I heart Cindy!

No, don’t you worry, disappointed in men as I am (and so she says), I haven’t decided to “swing the other way” yet. So all the gorgeous eligible bachelors out there, do not despair! (yeah right!) So who’s Cindy then, you ask? Well, she’s that amazing instructor for the Body Challenge class at the gym — the one that’s got kick boxing, Muay Thai and other martial art moves all squeezed together. I’m absolutely in awe of her. I raved about her last year after the first class:

Well, yesterday I went back after a few months missing. I just didn’t feel up for it. That’s how intense the session is. Even more grueling than a Suicide Session Spin class. And since this crazy 7-day-a-week work schedule started, I’ve been nothing but a pathetic slack-ass. Every Wednesday at the gym I took the cowardly way out and sneaked straight upstairs to the boring treadmills and elliptical striders. *hang head in shame* But last night all of a sudden, I gave myself a massive mental whack across the brows, “You lousy little wussie, you go see Cindy or DIE!” So I went. And I kicked and stomped and punched and jabbed and HAARRR-YAH’ed to the max. It was so exhilarating my heart rate must have shot right up to at least 190. No kidding. On the treadmill I’d normally go up to 180 and my heart almost jumped out of my mouth several times already. But oh boy this one was tough! I never ever sweat that much before. And Cindy! Cindy has the energy of 10 grown men put together! You don’t wanna mess with her, man!

Then this morning I couldn’t drag myself out of bed. Any surprise?! My body went on strike. But it’s ok. I’ll work up all my courage to go back next Wednesday, even if that means I won’t be able to lift a muscle without wanting to OUCH really loudly for a whole week afterwards. Coz I love Cindy. I adore Cindy. I’m obsessed with Cindy. I want to have Cindy’s er… body. (Not baby! you ninny!) Except probably a bit more boob.


** Update (Friday): And I thought the day after was bad? Gosh, the 2nd day is HELL! Shoulder & back muscles are killing me! That is what happens when all you do is running / swimming, and never do any work on your upper body, idiot! I’m starting to think maybe I shouldn’t see Cindy any more. Maybe this is happening too fast, it’s way TOO INTENSE! Maybe I’m not ready for this level of commitment muscle pain! Aarrgghhh! Oh Cindy…


3 thoughts on “I heart Cindy!

  1. I wish I had enough discipline to goto the Gym more then once a week, but I always like it when I completely drained of energy. One weekend I went rock climbing, then next day I had Gym, it hurt so good. But I should commit myself to more serious Gym work outs.

    Currently it seems to be Treadmill, ab crunches, leg press (I can now press 200kg after doing salsa for a month and it’s still a little too easy), arms / shoulders / chest, maybe some cycling, then repeat the weights. But it’s once a week but I am in no rush to get into shape, quite happy with slow gradual loss of fat, most of it just turns into muscle, put on 3kg of muscle in my legs after starting to do Salsa regularly.

  2. hehe Jack, I like that, “it hurt so good” 🙂
    i know huh, salsa is THE THING! And it doesn’t just tone your legs, your abs too. All that “shake your bonbon” has gotta be good! And Swing is like the best cardio workout EVER!
    Keep up the good work.

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