More on my short adventure at that amazing coral world

I got a nice surprise in the mail today. It’s the DVD of me & D. scuba diving on The Reef. The crew at CDC said it was gonna take about 2-3 weeks, but here it is already. Yay! However, I’m still debating whether it’s a good thing that watching the clip made me laugh my head off for a good while. At myself, that is. Why? Well, let’s just say “clumsy” is an understatement to describe the sight of me diving. In fact, floating around encumbered with the bulk of regulator & gas tank & whatnots, I looked kinda like The Hulk trying to ballet dance in a tutu. Or King Kong trying to synchronize swim in a wetsuit. Or my Dad trying to work a yoga balance pose in a Stella-McCartney-for-adidas ensemble. Awfully hilarious! Or hilariously awful, that works too.

I remembered being pretty much off my head during the first dive, thanks to the disastrous boat trip on the way out. Everything was such a blur. So while being some 7 metres deep under water, at the Great Barrier Reef no less, with this amazingly colourful marine life in front of me, unfortunately most of the time the only thought in my head was,“Oh shit, I can’t throw up in this mask! …Oh no oh no… it’s coming up! My lunch! Arrgghh!” And I tell yah, it was a tremendous effort on my part to refrain from feeding the fish my whole lunch and whatever left of the earlier breakfast! D. commented on how I went on telling anyone who would listen — and even those who wouldn’t — about being ridiculously seasick but excuse me, I had never been that sick before in my life! And the mind-over-matter trick DID NOT WORK! I TRIED. So just let me rant. Okay?

Anyhow, in the rare moments that I was totally conscious and receptive, and not being constantly bothered by that traitor of a stomach, I loved every single second of it. So much that I didn’t even think twice about forking out a whopping total of 75 bucks*, for a 27-minute copyrighted** DVD. WITH MY NAME WRITTEN IN IT. IN it, folks, not ON it. IN IT as in you can watch it appear on your screen during the clip, at the end, in the credits. Woo hoo! (No, you’re right, a life is what I do not have.)

Next to the diving deck on the Kangaroo Explorer

Next to the diving deck on the Kangaroo Explorer

Well, I sincerely hope my recollection didn’t put you off going to see The Reef for yourself. You have to! Because dreadful as the seasickness was, I’d still go back really soon. With a bagful of ginger tablets, of course. Well, as soon as my “fundraising” scheme*** starts to work anyway. But here’s a tip — from a newbie who knows next to nothing about diving, but has an astonishing ability to ramble on about virtually anything on the planet regardless:

~ If you’re serious about seeing the coral world below surface level, i.e. wanting to get a bit more in depth (literally) than just snorkeling, then kindly enroll yourself in at least a 4-day dive course. Which includes 2 days in a deep pool onshore, so you have time to get used to all the gears & most importantly, to the water pressure on your eardrums & entire body. That way once you get into open water, you won’t freak out as much trying to adjust your gears, and can actually enjoy the beautiful scenes surrounding you.

~ However, if you’re pressed for time and can’t afford the 4 days, just stick with snorkeling. So you’re not wasting time being overwhelmed by funny looking gadgets. You’ll get to see a lot on the surface as well. In fact, most of the exciting fish we saw was while snorkeling: that shark, the bumphead parrotfish, and a hundred other creatures.

So there it goes, next time I’m gonna get myself a little PADI diving certificate. Oh yes I will!

~water baby~

* There goes my fund for a ticket to see “Wicked” the musical! *wails*

** I’d love to Youtube a short clip for you guys to watch, but don’t know if I can do it now. Let’s see.

*** The plot: Me, 3 juggling balls, 2 hula hoops, a clown costume, a collection tin, lunch time in front of Flinders Street Station. If you’re around in the city, come say hi ok?


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