Watching the Olympics

I find myself staying up late tonight, waiting for the Ostrayan and Vietnamese teams to march out at the opening ceremony. It used to be so easy all the other years when they followed the English alphabet. Aus being one of the first, and VN one of the last. So we can go and do something else in between, like um… I don’t know… sleeping?

But this year, the Chinese got creative and decided to used their own system, which is based on the number of strokes in the first character of a nation’s Chinese name. So after a bit of goggling, I learned that Aus is coming out at number 203 – the 3rd last (!), and VN is also somewhere around the 200 mark! So m’ got sick of waiting and has gone off to bed. And here I am doing what I do best – being a night owl.

Well to be honest, I get as excited by sports as a 2-year-old does by an encyclopedia. That is to say, should I just put it bluntly?, I’m not into it. And much less into watching it. I can’t even pretend to like it. Often I just want to see the opening and closing ceremonies. But the best bit about watching these kinds of events, to me, is the beautiful and joyful spirit. Of people smiling and cheering. (Woo hoo that’s the Vietnamese team walking out right now! Cố lên anh chị em ơi!!! Hmm but why is there only ONE girl?) Anyway, it’s so heart-warming to see the whole world (or at least a very big chunk of it) getting together. Uniting to compete, to be exact. But still, it’s a union. Can it get any sweeter?

Also, apart from the jaw-droppingly amazing performances, I also like to observe the different outfits the countries come up with. (And now… here come the Aussie Aussie Aussies! OI OI OI!) How some would wear their traditional costumes, some would combine their own with the host nation’s costumes, and some’d get lazy and just stick to those plain old suits. Loving the variety of music being played in the background too.

But nothing beats seeing those grins & cheers. Nothing like watching the better side of humanity. At the risk of sounding oh-so-corny, I have to say that the uplifting spirit seems to be seeping out of the screen and into my living room. Uh oh, but they’re at the speeches now… YAWN… Still have to wait will the lighting of the flame. Hmm it’s 1.40am now, hurry up people! The toothpicks used to hold up my eyelids are about to snap. They’re bamboo you see, jubilance does nothing to them. Good night, world!



2 thoughts on “Watching the Olympics

  1. your unlucky you didn’t watch past the speeches. that was the greatest thing you’ll have ever seen. you’ll watch it again i’ll assure you. phenomenal.

  2. oh hi there, thanks hehe, I actually did stay up and watched past the speeches. Had to replace the broken toothpicks you see :).
    Yeah it was spectacular! Loved the running on air bit just before the flame was lighted. Although there was that little hiccup there when the athlete ran outside of the scroll. But yup, it was awesome. I thought the part where everyone was doing the dove waving thing with their arms was so cute as well. 🙂

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