Just a “slightly” different way of looking at things

Yesterday as the three of us wandered around the city, we spotted a big crowd gathering around a rather large black dog. No, “large” is an understatement. A bear-like gigantic fur ball of at least a metre long, to be precise. He was such a gentle giant though, just standing there slobbering non-stop, shaking paws with his owner on command, and looking around at people with those wet eyes. So sweet! Then today it took me a bit of time scouring the www to find out what breed he was. Turned out to be a Newfoundland. Really wish I could get myself one of those!

Anyway so yeserday after a few minutes admiring the sweet little (!) canine darling, I said, “Wow, somehow he reminds me of The Hound of the Baskervilles“, which of course would have nothing in common to this sweet-natured dog except for the size and the black fur coat. And then TM said, “Well, he reminds me of people who have just started wearing [dental] braces.”


Please excuse him, those endless 60-hour weeks at the Dental Hospital have distorted his view a little. My poor baby!



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