The three monkeys

These dudes reside on our kitchen window sill. I think the message they’re trying to convey is: “See no floppy sloppy sponge cake“, “Hear no explosion (from the oven while baking chestnuts)”, and “Smell/Eat no shrimp paste.” Or some similar wisdom that they’ve acquired, after a few long years watching over our wretched culinary skills.**

The reason I took “artistic” (yeah right!) photo of them and just have to share it with you, is because I made them and because I’m a showy-offy twit. It was the first day at pottery class 4 years ago. (Cue distant look on face, eyes staring into space. FOUR years! Where have they all gone?!) I had lots of fun exerting MUCH muscle power into kneading and folding and shaping of earthy matters. After I plopped together these critters I went right over to get down and dirty at the pottery wheel. (Not that other kind of dirty you pervs!) Never with much luck. My bowls and vases all came out crooked, lopsided, and generally just plain WRONG!

The bit I loved most was trying out different types of glaze. Especially natural graze. You can expect how it’d turn out but you can never be sure. Which is why the littlest dude here looks like he’s got a permanent nasty rash. The big one looks like he’s having one of those exfoliating mud wraps. And the middle one seems to be wearing an all-over-body fishnet. Which wouldn’t be too bad if you were Dita Von Teese, but is plain awful if you’re just a clay monkey whose sole purpose is to spend your days sunbathing on someone’s kitchen window sill, while trying not to get distressed by the sight of their failed baking attempts. I’d surely give them all a total makeover, except I don’t know how. So wacky looking they remain. Poor babies!

Since some people have expressed their doubt at the fact that I really did create those monsters. (They must have thought I was better than that! Aww thank you, thank you.) Here’s the proof:


** Obviously a lie, we’re actually quite good. Seriously! 😉


6 thoughts on “The three monkeys

  1. Ahhhh Amy,

    They’re very cute. I’m a potter, so what I say carries a lot of weight. 😉 Seriously, though, it’s a great project. I’m going to have my pottery kids make some (if I remember). I’ll bet they would like them.

    God bless,


  2. Thank you Cindy! 🙂 I was so glad they didn’t come out of the kiln looking like sheep!
    I was lucky to have had a really nice instructor who made it fun & a little less daunting. At the moment I’m trying to make time to take those classes again and get more practice on the wheel.
    Pottery is such a wonderful art form! I’ll have to hop over and admire your work.

  3. ~ chi Zen, thank you chi. Those 3 guys are so going to blush at your compliment. 🙂

    ~ Mosh, AT the pottery wheel, not WITH. Duh!
    Just you wait. Now I need to find someone to create a scene like that one in “Ghost”! Hahaaa 😉

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