Your days on earth

Just now I hopped over to the Herald Sun online to catch up with some news, as you do. And there’s this article on the front page:

Earth due to clock off at 5pm

At 5pm, the switch will be flicked on the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a giant particle accelerator built by European science organisation CERN. The machine will smash atoms in the hope it can uncover some of the secrets of the Big Bang.

Opponents fear the $A9.3 billion machine, which will generate temperatures of more than a trillion degrees centigrade, could create a black hole that could swallow the planet.

After commissioning a series of safety reviews, CERN scientists have scoffed at such notions, with Professor Brian Cox of Manchester University telling the British Telegraph that anyone who thinks the earth will be destroyed by the machine is a “t–t”.
Eminent scientists agree, with Prof Stephen Hawking describing the LHC as “absolutely safe”, telling the UK Telegraph the experiment is vital to the survival of humanity.
The LHC team hopes to find the theoretical Higgs-Boson Particle, or the God Particle, but Prof Hawking isn’t confident, and has bet 100 pounds they don’t find it.

The particle is thought to have given mass to all other particles and such a discovery would help gain a better understanding of things like antimatter, parallel universes and dark matter.

My thoughts, as I read the article, went like this:

~ After the title: “Pah! I’m scared! I’m scared! (sarcastic of course) I’ve got Wicked (the musical) to catch at 8pm! Can’t they time it a little later? Duh!”

~ After the 1st paragraph: “Uh oh… So it’s not “based on a religious theory or some wild premonition”. Better get serious.”

~ Further along: “Crapola!!! So what if Mr. Hawking thinks it’s safe? So he says! They thought Chernobyl was safe. Until it wasn’t!!”

So here I sit, going over the “what if’s”. It’s also because  recently I finished “Tuesday with Morrie” (a deeply touching must-read), and just saw some random guy’s blog on the anniversary of his Dad’s death, that I’m getting a little pensive and teary.

I’m not going to turn into a scaremonger or a motivational speaker here. I’m still being my usual sceptical self and not believing everything the papers say. Some may even tell me to get off my ass and stop entertaining idle thoughts and I’d totally agree with them. But honestly, if you could humour me for just 2 minutes, mull over this: If it was the last day you have on earth, what would you do / think / feel?


PS: This is totally off the topic, but the nerd in me is being particularly peeved that “Centigrade” was used to describe temperature, instead of the correct term “Celsius“. Ugh! Read more about it here and here if you’re so inclined. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Your days on earth

  1. Minh,
    huh? what did I say about the Americans?? you’re making me sound like some anti America(n) loudmouth. =P which i’m not, especially after the election! (woohoo!)

    oh, they use centigrade here too, though. *sighs* that article i quoted is from an Australian newspaper.

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