This dress will not only save you a hell of a lot on deodorant,

but it will also give you a 40% off voucher to the nearest Sunglass Hut!
And I found out about that classified information because last Sunday, at precisely 11.03 in the morning, I nearly choked coffee all the way up my nose seeing this in the papers:

(Image source: The Age)

See that?

Oh, your eyes hurting? Now, put your sunnies on and take a closer look.

Ok who wants to venture a guess? a/ That’s the compulsory protective workwear one has to put on when scooping horse poo at a stable. b/ The model got into a fight with other contestants and accidentally ripped those sleeves off. And c/ The dressmakers ran out of thread half way through.

The answers are: Nope. Nope. And nope. (Although on c/, one can definitely say that they were running really short on material, judging by the bum-grazing length. So you’d get an encouragement prize if you’d picked this one. Congrats!)

Anyway, I assure you, this is in no way a spur-of-the-moment, haphazardly-thrown-on kinda look. As everything else in fashion, it’s all intentional. (Remember the 2-page tutorial in magazines on how to create the “just out of bed” hair-do?) And THIS, my girls — you got your notebooks ready? — is the new trend for spring racing dresses. Short, sweet, and extremely good for the earth. Not to mention this particular number is fuchsia. I’m sure that if your fashion radar has been working ok lately, you must already know it is THE new shade this summer.

What? Good for the earth? You just realised I wrote that? Well, listen up. Firstly, this dress doesn’t take up much fabric, keeping with the “use less, waste less” spirit. Secondly, once you’re bored with it — that is, after 2 wears, or have heard enough complaints about how people have to squint to look at you in it, you can hand it right over to your 5-year-old niece without having to take up the hem. It’ll fit her just fine. And last, but definitely not least, you can bin your army of antiperspirant roll-ons / underarm sprays / deodorant sticks right now. Because nothing beats good, thorough, constant airing! (One just needs to um… depilate more often, that’s all.)

That article on The Age didn’t say which genius designer came up with those strategically split sleeves. But I’d like to make a toast to whoever that is: “Thank you for saving the earth one dress at a time, you clever sausage!”

~silly trend basher spotter~


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