Note to self: Songs NOT to be played in public

In particular, not at the shop. No matter how much you’re obsessed with them and are just itching to belt along at the top of your lungs. No matter how cool they sound, pumped all the way up in the car, or at a party, or for those times when you feel like dancing around the house in a horrid tracksuit, holding up a rolled up magazine as a microphone. They’re simply inappropriate, you hear me?, IN-AP-PRO-PRI-ATE, for the ears of dear old nannas, with their cute little grandkids in tow.

Apart from the obvious that is a large chunk of R&B and hip hop songs, the list also includes, but not limited to, these tunes:

~ Many of Amy Winehouse’s numbers, especially “**** ** Pumps” and the first line in “Back to Black!

~ “Money Money Money” from the Cabaret soundtracks. It’s true that “Money makes the world go round, that clinking clanking sound“, but not a good idea to shove that into your customers’ faces.

~ “Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her)” by Guns & Roses. Need I say why?

Plus a few more that I may have to add into a special folder now. hmm… On the other ear, songs that CAN be played are Celine Dion’s, Dean Martin’s, Michael Buble’s, etc. etc. … YAWN… zzzZZZzzz…

Don’t get me wrong, I love those guys, but one must admit that when one only had a few hours of sleep the previous night, those soft, tender, flowing melodies can get rather anesthetic. 🙂



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