My simple dream

Well, one of them, anyway. That is to have a super large room, maybe 10m by 7m, with just ordinary timber floor. What for, you ask? So I can put some music on and dance to my heart’s desire, what else? I’ll jump, leap, hop, skip, twist, turn, bend, stretch, pirouette, cartwheel (not that I can do cartwheel anymore but with such a space to practice I WILL be able to, duh!), sprint from one end to another, skid, lay down, gasp, breathe, pass out from over-excitement.

I won’t even need a mirror along the wall but one would be nice. And a good sound system. (Better get it soundproofed too, then.) And one, or several, dance instructor(s). And various types of dancing shoes. And an aircon. And a drinking fountain. And while we’re at it, I wouldn’t mind if you whack on a set of disco lights too. Should I continue with the list or have you fainted with boredom?

But to keep to the “simple” spirit. Just a plain room would do fine. Or a shed, a garage, a big courtyard even. Whatever. Just some good, wide, airy space, please! Because at the moment I keep leaping about in the living room, doing my own “homemade”, “free style” moves — which I’d call a “hiphopy jazzy ballety tapy latiny swingy contemporary” (technical term!), but am afraid the real dancers would come & hit me over the head for it. So I’ve since knocked over a few things, loosened some floorboards, and drawn horrified look from any neighbour who had the misfortune to accidentally cast a glance at our windows.

m’ ‘s penchant for watching So You Think You Can Dance every night is NOT helping!

~two right feet~


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