The other Amy

You know, the Winehouse one? The one that went to school with me. She was 4 years below and I used to pull her hair and drag her to choir practice. We broke contact after the day I found her grounding up our teacher’s chalk & snorting it up her nostrils. I really should have dobbed her in to the headmaster back then huh? Early intervention could have helped. Geez, this guilt that weighs on my shoulder. *sigh*

Anyhoo, enough with the crappy bad-taste joke. Just that I’ve been rather taken with her “Back to Black” song for the last few days. (Thanks to the predictable nightly playlist at The Woolshed in Cairns, which had us listening to the same songs over and over again. Good thing theirs was a good selection.) Not big on the lyrics but the melody & her voice haunt me so much that I’ve had it on repeat for 2 days straight. And with certain songs, when I say repeat I really mean REPEAT. I mean constantly playing with no breaks in between and no other song squashed in the middle. I mean if you were in the same room with me you’d probably want to either pour lead in your ears or poke me in the eyes after about 2 minutes. Thank goodness m’ has developed a highly advanced skill of self-restraint, after all these years living with me. 🙂

Well ef-why-ai, nope I haven’t been living under a rock, and yes I’ve always liked Ms. Winehouse’s edgy husky voice — its incredible depth — just never was this addicted. (Oops, pun not intended.) Not that I have anything against her, it’s just that her chaotic mess of a personal life seems to have entirely taken over her immense success. It kinda put me off falling for her songs & following her stories. Because it’s like watching a person — an extremely talented one at that too — dying a slow, slow death. It’s just too sad.

But then there was a time, while being lost amongst a massive throbbing crowd of people, in a lowly lit bar, with a wickedly delicious cocktail in your hand and the strangest feeling of detachment in your heart; somehow it was such a feeling to succumb to this soulful dark music. You tune in, and you immerse your mind in it, and you don’t hear anything else.

Ah, the beauty of Squashy Comfy Lounge Chair (3 cups) and High-definition Surround Sound System (4 cups), all hand-mixed together in a bowl of Moody Ambience (375g), with Subdued Lighting sprinkled on top (2 tablespoons). Optional ingredient: Unstable State of Mind (5 cups, add to taste).

~” And life is like a pipe. And I’m a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside.”~


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