The weekend papers stress me out!

Today’s Friday and I’ve finally finished reading most of the weekend’s newspapers. From last week! We’ve got The Age delivered to our door every Sat & Sun. m’ signed up for the student deal for 20 bucks for the whole year, which also includes daily papers that can be picked up from Uni. What a bargain. For a hell of a lot of words.

And that’s where my little problem lies. Nothing wrong with the quality of those words. But the sheer QUANTITY of them. Think about it, can it be anything else but STRESSFUL if it takes you the whole week to read the weekend’s papers? And that’s after I’ve chucked out a big chunk of it right in the bin, or quickly skimmed through some of them, and only read the rest. Do you know how many words are there in each issue? Gazillions. There’s the main news section, Insight, Good Weekend mag, A2 Culture, M Entertainment mag, Life mag, Sports, Drive, another Drive, Property, Business, Travel, Employment, etc. etc. I could be here all day. Seriously, it’s just TOO MUCH WORK! Then before I know it, tomorrow’s Saturday already. And a new cycle begins (!)

As with my penchant for being extremely frugal with written words, I feel bad not reading all of it. (“Ah, the guilt of an unread book”, as a friend exclaimed.) It just feels so… wasteful. This must sound really strange to others, but a part of me is asking, why do they need to write so much anyway? Another case of consumerism gone mad? Even in the written world? Ah the age of information overload. (pun not intended)

I sound like such a grumpy old hag. *sigh*



One thought on “The weekend papers stress me out!

  1. Papers stress me out too, always too much content and most of it you would never read anyhow. But I guess thats why I like the daily English print edition of Thanh Nien, it’s only 19 pages and I don’t feel so guilty if I don’t finish reading it. But 15-20 pages is my reading limit before my brain shuts off and refuses to read, same case with Novels. But whenever I read with my prescription glasses reading was easier.

    The is also Viet Nam News but most of the content will be in Thanh Nien, I miss the Sunday paper though, never any time to read it, but Viet Nam News Sunday edition is pretty good when I do read it.

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