I am concerned.
      So when I come across someone like you, I am intrigued as to the math behind your Natural Skinnyness. Do Naturally Skinny people have a higher than normal BMW?!
      Any information you give is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.

  160. I’m 15, 5’9 and 106 pounds… I hate being skinny its my biggest insecurity. I have no girl friends because they will never like me just for personality. I’m so stressed about school that i don’t always eat a lunch but at home ill raid the fridge. I just started modeling but that doesn’t help my situation with the girls jealousy -.-
    I’ve always been bullied for being skinny and I’ve been to a new school each year just to avoid getting beaten up again… im sensitive 😦
    I hate my body so much
    People ask me if i ever fly away when the weather gets bad
    As if high school wasn’t hard enough.

    I’ve been;
    Beaten up
    Spit on
    Chased down the hallway buy group of 20 people etc
    Cyber bullied
    Life threatened
    Yelled at buy complete strangers

    Good thing guys don’t hate me cause i have a never endless list of guy friends… i just cant talk to them the same way

    • Jenny,
      I am trying to figure out why Naturally Skinny people are that way. Do you know your BMR level(basal metabolic rate aka resting metabolic rate)?
      Are you a picky eater? Do you exercise a lot?

      • I eat like just as much as anyone else
        but sometimes, when im stressed i just cant eat. It makes me sick
        Im not really picky. I love vegetables and a fair share of junk food.
        How do i find out my BMR level?

    • So sorry to hear you are going through tough times! I know what it feels like. High school was awful for me too, but college was so much better!
      If you need people to talk to, there is a blog called the skinny girl problems. It’s turning into a supportive online community for naturally thin girls.

      I also have a blog where I like to share the things I have learned and give advice. Hope that these help!


  161. I am really glad to have found this blog conversation…. First of all, let me say that I am male(a husband & father).

    I became the fitness coach for my family after losing my parents to health problems resulting from obesity. Everyone in my family exercises regularly and our diets are meticulous, however, my wife and daughter are finding it unexpectedely difficult to lose excess fat; they are not ‘obese’; they each need to about lose 20lbs of fat. I need to lose 15l more pounds.

    The reason that I am writing this comment is that despite the fact that I know all of the published science and fitness information, I am not able to make it work for my family…. without resorting to excess exercise which is not good for longterm health.

    I have read hundres of article and papers and textbooks on health and fat loss, and I have yet to find where even the simplest of studies have been done on Naturally Skinny people such as yourselves.

    The standard claim is that, “Natually Skinny have very fast metabolisms”. However, has anyone thought to verify if this is true or false? Does anyone on this blog know her or his BMR(aka basal metabolic rate aka resting metabolic rate)? If so, please let us know what your BMR is, your height, your weight, how much you exercise, and basically how much you eat.

    BMR is how many calories your body uses when at rest, so it is your minium calorie usage, before you do anything much less exercise. If you are curious to know your BMR, I can post information as to how you can have it tested.

    Amy, would you be willing to create a thread along these lines where we can all compare the science behind Natural Skinniness?

    • I found this site before I found this one and they had a video that you might like to see on the front page. If not maybe there’s a blog or something that might help.

  162. i am naturally skinny, too, and people (even my friends) tell me to get more “meat on my bones” or grossly exaggerate my weight, like saying i weigh 50 pounds. I feel soooo much better now because I felt like I was the only one! (No one I know seems to be my type of skinny.) My mom was always thin so i guess im like her. Anyway, thanks you guys! 🙂


  163. About the convo about why people are naturally skinny, I used to not eat a lot because I just got full easily, but now i eat a lot. Yet, I still seem to be about the same weight. How do you find out your BMR?

  164. THANK YOU!!! I am so tired of people commenting on my weight and making an issue out of it. To me it is just harrassment at times. I dealt with that at an employer where people who were supervisors to me made comments and talked about my weight as if it was an issue. Can’t stand it. Wrong

  165. Finally! Thank you for posting this! I agree, why can larger women make fun of us, but when we say anything it’s rude! ALL body shapes are beautiful! Ours included. I
    So sick of everyone watching me to see if I eat. Im not anorexic, I just have a naturally small appetite. I don’t see how that’s an issue. And if people can mak comments to me, why, exactly, can’t I make a comment about the fat girl who honestly ate more for lunch than I ate in a week?

