It doesn’t take much to make me smile.

My little neighbours, Chrissy & Dion, dropped by to visit a few times in the last couple of days. The 5-year-old Dion would run & leap & bounce around the shop, and occasionally turned into different alien heroes by adjusting a knob on his Ben 10 hero watch, which emited threatening hero songs and flashed frightening hero light.

I proved to be very much the old dumb-dumb when I asked “So, are you gonna turn into Batman and Superman next?” And the kids both burst out laughing and looked at me like “Dude, you’re so 1989! Batman & Superman are for nannas & grampas!”. Well of course they didn’t say that, instead they went, “Amy you’re SO FUNNY. Ha ha. There’s no Batman. BATMAN! Ha ha ha. There’s Heatblast and Diamondhead. See? Ha ha ha.” And then they gave each other this conspirational look and I could just hear the thoughts shooting back and forth, “Man, where did THIS one come from? The last century?” 🙂

Anyhow, so while Dion was busy fighting villains and defending the Earth, Chrissy  — who is now 7 and attending Grade 1 at “a real school, not a kinder!” — was always at the beading desk, diligently working away, creating cute little things for her teachers & friends. And making some really interesting conversations.

Chrissy: I’m gonna sleep at school tomorrow night, in my green sleeping bag.

Me: Oh wow. That’s exciting. Are you gonna sleep in the school hall?

Chrissy: No, in our class room. I’m gonna tell you this. Are you gonna tell anyone?

Me: No of course I won’t.

Chrissy: My friend Olinta did the sleepover last year, and she said she got changed [into her pyjamas] in her sleeping bag. So the boys can’t see!

Me (trying not to laugh): Oh. Wouldn’t it be a bit squeezy?

Chrissy: No, my green sleeping bag is big. Jenna got changed behind a whiteboard, like this. (And she gestured to describe how the whiteboard was.) But they could still see her legs! So I’m gonna do the sleeping bag thing.

Kids! 🙂

And after the fourth call from their Mum ushering them to go home, Chrissy rushed over and frantically scribbled me a note. It said:

It made my day.

~blue grass~

PS: I know I was not supposed to tell anyone, because “it’s a girls’ secret, duh!” But it’s too good not to share, don’t you agree?


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