“There used to be just me. And now there are THREE of you!”

That’s what Mum says all the time when we’re fussing around her, trying to hug her and pestering her to kiss us. Which she doesn’t do properly, no matter how many times we whinged and whined and gave demonstrations. LOTS of demonstration! Instead of squashing her lips flat on our cheeks for a sloppy SMOOOCH!, she just puts her nose on our faces — no, more like we push our faces against her nose — and takes a quick sniff. I miss her so much…

Anyhoo, so for the last one and a half weeks, TM has made a beeline from his hide-out in sunny Brissie, and its foreboding dental hospital, and come down here to Melbourne to get back in touch with the ass-freezing cold and temperamental rain. Also to be bullied entertained by his two annoying loving sisters. In between his “busy social outings” with mates, m’ & I also brought him to visit our friends, took him out to eat phở about a 1310 times, went jogging and swimming with him, stood right next to him for emotional support every time he got online to check his exam results, gasped & sighed & shouted obscenities along with him when he downloaded next semester’s gruelling timetable. In general, I don’t mean to brag but I think we’re just the best sisters anyone could ask for!

What’s even better is that we did not, I repeat: DID NOT, be mean to him, or pick on him, or make him do any of the following: help us clean the whole place, rearrange most of our furniture, cook for us, do the dishes / laundry / grocery shopping for us, help out at the shop and run little errands. I did mention something about making the most of CHEAP LABOUR, ahem, but that was totally about *cough* someone else, i.e. some other person, i.e. NOT ME, you hear?

And last Monday when I had the first day off in three months (except for that one day when I was sick), we three set out to brave the chilling winds and re-explore the city. Needless to say, it was one of those memories to be treasured forever. Now for some visual aid:

Typical Colgate ad. Notice our matching scarves, and matching red (runny) noses?

"Look, m', I know we're freezing out butts off, but let's try and smile for the camera, ok?"

What about another lousy black and white shot? Sooo classy, like!

"Sky's the limit," thought TM, "now that I'm 40cm closer, for a whole TWO seconds."



2 thoughts on ““There used to be just me. And now there are THREE of you!”

  1. Emma is cheesing so hard her eyes are closed!, yeah Sisters love free labor, my sister basically threatend me to help move the house when I was home for Tet. “If you don’t help me, I am going to leave your things here when the house is knocked down”.

    I did everything quite willingly

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