  166. AMEN! I can’t agree enough about what you’re saying. It’s like whenver I just ate a huge meal, and then go to someones house and I don’t eat a HUGE meal they’re like “GOD! You have to eat more your soooo skinny!” I’ve always been naturally thin and I hate that when people see us girls, they auttomaticly think “Aneorexic” or “Bulimia”. I do like to embrace that i’m naturally thin and can eat anything without gaining wait, but nonetheless it stings when someone makes a comment about your body. At least I know i’m not alone 😉

    • Summer, looking at your Gravatar, you have nothing to be ashamed, or apologetic about. You’re fine. The people who call you anorexic have no idea what it even means. You just keep on being who you are, there are plenty of people out here that appreciate you without question.

  167. I get skinny comments thrown at me even though I don’t consider myself skinny. I’m healthy and fit, I wear a size 6 . I’m 5’6″ and weigh 140lbs. My measurements are 36-26-36. Fortunately for me I have genes that gave me a nice body shape and people tend to assume I weigh alot less than I actually do.
    I have boobs and an ass! But somehow… I’m so skinny and shouldn’t watch what I eat or workout! Its all bunk is what I say. Everyone should do as they please and stay out of others “bod” biz ! 🙂

  168. Omg I am so happy there are others out there! I am fourteen I am 87 pounds and I am 5’2. I get so much CRAP! When I try and vent about how I wish I could gain, people either give me this come on really? look or the say stuff like “your so lucky wouldn’t you rather be thin then fat?” I always get girls who have more meat on their bones saying stuff like “are you aneroxic?” I meaN really why can I not be natrually thin and not get flack for it? I have been skinny my entire life and so was my mom. I wish people would stop cracking jokes because it reaaly does hurt and it is not a complment to say “your so skinny, I could break you”. Why does no one get that?

  169. Im 15 and im like super skinny .. i get tired of all my friends that are girls telling me i need to eat corn bread , or damn girl your tiiiny! that pisses me off. but when i read this i was glad that im not the only one going through this . those fat people are just jelous. But when i read this it made me not care about what they think. because God made me this way!

  170. Thank you SO MUCH for this! People are constantly harping on my weight, size, etc and calling me anorexic. Its as if they don’t see any other explanation for it. But, its good to know that I’m not alone. Once again, THANK YOU!!

  171. I am also very skinny with a BMI of 16. My bra size is 65 A. I mention this to give you all an idea of how “unwomanly” i am according to those who quote “real women have curves”. The thing is I have been skinny ALL my life!!! When I was younger and other people commented how I looked anorexic I just accepted it as a joke. I get teased all the time by people around me. Now that I am already 30 years old and still getting hurtful rude remarks like this I really feel like throwing my heels at them. I always keep my cool and smile when they start saying this but I don’t know how long I can keep it on as the urge to snap at them is getting stronger and stronger each time. My patience is running really low. Especially close friends and relatives who have known me for decades, don’t they have the brains to realise that this is my natural physique since they have been seeing me skinny my whole life? And 90% of new people I meet comments about my weight and some even go to the extent of saying out front that bamboo stick thin girls like me are so unattractive. WTF? I could have thrown back an insult to their face saying that fat flabby pigs like them are spoiling the human gene pool with their diseases. No I wouldn’t do that, just venting out all my pent up anger and frustration. Its really getting to me and my self esteem is at an all time low. How do I respond if I get these vicious remarks in future? Any ideas? I wanna be sweet and sarcastic, but not offensive… if that’s even possible… Hahaha

  172. Oh Amy, I really know how u feel. I am also an Asian and my aunties say the same thing to me. And points 1 to 4 happens to me too. My height is 165cm and my weight fluctuates 41-46kg depending ( stress, emotional status etc ). And I don’t wear push up bras, I am flat chested and I do not want to lie about it. Thin girls have small boobs ( or none.. Haha ). That’s just reality. If a guy truly loves me for who I am then he will love me, with or without boobs.

  173. You’re an anomaly, that’s why you’re pointed out, commented on and all that. It happens to girls that have huge boobs too AND it happens to overweight people too.

