Sorry folks, you may take up a lot of our land but your language just isn’t important enough.


A report on the Herald Sun last week, based on the 2008 White Pages, detailed the top 10 most popular surnames in Melbourne. It looks like the Joneses are finding it hard to keep up with the Nguyens right now. Here’s the list:

  1. SMITH
  4. BROWN
  5. JONES
  7. SINGH
  9. LEE
  10. TRAN

What does that tell you? We Vietnamese are taking over the world, that’s what! Mwahahaaa…


Then on Sunday I saw an article on The Age, which talked about languages in Australia and the decline of interest in second language courses. It also included a quote about how the Rudd Government

will re-establish an Asian languages and studies strategy for Australian schools. The ALP committed $68.6 million over four years to the study of the priority languages (Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, Mandarin and Korean) in high schools in partnership with the states and territories.

Did you read that? Priority languages: Japanese, Bahasa Indonesian, Mandarin, Korean!

Apparently it’s only important to learn the languages of countries that you can do business with. As for the tongues of the people who actually populate this land? Who gives a toss? The Nguyens & Trans can just pack up their chopsticks and go Bollywood dancing with the Singhs. And they can all sing along in English. Or Japanese.




One thought on “Sorry folks, you may take up a lot of our land but your language just isn’t important enough.

  1. I think the same could be said for Vietnam, in a business and work sense, since a majority of work apart form Vietnamese is in Russian, French and English. The language courses are there but the flexibly on other languages isn’t.

    An interesting fact for you, the number 1 and 2 languages spoken in Sydney are Cantonese and Mandarin. I can’t remember the rest but English only just manages to crack the top 10.

    Nguyen’s are EVERYWHERE, if some my students don’t have Nguyen for the last name they’ll have in their first name. I feel a little silly some times, with one student Vinh Nguyen, pronounced VIN WIN!, I can think of some other combnations but yeah Nguyen is a WIN! hur hur.

    tiếng việt khó quá!!

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