And on I ramble…

I know I’ve left this blog un-updated for a looong time. Well, almost a week. Nothing really, in the scale of time. But that’s a long time in Blogville. These days “the language is leaving me in silence.” (Doo ba doo ba doop doop doop… oh…) And I’ve made a point not to write just for the sake of putting an entry up there. Don’t write when you don’t feel like it. Yet sometimes it feels so good to rant about nothing in particular, to ramble without a clear purpose, to jot down fragmented thoughts that don’t even make sense, just to see where it’d take you. Like doodling. Or walking around aimlessly. Or trudging through life.


Language has left me not because there’s a lack of it. On contrary, there’s been too much of it. So packed, so full, so overflowing that they crowded, they collided, they killed each other off before they even form thoughts. Lately I’ve been hit with disturbing disclosure after upsetting revelation. Some from others, some self-proclaimed. They say “ignorance is kind” for a reason. (Thanks, George!) Can we sue people for throwing unsolicited information at our face? For telling us things we don’t want to hear? You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Because once it enters our mind, there’s no shaking it out, there’s no Rewind – Erase, there’s no Professor Lockhart to cast an “Obliviate!” charm at us. The damage is done.


Tonight I’ve been brutally attacked by a terribly persistent rash. For no obvious reason. Didn’t eat/ touch/ inhale anything unusual. It’s taking all my willpower to refrain from scratching myself till it draws blood. And I’ve got no known allergy. Or perhaps I’m developing one? An allergy to the world?


There are many difficult things in the world to hide, but a secret is not one of them.” [“The Carnivorous Carnival” ~ Lemony Snicket]

~t2, but is one~


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