    You get picked on by girls with “meat on their bones” (see what I did there?) because they would like to be small like you, maybe they’re jealous, whatever…doesn’t matter. There’s skinny girls that are jealous of curvy girls, maybe not obese girls…but..say a size 8? size 10? and there’s plenty of size 6s that wish to be 2s.

    When I feel like shit about my size and happen to see an overweight person I instantly feel bad because I know they see me and may wish they could be even my size. I’m not saying this out of conceit, because I see skinny girls and wish I could be their size. I know the feeling.
    No, I’m not skinny. No, I’m not fat. I’m in between with the propensity of gaining rather than losing, so I have to exercise and watch what I eat. I like my size, but I wish I erred more on the loses-weight-too-easily side just so I could eat a big ass piece of chocolate cake every once in a while without worrying about it going straight to my ass if I don’t do an hour on the elliptical.

    See, retaining fat and not losing weight quickly is a reflection of a perfectly working metabolism. People that are naturally skinny or are obese (should I just say “naturally fat”?) are anomalies, the metabolism is not working how it should. The problem is we have lots of different kinds of food and places to get those foods about every 100 feet. We also have cars, trucks and machines to do work for us so we aren’t expelling as many calories.

    There’s benefits to every body size, even obese.Majorly overweight and obese people are less likely to die from crushing or impact damage in car accidents since there’s more cushioning around the organs. Skinny people, your thinness is aesthetically pleasing and you may attract more mates with better resources (looks, money, etc), normal and slightly overweight people-more likely to survive famine, disease and life in general.

  174. Love this article! The hardest thing is the little to no support we get. Many people don’t realize that not only are we bullied, we are HATED. There’s a real difference between making fun of someone and targeting someone with real malice/jealousy/envy behind it.
    In the US because obesity is the norm, we stick out even more. When I studied abroad in South Korea, it was the first time I felt really good about my body and felt that I fit in, and I’m not even Asian! You don’t realize the stress you are carrying until you’re in a society where thin is normal. For example:

    – Walking into a clothing store, finding clothes that actually FIT or were too small, and not getting death glares from other women

    – Ordering a salad at a restaurant without people complaining, rolling their eyes, etc.

    – People approaching me to compliment me on my figure, NOT telling me I have an eating disorder

    – Seeing women like me more often (even my roommate was my size)

    – Going to the bathroom AFTER a meal without getting mocked by other women

    My heart felt so light knowing that I could go out into society and just have fun! I didn’t have to worry about being harassed or hated. It was pretty nice, and I hope to get back there soon!

    Anyway, inspired my trip I decided to create a tumblr ( to help naturally thin women. Currently I’m writing about how I gained weight and maintained it, but I hope to add a lot more in the future. If I can help just one more woman, it will all be worth it!
    Stay beautiful ladies!

  175. Thanks for this post because I thought I was alone. People have been evil to me my whole life. I just now started feeling a little better because I’m realizing I’m not alone and I’m weight lifting and adding muscle to my body. It sounds like most of us if not all in this blog are a body type known as ectomorph. We are naturally lean and have to work triple as hard than the average person to maintain or gain weight due to a hyper fast metabolism. Look up the term on for an understanding of your body-type. I would not object to a yearly summit or conference of “naturally thin” women so we can support each other and form support groups .. I don’t want anyone to end up prediabetic with high cholesterol and blood pressure problems because they ate themselves sick like I did just to get people to shut up. People are evil. Tell them off right away and keep it moving. Like I’ve read in another blog recently, people won’t stop if they aren’t told its wrong and rude to comment on someone’s weight. How I look should only be the business of myself and God. and God has no problem with his creation, so why should other idiotic humans? Tell those fools if they need help with their insecurities there’s a church at every corner with a potential counseling program.

  176. People don’t think; as a whole they have been taught that pleasing plump is good and it is hard for them to get out of that mindset. Doctors are not taught how to help you gain weight they are only taught how to help you loose weight because that is how a lot of people are. The trend is to super size your food and that is how everyone thinks. One time a random person came up to me and said you are soooo skinnnny! I just said I know in a low sexy growl and she looked at me so funny and hurried away. She looked back over her shoulder but kept going. I couldn’t help but laugh. Another time someone said your skinny, I said so, you’re rude and she acted like I slapped her and that I was the one in the wrong, I just stared her down and then she realized I was right and walked off. So you can put someone in their place without being awful about it.

