Myself, with never-before-seen activeness

~ Short version (for people who are stressed for time, not interested, and generally NOT MY REAL FRIENDS! Ppttt.): I’ll buy a bicycle. I quit the gym. My muffin top will take over my life. Have a great weekend.

~ Long version: Here goes…

So the decision’s been made. Officially. As officially as it can get, by declaring that to my siblings and yelling it to the www from this soapbox. That is I’m going to buy a bike. Not a motorbike — I stay loyal to my little scooter in Vietnam, even though she is now “on loan” to one of our cousins. But A BICYCLE, with all its acoustic, unplugged, mechanical, environmentally friendly two-wheeled goodness. Yay!

It wasn’t a lightning bolt decision, no. I’ve kind of mulled over it for quite a while. But with Melbourne’s weather being so crappy lately — and no you CANNOT use the “oh but because it’s winter” excuse any more, Melbourne, it’s really getting old! Hmmph. — I get the shivers just picturing myself soaking wet from head to toe on the way to work every morning. Yes, what a wussie, I know. Some of my friends have been on their bikes for yonks and they all cope fine. But despite being such a (qualified) greenie, the comfort of the car has made me its mental prisoner for too long, forever emotionally entrapped in its tangled web of love, care, and protection, no I mean, windscreen wipers, 5-speed fan heater, and greenhouse-gas production. Oh my love Camry, you wonderful polluting old thing you! *sniffles*

Anyway, sorry about the corny song-and-dance. The thing is, last Tuesday after collecting my eyeballs off the ground and whacked them back in their sockets — oh, nothing serious, they just popped out when I saw the meter at the petrol pump shoot right up to 62 friggin’ dollars to fill just 2/3 of the tank — I thought, THAT’S IT! I’m giving in to the petrol crisis. After a bit of maths I realised I’d be able to get a smashing good bike for three full tanks. Oh. My. Lord.

So yeah, I’d be riding to work from now on, whenever I can. (Hah, the last bit is of course to cover my butt, literally, should the rain start to play tricks on us, i.e. only pours when we are about to head outdoor and never while we’re warm under a doona. Murphy’s law, you know.) And to the beach & the pool, and the parks & the river, etc. etc. Yes, already have a few grand plans for the bike I’ve yet to acquire. Maybe one day I’ll even pedal all the way to Perth. You never know, you never know… That’s called “thinking ahead”, peeps. And anyone who dares say something that has the words “count, chicken, hatched” or “armchair, biker” in it, will have their lips sticky-taped to their chin right at this moment, ok?

Also, in another breaking news today, I’ve quit the gym. Is that a collective gasp I hear? I know huh? It’s been such a painful decision to make. So tough that I had to put my gym membership on hold twice, then came back, still indecisive for weeks before finally opting for the chop. It’s partly a financial decision, but also a time management issue. I can’t afford the dollars and hours needed for swing dance classes, swimming sessions, and a few other activities at the same time. Plus m’ doesn’t like the gym and I want to drag her out exercising, as per Mum’s command that we have to push each other to keep fit. 😉 So long, Ormond Heatlh and Fitness club, thanks for the last 13 months of sweat and endorphins and aching muscles, you will be sorely missed. (pun intended.) Especially Cindy! Oh Cindyyyyy!

So to cope with my gym withdrawal pain, and keep my muffin top under control, we’ll probably get an elliptical strider and put in the garage. We’ve thought of a treadmill but a good one would a/ cost about 10 bikes, and b/ be too bulky for our garage (which is of course already half filled with junk.) Or better still, maybe we’ll put it in the living room, so I can watch TV at the same time, and visitors can have the false impression of compliment on how active & healthy we are. Hehe. (Note to self: also don’t forget to hide the huge box of Lindt chocolate and half kilo of roti bread in the kitchen! Visitors tend to walk that way too. You don’t want to tarnish your reputation.)

I’ll also check out the Pilates centre near the shop and see if they have any progressive training course to enrol in. I know I raved too much about Pilates and Yoga but seriously, they are THAT good! I can miss the treadmill and elliptical, and miss swimming running dancing martial-art-ing, but Pilates? PILATES? Do you think it’d be weird if I make it my second middle name. 🙂

So there it is, my new direction in the quest to keep fit and toned and happy. Still have to decide on which bike to get. A cute girly one à la Française, or a light-weight (but) heavy-duty one à la… Armstrong? Hmm… Really miss my old bike all those years in junior high *sigh*. I’m leaning towards the mental image of me whizing by in a flowy summery dress with the wind in my hair and flowers in the front basket. Until the rain comes! Oh well, I’ll keep you all updated. If you don’t hear from me, come around to Fitzroy park and help me with that flat tire, won’t yah? Hey! NOT the one around my waist, you silly sausage! Duh!



5 thoughts on “Myself, with never-before-seen activeness

  1. Man getting a flat tire with out a “sau xe” around would be a pain in the ass, the convenience is a hundred fold. I maybe getting a pushy later, I want to buy the ones that look like the old school honda cubs. But my student told me the frame isn’t any good, but only 4,000,000 with electric motor, charge or kenetic I don’t know, probably chargeable, styling huh?.

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH you can buy electric motor bikes*** here from Taiwan, just worry bout your electrical bill!.

    I need to get off my arse and either get a gym membership or take up a martial art. I hear grappling does wonders for your core muscles.

    ***600USD for Electric Motor bike

  2. ai da Jack ah. Took me a while to figure out you meant “sua xe”. Yup, tieng Viet kho lam Jack oi! 😉

    Aw I love those old school Honda Cubs. I used to have one of those in high school. Electric bike? Prolly not. Think I’ll just stick to a good old “unplugged” one for now.

    I thought you’re with a gym? Well don’t stress, Lindy Hop and Salsa are good workouts too. Pilates is all about toning your core muscles. I no longer suffer from lower back pain since i started doing it seriously. Martial art is great too. Maybe you can take up some lessons. I’ll do the same and next time I go back we can ride around on our Honda Cubs kicking asses! hahah 🙂

  3. I wish I could subsitute my core transportation just like you, if only the freeway (which is the only way) from my house to work disappeared! Then I’d split at gas price and live happily ever after.

    Its funny sis Tra. I have the same lending account with my old high-school Chaly, which’s now being loaned for anyone whose motorbike broke down/ being prepaired/just-currently-robbed/gonna-be-purchased…I think about it as charity work. There would be no replacement for my beloved, little moped. It’s not the value but all the time we spent together makes it irreplacable.

    Congrats on your future bike! Happy swayying!

  4. yeah H., I’m lucky that work is only 4km from home so I’d be better off riding. I’ve just been wary of riding alongside all those cars. Prolly will take the small roads instead of the main ones.

    Oh i used to have one of those Chaly too. Actually, we still have it at home, minus all the indicators which have been broken years ago. What a sweet little moped that was. Did you have a green one like mine, or an orange one?

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