This scene will make you take a deep breath.

And inhale two lungs full of life!
Elwood Beach ~ 03 August '08

Elwood Beach ~ 03 August '08

Since our “lovely” weather here is so unpredictable, one can’t really schedule a day out at the beach without a nagging suspicion at the back of one’s mind that at the very last minute, Ms. Nature may decide to have herself a little nasty joke and rain on one’s carefully planned parade. It’s happened to me way too often. I’m a walking example of Murphy’s law, you know.

So never mind the fact that our place is a teeny little hole in the suburb, quite far removed from all the city hot spots and also from most of our close friends. All that matters is, the moment the sun is out, it only takes us less than 15 minutes to jump in the car and dash out to the sea. To soak in a bit of sunlight and breathe in the salty, seaweed-y, invigorating air. To feel so small in the scale of time. To love life that little bit more.



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