    There was a woman on youtube that was very thin and she was commenting about it and I couldn’t believe how mean people were to her on their comments, they were horrible. Grownups can be just as mean and thoughtless as kids. Usually when someone says something and you tell them that you are on a see food diet they usually laugh and shut up, if not then they ask questions just tell them that you have a harder time gaining weight than they do loosing it and they just walk off. But some people are really interested because it isn’t normal for people to be so thin and they want to know about it, maybe get some tips for loosing weight and you can ask for some to gain weight, it just depends on how it is discussed.
    Don’t have a chip on your shoulder and you might make a friend.
    Sometimes you can just say “do you know how many times I’ve heard that” and they will change the subject. Or “if I had a penny/dime/quarter (which ever) I’d be a millionaire by now”. Or “since you made a comment about my weight should I make a comment about yours?”
    If you just get someone to think about what they said they usually feel pretty stupid and either leave you alone or have a good laugh at themselves.

    For the people at work, have them help you gain weight by bringing you food.

  177. I’m also naturally skinny, and it actually feels really bad when everyone thinks you’re sick or anorexic and tells you to eat more, and gain weight… I can’t gain weight, even if I try. And I can’t find ANY clothes that will fit me (I live in Norway and the clothes are really big here), so when I was in New York, where I thought I could MAYBE find something, I tried some pants in 00 and it was WAY to big . I feel bad for overweight people who gets bullied, but it’s not that fun to be really skinny either… I seriously thought I was the only one who thought so..

  178. Oh please, all of you! This is such a waste of energy!! Why do you have to constantly talk about and whine about your body weight, whatever it is! “Naturally thin, naturally thick–don’t you have anything else in your lives to think about—especially women! How come MOST guys don’t sit around talking about their weight all the time–notice I didn’t say all because I know some exceptions! Talk about what you love , what good work you do , how you make a difference in the world you inhabit. If others want to bitch and moan about weight tell them that this subject doesn’t interest you and to develop some conversation that will put the diet industry out of business! All of us have some cross to bear–we need to do it with some grace. Either work on your weight or don’t work on it, but make your decision and live with it.

    • Its not moaning. Were venting, its nice to have someone that can relate to your situation, and while youre talking, what are YOU doing to make tjis world a better place? ……. Exactly.

  179. Oh, what a great topic. I’ve been skinny my whole life. I am now 37 and have 4 kids. The comments I would get were just pure ignorant. Now, because for some reason all my babies had a huge birth weight I will now need belly surgery because my small frame could barely hold those huge babies in. I have muscle diastasis and two hurnia’s. Fat girls do have the “child bearing hips” Anyway, I was looking this topic up because one of my daughters has inherited the “skinny gene”. I’m looking for information on this topic because like all skinny girls who were ridiculed we know it comes from a pure ignorant place and do we want to move down to that level or should we educate the fatties?

  180. Wow. I just found this blog today and I have to admit I have never, ever thought of naturally thin girls as having a problem. I am 5″7 and 200 pounds, I am doing everything I can to be thin, including learning to think like a thin person, exercising and eating healthy. Although I have never mentioned to anyone how thin they were (because I wouldn’t want anyone telling me how fat I was either, and it’s not my business anyway) I never, ever dreamed that thin girls were the target of such hate and rudeness. Thanks to all of you for opening my eyes. I have always been made fun of because of my weight too, I was always the biggest girl in my crowd, even at 130 pounds, with large breasts that people made fun of too. It’s terrible how society treats women, no matter how thin or fat they are. We are always expected to live up to some unrealistic ideal that always seems to be the opposite of what each of us actually looks like! I’ve started exercising and eating healthy and I love it. I thank all of you thin girls out there for opening my eyes to the reality of being thin. I look forward to being thin, and I’m just going to tell anyone who comments on my weight or figure, whether it’s fat or thin, JUST SHUT UP. And smile and walk away. Seriously, you are all beautiful, skinny gals. And you’re right, most of the fat girls are all jealous of you as hell! Rock on!

