Randomly random randomness

The title says it all. There’s nothing exciting to write about. Sometimes my life feels like such a bore. No, that’s not true. Not sometimes. ALL THE TIME. It’s all as dull as dishwater. So vanilla. So beige. So B. O. R. to the I. N. G! B. O. R. to the I. N. G! Woo!

See? Even a stupid cheerleading song couldn’t spice it up. *sigh*

Anyway, yesterday the cutest customer came to visit. A two-year-old darling who’s called In-ta, only speaks Korean and often looks at me with bewildered eyes. She’s so cute I had serious thoughts of stealing her and reimbursing her Mum with my whole storeful of beads! Do you think that’s a fair deal? They’ve been here a few times now so In-ta’s overcome her shyness and doesn’t cling to her Mum any more, but would run around the shop touching things. She loves climbing out of her stroller, puts her teddy bear in the seat and does up all the safety straps. So the bear doesn’t fall off and hurt his bum, see? Yesterday Mr. Bear stayed at home and accompanying her was a PINK toy baseball, so the ball received the same treatment – sitting in the stroller with seatbelts and all!

At one stage In-ta pointed at some sparkling crystals and for a good 2 minutes, proceeded to tell me a very long animated story that I did not understand a word. Then I sat on the floor and said “Come here” and she ran really fast towards me and gave me the SWEETEST HUG around my neck. And I just melted! PP-SSHHH, right there and then, into a mushy heap on the floor. And then, AND THEN, she did a poo-poo! 🙂 Which, needless to say, stank the whole place and made her Mum’s face go all red. And they had to hurry home because Mum’d forgotten to bring a spare nappy. But I didn’t mind it one bit. (Although obviously, the shop had to be aired for a good 15 minutes afterwards.) That‘s how adorable she is!

Anyhoo. Right now I’ve got “Wild horses” on repeat again. Not the original Rolling Stones version though, but the soulful duet by Alicia Keys and Adam Levine. Yup, I realised that I have to rave about this song on a regular basis. Sorry, can’t help it. I don’t know what exactly it is, that makes me so addicted to it. The music, the lyrics, their voices. Everything! Dear Ms. Keys and Mr. Levine, why don’t you two just shove down my throat and rip off my heart and trample on it with soccer shoes? Why not? Just go ahead!

Here’s the clip:

She at the piano and he with the guitar! You know what, Alicia & Adam, here’s my heart in the mail, Registered International service with Australia Post. All you need is to get your mate Beckham to send over a few pairs of his shoes, then please just go ahead and GET ME OUT OF MY MISERY! Please!

~“I know I dreamed you, a sin and a lie…”~


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