  181. I wanted to thank you for this post. ive been having trouble in highschool (just the whole not fitting in concept) im petite and quite thin and have low confidence when it comes to body image (i hate wearing shorts and skirts). people often remark on my skinny legs and yes it’s hard, discouraging, and sickning to know that people can be so cruel others personal weight. but know you are not alone, and all these comments have proved that! i am trying to disregard what all these people say to me. I know I am healthy, smart, and beautiful, and none of these nasty remarks will hurt me or any of you! We are stronger than how others want us to feel!!!

  182. Love this article. Love the comments.
    People, lets stand up for ourselves yeah? Not start a ‘fat’ VS. ‘skinny’ war or anything but just NOT take this BS anymore and next time someone makes a stab at us- simply defend ourselves. 🙂

    Its hilarious- I’m slim but I know if I went to a modelling agency or ballet dance studio I would probably be considered fat. Yet I still get these unnecessary skinny comments most times I go out…! WHY. …

  183. Thankyou so much for writing this! I think that skinny girls get just as much stick as fat girls do (and no, calling someone ‘fat’ is not offensive, it is merely stating the obvious, otherwise it should also be considered offensive to call someone ‘skinny’). Because people have always desired to be slim, the media now seems to portray skinny as ‘wrong’, and fat as ‘right’, with the latter being called ‘real women’. These people don’t seem to understand that this is actually very offensive to those who are thin, and the world seems to have some kind of desire to protect those who are fat and slate those who are thin, as if we don’t have feelings and we deserve it because we have the desired size. NO. This is wrong. if we called skinny people ‘real women’ and fat women ‘beached wales’ (we get called ‘skeletons’ etc – so we’re dead now are we?) there would be an uproar, and we’d be called the worst things imagineable.
    So just because we’re naturally slim, the world thinks we have no feelings and can’t be classed as real women. Wow. People are hypocrites.

    So to round up, I don’t have a problem with the size of people. They can be whatever size they like (although of course, extremes going either way are unhealthy). Whatever you’re natural size is is always best, whether that’s a size 4 or size 16 (I don’t know what nationality people are on here, but I’m talking in British sizes), and as long as you’re healthy it really doesn’t matter. So us skinny gals should be proud of our bodies, proud of our health and proud of who we are!

  184. I HATE when people tell me im anorexic! or questio me about my eating habits! its not like i go up to them and ask how much they eat!! i really dont understand why they think its ok -_- i used to be so self confident and love my body, but as a teenager all these people made me think i was ugly and that i looked like a little girl. ive leared to no longer care and love my body the way it is , but sometimes it does hurt to hear that you arent desireable . im so glad there are people out there just like me

    • I’m an entertainer and professional photographer. I spent last Saturday night in the middle of a crowd of the most beautiful women ever, at a masquerade ball. There were women there that were VERY thin, well under 100 pounds, and women that were larger, all the way up to an absolute Amazon, well over 6′ tall, and not exactly thin. They were ALL beautiful, ALL fun to play with, and I enjoyed ALL of them. They were ALL real women! Real women come in a wide variety of sizes, regardless of what is popular to say these days.

  185. I find alot of you very rude and ignorant. Im glad that your happy your ‘naturally thin’ bodies but you dont have to make others feel like crap. Us ” fat ” / curvy girls arent trying to offend you. Yes we are jealous of your body types, but you dont have to make us feel terrible about it. I would never ever call anyone anorexic… that is really mean. But, i find that alot of you are being extremely rude.. ” Those fat girls are just jealous ” that is the meanest thing i have ever heard anyone say. We are jealous but we should not be put down for that. Alot of people in my school are very thin ( a large majority ) i used to cry myself to sleep becuase i thought i was too big. But everyone is born with different bodies types. Be proud of your without putting others down.

  186. Larger girls have more to be insecure about . The media only shows skinny/thinner and curvy girls feel they need to fit right in with that standard of being thin. Shouldnt you feel accepted then? Its not like all you see on magazines or television is fat people.. its the complete opposite.

  187. People have no idea how hard it is for skinny pll. I hate that” real women have curves” crap. Why do u jave to build up your self esteem at the cost of others?

  188. OMG! Finally!! I’m so happy to finally see someone write about this issue..I have been dealing with this my whole life and I can’t stand it when people assume that just because I’m thin I do unhealthy things to be that way. @Kkatya, AGH! You have no idea how I hate that too.. just because it’s dificult for you to lose weight doesn’t mean that you should find a way to make someone else feel bad because you can’t. Also, the last time I checked curves did not include big women, because thin girls have curves too.

  189. @Summer You’re just being ridiculous. It’s awful for a bunch of heavier women to make fun of us for being skinny but yet we can’t say anything about them because then we’re awful people. Yes, we should feel good about ourselves, the only thing that should matter really is if you’re healthy you should love yourself. I am proud to be skinny and I can’t say that I have felt that way all my life because of people who would always ask me why I was so skinny? what did I do to make myself that way? or accuse me of being anorexic and the last time I checked accusing someone of something like that wasn’t a compliment. Also, this is one blog post of very few ones compared to all the other ones bashing skinny women and accusing them of not being “real women.”

  190. Hey, Victoria i come from the uk and i’m 5’9ft and weigh around 8 stone and i find it almost impossible to put weight on, i hate but hi that’s me and really can’t change the way i am. I would love to get to know some of you guys because it it would be nice to have a friend who understands what i have to put up with everday in regards to my weight. xx

  191. I’ve been ranting about this for awhile. I’m 5’1″, 88 pounds, with 30-23-33.5 measurements. I didn’t choose to be this way; I just am. Lately I’ve been reading about “skinny privilege”, and how thin girls not only do not have aright to complain about their bodies, but that they deserve hatred and jealousy because they are slim. and therefore, privileged. Uhm, hello, we don’t all look like Victoria’s Secret models! Being skinny didn’t exclude me from growing up with bad acne. It doesn’t mean I have perfect teeth and flawless hair. Being skinny doesn’t mean I get to not pay my bills or go through checkouts faster or buy gas cheaper. My every-day life is no different from anyone else’s. Believe me, I feel less than privileged when I get directed to the kids department for a bra or when I am told by a store that they don’t carry my size! It’s not a privilege to have people make snarky comments about you or tell you that you aren’t attractive because “real women have curves and only dogs go for bones”. I try to be happy with my body but I have just as hard a time with it as any other woman. No one deserves to be put down because of their body type.

    • This is an old article but I can’t resist commenting. I’m 20 years old, 5’7 and 99 lbs, and I used to be so ashamed of myself but now I love my skinnyness!!! Of course I always got the comments like “she’s anorexic” or “do you not eat”, but I’ve also received some very flattering comments about my weight. Once, at a graduation party, I had passed by an elderly woman and the first thing she said was “wow your so thin, you’re beautiful like a model!”, which was nice because there were other girls there and they didn’t get that kind of praise at all. And I think any skinny girl would feel good about that compliment lol! I’m also a ballet dancer and I’ve often been complimented on my thin beautiful physique by some other dancers. Actually, dancing (particularly ballet) is very uplifting for a skinny girls body image, because The chances are that you will be the same size as most of the other girls, I suggest it to any thin girls who feel badly about their bodies. I mean, the insults do hurt, but there are definatley compliments that come with thinness. And look at it this way; a skinny girl may be insulted but they are also praised for their bodies- an obese girl will most likely just be insulted for her body, never praised.

  192. thank you!!! i think you are my new hero because i am a girl who is also asian who is under weight but naturally skinny….. i am 5.1 in. tall and i weight 79 lb…….. my waist size is 25(normal) but my wrist size is only 6.5!!!!!my leg is 11 in. and my thigh is 13 in. i am always called skinny and they say you need to eat more so when im at a restaurant with my family they always add more to my plate even though i already ate 2-3 plates!!! when i go with my friends i always eat the most and they still say your so skinny you need to eat more… im sick a tired of being called skinny and thin my old friends use to nickname me bag of bones… it really hurts being called skinny….. its really hard to find clothes too!!! they almost ever have my size because all the cute dresses are to big for me!!!! my size is still the kids section… because of my size i dont go shopping with my friends because its so embarrassing… my friends complain all the time about being to fat and how they are the fattest person in the world and they start complaining about them self right in front of me… i turn around and tell them they are perfect size because they are normal size and say its not good being skinny either you know but they just look at me and say why are you complaining you have the perfect body i would do anything to have your body size!!!!…..when your overweight you still have people who are like you everywhere, same with normal weight but when underweight naturally its hard to find someone to talk to dont get to play sports too, i am always left out or picked on a bad team because they are all afraid i will brake a bone..and i LOVE SPORTS….. i am sick of being called perfect when im not, i get so full i cant walk, not being able to do something i love, and not being able to fit in clothes that are MY AGE!!!! ……. i just wish people would know that calling someone skinny isnt always a good thing, i want someone to see what it feels like to be called skinny all your life…. i try to just on weight!!!! i eat about 5 meals a day!!!!! and it always stays the same…….. its easy to become skinny and overweight when your born normal weight but when your naturally skinny and try to put on weight its almost impossible!!!….. anyways i just feel like someone finally understands alittle that being skinny isnt the best thing. you should be proud in who you are and dont judge other people…… i am someone who is naturally skinny and dont know how to fix it..please stop calling people who are naturally skinny skinny because we have heard it all our lives………and it just makes us depressed… >w<

  193. Thanks for this post. It is just exactly what I want to tell people! I’m glad that I’m not alone. I get doctors telling me that I need to gain more weight, and it’s annoying. You would imagine that being in the medical profession, they should know that just being in the “healthy” weight range doesn’t make you healthy. I don’t have an eating disorder nor do I have a restricted diet. I’m happy with my body. I just wish there’s a campaign for us skinny girls who struggles to gain weight, so people don’t automatically label us as bulimic or anorexic.

  194. good on you ladies! I only really camee here for help with my english debate about being skinny but after reading this, I feel for you guys. I’m not a naturally skinny person but now i see where you guys are coming from. My best friend is naturally skinny (shes asian too) and admitidly i did tease her for a while but I’ve seen just how many people say this kind of crap and I dont do it anymore!

  195. OMG, i thought i was the only person on the planet had the skinny gene, found the skinny comments to b hurtful and boring. i dont feel so alone, you have just made my day, thankyou. i am 46 and have been hearing this all my life. “are you ill, you are sooooooo skinny”. my weight has not changed since i was 15. yes i would like to b a bit fuller, but its not going to happen. you gotta love it when people ask ( the mother in law) what DO YOU weigh.

  196. I’ve enjoyed reading this….i am also a naturally slim girl and I’m a 20 year old black female… So sometimes people EXPECT me to get bigger and be thicker… This has really boosted my confidence a bit and I really thank you … What really gets me is the do you eat question!!!?? … Like no shit I’m alive aren’t I .
    jeez thank you again tho 🙂

  197. I found this article to be a bit rude. It makes it sound as if all curvy girls or large girls are all jealous and mean. Just as there are larger girls who are jealous, thus making mean remarks, there are skinny people who are just as mean to larger girls. I’ve had skinny people give me disgusted looks and they make you feel shameful to eat anything in public, even fruit. With 80% of my friends being Asian girls who also have super fast metabolisms, it feels HORRIBLE to be sitting next to them while they’re eating junk food and saying how it’ll go straight to their thighs even though they don’t get fat. I’ve had several naturally skinny people tell me I was fat, “for the good of me.” I, on the other end, have to eat only 500 calories a day in order to lose a healthy 1-2 lbs per week.

    I know you, the author, don’t like receiving comments coming from jealousy or in regards to things you can’t change, but we, fat girls, are in the same position (but worse when you take the media into account).

    In my eyes, at least skinny people, naturally thin or not, can find clothes to wear, can eat and enjoy anything and not have to be afraid that their fat will jiggle at the gym.

    I just felt like this article was the equivalent of someone healthy complaining that they can’t get sick.

  198. I can’t thank you enough for writing this!

    I’ve dealt with others criticizing how skinny I was my whole life. The worst I ever received was at my first job. I was working as a receptionist at a university in the admissions department. Most of my coworkers had weight issues, which a lot of people do. I don’t judge them for it in anyway, we all have our struggles with our appearance and I empathize with them. Though, they all felt like it was okay to accuse me of being bulimic/anorexic. I was horrified that my manager(s) nor HR did anything about it. They’re response was “Well… are you?”. Unfortunately, the accusations never stopped. I heard it from the day I was hired to the day my position was eliminated due to reduction in force.

    It is what it is, I guess.

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